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  1. i neva realised how powerful kirtan was until now on guru arjan dev ji's gurpurab i sat and closed my eyes anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand pure bliss i did it again last week anaaaaaaaaaaaaand pure bliss your kakkars really do protect u last monday a 50 kilo pallet from 12 ft fell on my dad's head if he'd been a mona he'd be dead now the pallet hit his joora and his kanga and bounced of his kes, dastaar and his kanga woooow!!!!!!
  2. i totally agree with u. i don't think that many people who call themselves gursikhs would be able to recognize him if guru ji gave them darshan including myself i think the one of the main reasons for this is that we cannot see beyond our haumai (ego) and maya. we think we are so perfect but we're not. the only being that is perfect is akaal purakh
  3. i totally agree with you mloco phenji, if ur heart tells u 2 wear a keski then do so i think it is a personal choice, but so long as you keep ur head covered then its okay i personally would one day tie a dastaar after i take guru ji's sweet amrit because i have a yearning to be like the greats in our sikh history. for example,baba deep singh, shaheed sant siphai jarnail singh ji, mai bhago, 4 sahibzadas, baba budha ji etc. the list is so long that there wouldn't be enough room to write all of their names. there are so many of them that not one sikh can name each and every one of
  4. my dad was there so i think he knows what happened beast i'm just trying to see it from both points of view but these singhs would do anything for their guru
  5. my dad was there when this took place. it was not a gang of sikh youths, they were gursikhs trying to get some respect shown to sri guru granth sahib ji there had been meat and alcohol served in the gurdwara they'd been tryin to resolve this peacefully for weeks but they just got so fustrated i'm not condoning them beating up the elders who run the gurdwara but surely u can understand y they lost their temper they're obviously sikhs who would die over and over again for their guru
  6. just keep away from this so-called baba unfortunately there is nothing which we can do to show people who have blind faith in such a man what the truth is. i'm sure that akal purakh will open people's eyes to this person
  7. has any1 on this thread taken the amrit?
  8. my dad was there as he went 2 protest peacefully when will be learn that it is only justified to pick up the sword when all other peaceful means have been resolved as sri guru gobind singh ji said but from what i've heard from ppl dat were there they told be dat they've tried to resolve it peacefully a number of times but the idiots who run the gurdwara wouldn't listen yes they shouldn't have done that but i can understand their fustration but their violence hasn't achieved anything apart from making their voices heard surely they could have done this peacefully
  9. how disgusting a lot of ppl go around calling themselves sants there r thousands of them out there unfortunately tru sants are rare a tru sant is humble and doesn't call themselves a sant such is their humility they don't allow anybody to bow down to them and when ppl try 2 they tell them to go and do matha tek to sri guru granth sahib ji who is their guru they stand up against injustice sound like anyone we know? shaheed sant sipahi jarnail singh bhinderwale out of the thousands of sants in punjab how many of them stood up against the tyrant government of the so-
  10. with all due respect 2 u bhaji, please don't call our guru ji SGGSJ. it's so disrespectful. i bet u that if we our guru was in the human form none of would call them that there is no difference between sri guru nanak dev ji and the others gurus and sri guru granth sahib ji
  11. quite a few people i know especially close family and friends have taken the amrit. a lot of them are disillusioned into thinking that taking amrit was the final step to meeting akal purakh. unfortunately they also think that they are better than non amritdharis and have so much haumai this is one of the reasons why i personally am a little bit apprehensive abt taking the amrit. i don't want to become like this another reason is that alot of the amritdharis who i know 'pick n choose' what they believe in its not 'pic n mix'
  12. http://www.sarbloh.info/htmls/sikh_menu.html this is a good site to find out more about them
  13. i meant that its similar to rss propaganda i never really looked at it the way u have
  14. i agree with u dat we should put our energy into the panth and everything but please don't degrade islam. i know dat a lotta muslims do it to sikhi all the time but we shoudn't stoop down to their levels. look at tru muslims like bhagat kabir ji and shaikh farid no offence intended bhul chuk marf karna gur fateh
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