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  1. oooohhh somebodies having a bad hair day
  2. very pedantic, what position in the world do you hold other than being a admin cut on sikhawareness?
  3. since you insist in diverting: India needs to be federal China can go the same way as russia Iran needs a good bombing They all have brave people but evidently not enough. In fact I do have a genuine dislike for china, india and iran. Burma I dont know much about except this recent thingy on the TV
  4. please do not stray from the topic this is obviously an iranianawareness website so we should stick to iran and iranians. coming from the person who cant stick to the topic opposed is not good enough what sort of people allow their brothers and sisters to be hung from cranes, the sort that needs a good bombing thats for sure no brave person would live under a tyrannical regime they would die fighting period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. if they dont overthrow their regime then they will infringe on other countries so they are responsible.
  6. admin cut: edited due to insults on different dharam.
  7. yes but surely this thread is solely about iran? thats another possibility, in any case it would be through bombs surely?
  8. I have grown tiresome of these regimes and no longer harbour any feelings towards them, I prefer they did not exist.
  9. there was no need to delete my post i sincerely without hate would like iran destroyed this does not go against the rules of this forum, the mods made me charming
  10. shove youre warning up your arse!!!!
  11. admin cut: This is your first offical warning not to incite world wars on this place, it will not be tolerated.
  12. Dear Vijaydeep and Dynamic Banda , It disgusts me the way our youth are operating I have recently moved to california so I am not living in the UK anymore but when i read the various panthic magazines I can see we are headed for trouble unless these vigilantes are not captured. I hope they will see sense before that happens. Indy
  13. when will we rescue the guru from the beadbi of caste based gurdwaras? and where will we put the guru when rescued is their a non-caste gurdwara/safe-house?
  14. i prefer the original doesanybody know where i can download the original i think it on the soundtrack to the film baghi soorma
  15. I know their are a lot of internal and external threats to sikhism, but why is their a witchunt for beadbi going on?
  16. wel well well looks like i win haha, but seriously i think we should give the ISC some time as they are making alot of progress in terms of education and we should let them continue,
  17. lol you should do stand up comedy another post which is designed to make you look like you know what youre talking about shall i have a go, here goes btw i have just cut and pasted this from another person i was debating with who was consumed with the ego of intellectual superiority: Initially I would like to say that all you have said about me is a lie again it would take real effort from someone who was really interested in the dynamics of your scheming clueless conundrum to research, Your last post was a great failure it’s a rehash of everything you have said in all your other posts an
  18. i have too much time on my hands, who is they?, i have never suffered from the need to validate my faith, reason is the impasse of western civilization sikhi is a postmodern faith. which reforms do you suggest have been a reaction to modernity (point by point) in sikhi. because the current insurgency in iraq is from a group of muslims which belong to many cultures, in fact it is the doctrine of jihad itself which has been used to ferment and radicalise certain individuals from those countries, the problems in those countries are economic if it were a certain country then yes we
  19. there is really not much more in your last post to talk about however i wanted to quickly kill off this quote above, I actually have written about this claim did you know all the charges were never followed through with?, there is not a shred of proof that he ever committed such actions, and guess what? even if he seduces 50000 women i still would not say his work ws bad, when you read his literature his personal and private life is of no interest , its quite stunning how you argue against the supposed "moral" consequences of khalsa rehat but at the same time you are suffering from the same ma
  20. this is a pile of crap you meandre around these sentences yet they amount to nothing ask a question directly and it will be answered i have no need for rhetoric and your critique needs an argument yu have provided nothing but statements from your own personal opinion. no they are not show me how? deal with them as you will? - then why bother entering a discussion when you have no intention of believing what the other person has to say. you need to do more than that the bankruptcy of your arguments is astonishing! in history you have societies which configure and produc
  21. it makes no difference, your own guru took amrit, will that make it more relavant for you?, i doubt it.
  22. when you repeat history your not learning something islam is responsible for this misunderstanding and for the continues repetition i dont believe we as sikhs have ever repeated history. how is that a point i missed if you have a criticism parallel to islam for sikhi i vow i can break it, bring it on. this is quite disturbing i dont know why i never had such thoughts?, what has caused you to believe that we have patriarchy by tradition?, i see patriarchy for the first time when taksal states women could not be panj piare, when jathedar states women cannot do kirtan in harimanda
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