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  1. you need to know gurmukhi because bani itself says to read gurbani, but anyway when the time is correct his gurbani listening will also reap fruit and he will be directed to learn. We learn from babaneea kahaneea that Vaheguroo Ji values innocent and ego-free faith above all. IMHO these things only end up giving more ego and take up time in which we could be getting closer to vaheguroo.
  2. Naam contains EVERY good deed in the world, and gives phall times infinity.
  3. you need kirpa thats what you need whatever YOU as an individual are supposed to understand from gurbani at that point in your life, thats what guru sahib will make you understand. A bit of vichaar with fellow gursikhs is cool, but rest is aal jaal. Guroo Sahib has already told us that the message of vedas is simply to jap naam, so we dont need to waste our time as we know wat it says, whereas gurbani itself is something which joins us to naam, so we must spend lots of time reading it and watever we understand from that, understand it as guru sahib himself teaching you and incorporate that
  4. ^that was me by the way, my second account i created when having technical problems, it was accidently saved on this windows profile
  5. On 20 dec i created a second account called "silence", this was not for any weird reason or anything, I was having some problems accessing my usual account, so i made it for the time being. So for mods who may be checking IPs, My comp is shared and there is more than one windows account, by chance I had one of my sikhawareness accounts saved on one windows account, and a different sikhawareness account on my windows account. So accidently I have posted on the second account once or twice Hope that makes sense, I'm just making it clear im not trying to be secretive or anything. If you want
  6. We clearly have a difference of opinion, and there really is no need for sarcasm, I am willing to apologoise and call it quits, because I dont think fellow sikhs should let it go this far (well on my side anyway). Im only talking about what mahapurash have told me, and these mahapurash (Non jathebandi, and ragmalla believer) have told me naam and moolmantar jaap infact causes protection around the reciter. Bhull chukk maaf (and i really mean that scincerly, I hope you can all accept) Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  7. I think Sri Prahlad ji would beg to differ on that as would Bhagat Kabir Ji! Baba Thakur singh ji and Singhs once became invisible to the Indian police
  8. sorry for any hurt ive caused. I have ego which is a huge problem for me, and it causes me to insult gursikhs, sorry. But ive actually been told by mahapurash (not akj or nanaksar either)this power of naam that it gives physical protection, Ive experienced it first hand. How do you think Singhs of old survived without food for so long, trapped in fortresses for months? Death is the hukam of mahraj, and its also the hukam of mahraj in which way naam works at a certain time. The naam protected the warriors while they were alive from physical harm, and at the time which was pre-written for t
  9. look ,living in inner london, and facing yoots, chavs,racists and the like pretty much everyday gives you enough fighting experience, more than a goat. NO im not saying street fighting is war experience but is much more than chopping off the head of a goat being held by two other people. Anyway, naam power can make you do ANYTHING, this is Vaheguroo himself, also chandi di vaar power, you dont need anything else if you have bharosa. Im not saying not to train either, but killing a goat does not help at all. A compassionate warrior can easily kill a dusht but doesnt make them any less of a s
  10. ok well this is sooo gona get blasted on here, but what the hoo? (I would like to say it is not just akj who can be close minded) Salvation Before Guru Nanak? By Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh in “Gurmat”, September 1959 One friend has raised the doubt that if Satnaam (the true naam) has only been given by Guru Sahib and if humans can only be saved and liberated by Satnaam, how were humans liberated before the arrival of Guru Nanak Sahib jee? It has been proven [in other books] through Gurmat principles that true salvation is only possible through Satnaam. In reply to this, with the beat
  11. jassasingh, what do you believe are the four kurehits? do you think Guru Sahib would not help one of his sikhs doing simran, who are in pain?
  12. actually ive grown up in a pretty rubbishy area where most of my childhood friends are now on weed and most other drugs, so no I havent developed any stigma against it. I'm against it because 1)Guru Sahib has told me it is foolish 2)Naam rass is way better 3)Mahapurash are against it. To be honest, the Singhs of old wouldnt even have used it if even in pain, as that would be kurehit. I know this because simply looking at their jeevan it is an insult to say that they were able to take the pain using DRUGS. I feel extremely hurt when people say this, because you are putting these Khal
  13. LOL Are you trying to be sarcastic? Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj is eternal and was there before any of the Hindu scriptures existed. Same with all these concepts of reincarnation, karma, maya and 5 vikaars. All the hindu scriptures did was record these concepts, which were known to Guru Nanak Dev Ji long before they were written, as he is the form of the one who created these concepts! Infact bani itself predates the Hindu scriptures, as without the ETERNAL bani, there is no world, there is NOTHING. Bani is the fabric of EVERYTHING. The Hindu scriptures RECORDED, I state once more RECORDED
  14. NO its not, thats a ridiculous statement, all devte are the daasre of Nirankaar Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Bani itself says that the devte do not have naam, the very goal of sikh panth, so how can our panths roots be within the devte! The devte do seva of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji's saints.
  15. excuses excuses. dharam rai will not tolerate people who do beadbi of mahraj's roop by doing such deeds while wearing it.
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