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  1. from what i know is that 'Havan' is the form of hom. as Agni (fire) is used to light the flames, that creates a cosmic force via mantras and the smoke of the havan (Swaha, which is the wife of agni), sikhs also use Hom (havan) as a form to make Langar.
  2. Fateh people! hope your all well. does anyone have any knowledge on the above bani? cant find anything anywhere in relation to this bani. God Bless!!!
  3. mit

    Urgent Help

    Thank you Matheen, My friend is in the UK. Any help will be appreciated. He's willing to do whatever it takes. Thank you to everyone for your help! may god bless you and guide you all! Mit
  4. Hi all Hope everyone is well. A very close friend of mine has been unwell for the past few months. cut a long story short, his mother had been to see the local pandit who advised her that some one has done 'Jaadu Toona' on her son. The boys father brushed this off and turned a blind eye to it. as time has gone on, my mates health has deterioarated and things in his personal life have also started going wrong. Docs/hospitals have brushed this off and cant find anything wrong and his tests come back as clear. My mates dad got concerned and went to see some sant about this, who a
  5. thank you so much for your help guys! i havnt taken amrit, does that have to be taken in order to read this bani?
  6. Thank you for your input guys. Its mostly the 'elder' generation that state that if you read it, you wont be able to control your anger, and when asking the elders if they have read the bani, they simply reply 'Nope, we have no reason to read it as times have chnged and we dont want to read it due to the dangers behind it', those are the exact words some one said to me!!! @suryadev: Did you have any of the 'Angry' Symphtoms when reciting the bani? Mit
  7. Sat Sri Akaal Jio! Hope everyone is well. I would like to start studying and reciting Chandi Di Vaar, and add it as part of my nitnem. What are the effects of this. As in, does one get uncontrolable anger? Please can some one help Dass. Im havnt taken amrit and wanted to know whether this would be a restriction also. Fateh Ji Mit
  8. mit


    Thanks for the reply bro. why do elders say that this is not right is it portrays a wrong image for an amritdhari. surly all they are doing is for what they love doing. some elders have said that its wrong and they shouldnt be playing/listening to any sort of music and going into clubs doing what they are doing.
  9. mit


    Hi y'all Hope you are all well. I would like to ask 1 question which is: What is your take on an amritdhari sikh DJing/playing dhol/dancing in a bhangra team? Fateh Mit
  10. Hi there everyone! hope everyone is well. what association does babab bulleh shah ji have with sikhism? Also, did Baba Nanad singh Ji Maharaj once meditate at a place where Baba Bulleh shah ji once meditated, or buried? fateh, Mit.
  11. thank you all! its something i read thats all!!! hope your all well and MAN UTD ZINDABAAD! We wone the league and smashed LFC's record!

  12. hi all! hope you are all well. Can you believe in God and not religion. fateh mit
  13. i read some thing in the Mukt Marg Granth, hence me asking bro. i had a coconut today. does that make me hindu mat? (joke)
  14. you the man! thank you bro! Anyone one twitter here?
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