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  1. GS, that sounds like propoganda :$ i will do Mr Singh, and get back to ya on this. though i dont hold anti-hindu/india views than others on this site :$
  2. Mr Singh, what propoganda would that b ? 'mahatma' was a name given by the british to Gandhi, n i have read about some of his decisions which cost india in its struggle for independence. aight ms514 : )
  3. should those that fought for the british in WW1 n WW2, be remembered as soldiers who fought for the cause, or sikhs that sold out and fought for the tyranical british empire ? this is something that has been on my mind recently, in regards to a lot of significance being given to sikh soldiers, and rightly so in regards to their strong instincts and lack of fear for death. BUT !!! those ppl that fought for the british, where most probably partly responsible for India being under british rule for so long, with our ppl being so divided by those that fought for the british and those that
  4. i like this posts at is highlights Sikhs in the army and in the struggle for freedom in india, partially.
  5. : p Nihal nope i havent read the book, nor have i ever heard of it, until i cam across this thread, i will endevour to read it and add to my list. ; ) any ansa's on my earlia post.. ?!?!/ n e 1 ? and in regards to this video, will some1 b kind enough to fill me in on the story behind this video, and what all this hoo haa is about ??!? sorri i havent a clue, innit !
  6. i think we should all except each other's way and let Rubh and Guru ji decide when the time is right for us all.
  7. so theres a different ceremony for women, like some1 mentioned earlia in the thread, interesting ! doesnt ansa my original question, but its something to look into. the reason i asked this question is because, having researched the topic extensively, there is no reliable evidence that amrit was given to women at the time of the initiation by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. if any one would care to disagree, and offer evidence id b more than willing to listen. NiM
  8. cool, thanks for the clarification, is shaster vidhya mentioned in the Gurbani ? n not jus in rehatnama's form secondary sources ?
  9. ok, Mr Singh, eeerrrrrrrrrrrmmmm, forgive my ignorance on this subject but would u like to point me towards this rehat and hukum ? mayb copy n paste some info ? mugermach, what would b the basics in ur view ?
  10. is being shaster dhari in such modern times neccasary ?
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