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  1. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/farm-bills-farmers-hold-protests-in-punjab/articleshow/78150259.cms Farmers of Punjab are protesting heaving against 3 farm bills introduced by Modi Government. According to this bill private players can setup mandi's and procure farm produce. Farmers are afraid that this will lead to dismantling of minimum support price. Harsimrat Badal resigned as minister from modi government over differences on this bill .
  2. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/death-toll-in-punjab-spurious-liquor-tragedy-rises-to-98/articleshow/77314645.cms
  3. Since when did muslims stood up for rights of non muslims in last 1400 years?
  4. Look at this survey by pew. 99% Afghans support shariat law for country. How can only firepower destroy Taliban. Once forces will leave Afghanistan , any hardliner pro muslim group will takeover.
  5. What a proud moment for Sikh's. Group captain Harkirat Singh a Turbaned sikh brought first batch of Rafale fighter for India.a 4.5 th generation sikh. I guess now all over the world sikhs with turban an beard can show his example in airlines or Air force which do not allow bearded Sikh's to fly planes
  6. https://swarajyamag.com/news-brief/india-to-provide-shelter-to-700-afghan-sikhs-hindus-who-faced-terror-threats-in-home-nation
  7. As of now she is safe Afghan cleric saved minor Sikh girl 'abducted' by a Muslim boy https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/afghan-cleric-saved-minor-sikh-girl-abducted-by-a-muslim-boy/articleshow/77070211.cms
  8. You are free to have opinion but when large number of outside keep on saying Sikh's are oppressed in India , they are slaves then that is not opinion but propaganda. And that propaganda is just so that sikhs in india demand separate homeland. I never said that only muslims and muslims do these crime. All I said that in India They do crime more than proportion of their population. You cannot even think in wild dreams that Hindu's or Sikh's do these crimes in Pakistan , Afganistan or Bangladesh and They will be spared. Their homes property will be burned while their females will b
  9. Rural education in India is not so very good . It is issue with all religions of India especially in North india
  10. I guess you missed my other points of financial condition , literacy. Tokenism do not make the entire oppressed community more educated and financially strong. Rural Sikh's and urban sikhs in india are known for living lavish lives. The only Sikh's that are financially not strong are lower caste Sikh's. Which is more of internal problem of sikhism. On an average a Sikh in India is living much better life than an average hindu. Blacks in usa are neither financially stronger than White's nor more educated.
  11. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/103-year-old-sikh-man-from-thane-is-countrys-oldest-icu-survivor-of-covid-19-106561 103-year-old Sikh man from Thane is country’s oldest ICU survivor of Covid-19 Baba ji has good health
  12. If you are living in a nation and you need outsiders to tell that you are oppressed then that is not oppression but brainwashing. There are certain criteria by which a community can be a oppressed community like financial status, literacy rate , Discrimination in top posts of nation.etc. Hardly Sikh's fulfill this criteria. In India Sikh's have reached to the posts of PM , Army Generals and recenty retired Air chief Marshal Please tell me these things don't happen in Punjab. I am sure you heard about Bant Singh https://civilsocietyonline.com/books-authors/bant-is-a-dalit-ic
  13. Muslim stalker murders Sikh girl in front of parents, days before her wedding: Ghaziabad https://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-stalker-murders-sikh-girl-in-front-of-parents-days-before-her-wedding-ghaziabad/?amp Sadly many Sikh's now these days think that Muslims are poor oppressed people in India while the reality is muslim guys are one worst culprits in crime against women and many of their victims are non muslim girls of all religions. Is this the sign of an oppressed community.
  14. https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/coronavirus-update-russia-to-roll-out-its-first-approved-covid-19-drug-next-week/story-9V422benmGih9byWzPoC1O.html Russia to roll out its first approved Covid-19 drug next week
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