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  1. admin cut: edited due to insults on different dharam.
  2. http://www.islamicboard.com/comparative-re...sikhism-31.html Well folks after being banned 4 times, the debate continues to rage on in total ignorance of the last 20 or so pages where all their questions were answered, so what went wrong? well more sikhs came on the forum and we all contradicted one another and so the muslims exploited this and were back to square one, confusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really get angry reading what these people are writing about sikhism I wish I knew who they were and where they lived I would love to terrorise these egotistical mussalmaan they get on m
  3. you dont seem to get it you are using this whole story about the gold to counterargue my claim that bhindranwale was one of few men who have stood by their word, i couldn't care less about twisting anything its of no use to me, snap out of it. whith a little grace and a little self-determination self-realisation or mukti or whatever you want to call it will shine on you. basically america in the east, youre not very original are you just a follower not a leader. youre taking me on a world cruise far from what this discussion is/was about you called the militants
  4. actually it isn't we focus our mind on gurshabad we dont formulate rule from scripture, we sing kirtan so others can listen and also be attuned to god I think you should do some extra reading, I never said god was a tool bani is the touchstone of self-realisation it is not a book worshipping god our religion is neither vedantic or abramanic but it shares similarities with both, if anything these traditions are a part of sikhism wheras as sikhism is not a part of those traditions. not so please read above, just saying so does not make your argument more valid. now your being p
  5. no it isnt, lighting candles and burning incense in front of statues is a form of worship, singing dharmic geet is a form of worship, we "use" god to awaken our soul, bani recognises an intimacy and primacy with mans spirit you remarks are off tangent. My statement has nothing to do with quam or the punjabiat, when you take amrit you are elevated from restrictive qualities that humanity gives to children the day they are born, the law is also one of these restrictions, in sikhism the idea of creating sovereign people was khalsa the idea that all humans are self-governing people the g
  6. you still havnt responded to my post its under the propaganda one happy reading
  7. yeah you go with that, your on to a good thing their dont let the door hit your big ego on the way out lol
  8. this makes me laugh I have seen this sort of debating technique on the islamic board website aswell, let me try it: "Converting holy sites into military functionalities is and has always been NOT considered an offense" i can merely say the opposite, it certainly is not offensive to me, in fact the sites of wars such as chamkaur sahib have been converted into gurdwara or holy sites, when the guru existed in the physical form he was stationed at anandpur and armies laid seige to the fort the guru was holy then also yet no-one considered his presence in a place which could turn nasty to b
  9. Just cos no-one in history has never converted harmandar into a fortress before doesnt mean we cant, change is great we should embrace change, however whilst i agree with the activities of Sant Ji i also know that their were many atrocities carried out by supporters who perhaps in their own way became radical, I dont believe the people who died in 1984 were radical, the radical years followed later on , but governement was also sponsoring this radicalism but it would be wrong to not take some of the blame, anyone who says sant should not have fought from inside harmandar is a slave to only doi
  10. I find him quite arrogant, I was listening to his interview and he really thinks that punjabi rap is the future and he's the chosen one to lead us into this new genre, I disagree rap music raises a generation of "the whole world is against me" youth to the the point where self-pity becomes an obsession. Just my personal opion.
  11. amardeep i think i have been banned from that site cos i cant get in, it comes up with suspended is it the same for you?
  12. I think your right amareeep ji sometimes i think my ego wont let go and i want to have the last word all the time. ISDhillon
  13. I just added something aswell I dont think its worth taking it too seriously cos from what I have seen the site is only for propagation of islam so its not really interested in whether we refute the allegations or not cos as soon as we do theyll find some more. Anyway good for you dont give up!!!
  14. I just read your reply it was very good, but did you notice that you said you were a brother in islam (on your profile) i dont know whther that was a mistake or you did this deliberately and also your avatar is islamic? I am not bothered if you are a muslim just didnt understand why you filled in the profile that way? ISDhillon
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