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  1. Fair comments, but does any one else have any other ideas how to resolve many of the issues listed ?. People are quick to judge the negitives to any situation. Lets talk about what positives we can obtain from the recreation of SP. (Talking about a new ere not the old) Reuniting troubled mislead sikh youths ? Educating youths about the TRUE meaning of Sikhi ? Help develop a strong community ? Help understand issues and problems within the community ? I dont see SP as a gang more like youth club where sikhs can get together talk about everyday issues even gain a stronger
  2. This subject gets on my nervous, what the hell are these so called sikhs doing fight outside/inside a gudwara. People need to grow up and have some respect for sikhi. Theres a Youtube gudwara fight which got me so vexed. I asked the person to take it off, but they refused.
  3. :shock: http://www.panthic.org/news/124/ARTICLE/3023/2007-01-10.html The above article explains it all. Think these islamic extremist are playing with fire. Do they really think we are going to sit back and let them disrepect our family like that. :twisted:
  4. Judge no one exp urself. See no reason why people should have a problem. Age is just a number.
  5. tsingh great post, i agree we should be more tolerant. Acts of agression are uncalled for we should learn to control our anger and egoo's. the views of some people will not change or influence us as we are strong minded people. every one is titled to her own view. drawrof can you please make your point more clear i have trouble reading and making sense. no disrespect tended
  6. :s very sad am from the UK and am very ashamed. Never believed ppl would go so low to make money. I will try my best to stop this happening. will meet with other young fellow sikhs on the weekend, we have to start somewhere.
  7. I some what agree with singh247 parji. I feel very strong about inter racial marriages. esp if the guy / gyal marrys a muslim. For many years sikhs have died to protect our right to be sikhs. feels sometimes when a sikh peraon marrys a muslim that they have turned there back on all the ppl who gave up there lives. i dont mean to offend just my point of view
  8. you Sure you dont mean Baba Bolenad a hindu god ? Some so called sikhs carry old hindu cultures into modern day. Its like some worshiping mata rani.
  9. Thanks for the advice, Have been do busy with work. Soon as i get a chance i will try make some rough notes.. What would you like to see on the site ?
  10. Thats what i was trying to say, double edge you done a better job explaining. lol
  11. lol, Oh bugga am not to techy either . i will see who i can find, I know this one gorra really good makes sites for formula one teams. but hes not gonna understand what we want, the passion for the topic. Never know mite report me to the CIA lol, before you know it il be in camp X in cuba somewhere . Well got enough time looking to start it in july, take as much time as needed to make sure it meets and exceeds all expectations. Just waiting for the person selling it to agree a price, think hes realised its worth a fair bit, keeps pushing it up and up. Cheers Dynamic_Banda : your help would
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