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  1. oooohhh somebodies having a bad hair day
  2. very pedantic, what position in the world do you hold other than being a admin cut on sikhawareness?
  3. since you insist in diverting: India needs to be federal China can go the same way as russia Iran needs a good bombing They all have brave people but evidently not enough. In fact I do have a genuine dislike for china, india and iran. Burma I dont know much about except this recent thingy on the TV
  4. please do not stray from the topic this is obviously an iranianawareness website so we should stick to iran and iranians. coming from the person who cant stick to the topic opposed is not good enough what sort of people allow their brothers and sisters to be hung from cranes, the sort that needs a good bombing thats for sure no brave person would live under a tyrannical regime they would die fighting period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. if they dont overthrow their regime then they will infringe on other countries so they are responsible.
  6. admin cut: edited due to insults on different dharam.
  7. yes but surely this thread is solely about iran? thats another possibility, in any case it would be through bombs surely?
  8. I have grown tiresome of these regimes and no longer harbour any feelings towards them, I prefer they did not exist.
  9. there was no need to delete my post i sincerely without hate would like iran destroyed this does not go against the rules of this forum, the mods made me charming
  10. shove youre warning up your arse!!!!
  11. admin cut: This is your first offical warning not to incite world wars on this place, it will not be tolerated.
  12. Dear Vijaydeep and Dynamic Banda , It disgusts me the way our youth are operating I have recently moved to california so I am not living in the UK anymore but when i read the various panthic magazines I can see we are headed for trouble unless these vigilantes are not captured. I hope they will see sense before that happens. Indy
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