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  1. This couple is now famous on Social media. Despite being post graduate and newly married the woman choose to support husband by selling soya chaap on street .
  2. You are already 36 . Better to go for child. Most people these days forgot that human body have limitations and there is biological clock. What is worse Having some taane from biradri or being childless for life.
  3. 30 million sikhs included Amritdhari , Keshdhari and monay. nanakpanthi's are simply Gurdwara going hindu's who have respect for Sikh Guru's . Why will the officially join sikhism? Large number of Hindu's also goes to Dargah's .this do not mean they embrace islam.
  4. Ajit Singh was born in 1679 Guru Hargobind ji died in 1644. Even Durga das was born in 1638 so he too was 6 year old when Guru Hargobind died.So it's not possible that they were disciples of Guru Hargobind.
  5. Farmers are afraid that this bill will lead to ending minimum support price.Punjab and Haryana are biggest beneficiary of MSP. Also this bill is threat to existing mandi system which is working well for Punjab farmers. The corporates may set up new mandi's and give 50-100 rupees more for few years and then suddenly reduce price by the time when existing mandi's no longer function.
  6. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/farm-bills-farmers-hold-protests-in-punjab/articleshow/78150259.cms Farmers of Punjab are protesting heaving against 3 farm bills introduced by Modi Government. According to this bill private players can setup mandi's and procure farm produce. Farmers are afraid that this will lead to dismantling of minimum support price. Harsimrat Badal resigned as minister from modi government over differences on this bill .
  7. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/death-toll-in-punjab-spurious-liquor-tragedy-rises-to-98/articleshow/77314645.cms
  8. Look at this survey by pew. 99% Afghans support shariat law for country. How can only firepower destroy Taliban. Once forces will leave Afghanistan , any hardliner pro muslim group will takeover.
  9. What a proud moment for Sikh's. Group captain Harkirat Singh a Turbaned sikh brought first batch of Rafale fighter for India.a 4.5 th generation sikh. I guess now all over the world sikhs with turban an beard can show his example in airlines or Air force which do not allow bearded Sikh's to fly planes
  10. https://swarajyamag.com/news-brief/india-to-provide-shelter-to-700-afghan-sikhs-hindus-who-faced-terror-threats-in-home-nation
  11. As of now she is safe Afghan cleric saved minor Sikh girl 'abducted' by a Muslim boy https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/afghan-cleric-saved-minor-sikh-girl-abducted-by-a-muslim-boy/articleshow/77070211.cms
  12. You are free to have opinion but when large number of outside keep on saying Sikh's are oppressed in India , they are slaves then that is not opinion but propaganda. And that propaganda is just so that sikhs in india demand separate homeland. I never said that only muslims and muslims do these crime. All I said that in India They do crime more than proportion of their population. You cannot even think in wild dreams that Hindu's or Sikh's do these crimes in Pakistan , Afganistan or Bangladesh and They will be spared. Their homes property will be burned while their females will be taken away. So the myth of Muslims of India as poor oppressed minority which need support from Sikh's is false. Show me where I supported Hindutva. I very much believe that india should slaughter old cows as they are burden on economy. I had several debates on this issue online with Hindu's. You for forgot Sikh's came also in conflict with tribals/ Christians in Shillong. Dalits of Punjab and West Pakistan refugees were not even given domicile certificate in Kashmir. Only recently indian government changed that . Any way it doesn't suit your propaganda so you don't care. As far land issue is concerned I have already said that after 1947 Sikh's settled and acquired through various means some of which are still disputed by States. Land is something where disputes do occur even with non sikh farmers Anyway Sikh's are doing businesses in india from North to South. How many of them are harrassed or driven out .
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