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  1. Will all theaters have to perform this purification before the showing of this film?
  2. Thank you veer vijaydeep singh ji for the explanation I know very little about islam and whenever I came across it, I had seen PBUH next to Mohammad. It is hard for me to put PBUH=Guru=Sahib Ji as respect but I assume that is due to limits of English language.
  3. Go to Http://www.keertan.org Click on multimedia, then Multimedia2, sadh sangat samagam and there you will find files from a lot of samagams. Dhan Guru Nanak
  4. Thanks. I was reading PBUH in a different context. Thanks again.
  5. what is the purpose behind writing pbuh? prophets are already at peace, aren't they?
  6. It might sound like a very stupid question but I have often wondered about words "Mohammad (PBUH)" and "Ali (as)". Is "Peace Be Upon Him" and "as" (i don't know what that stands for) written out of respect for the prophet? what does it mean when someone writes (pbuh)?
  7. I wonder if the parliament opposed the massacre of sikhs in 84 in the same fashion as this incident. To me, it just seem like they made a lot of political hoopla and gather sikh support for votes. How can a Hindu politician feel the pain of losing kesh when he himself doesnot have kesh. Just my thoughts.
  8. o what a life these great gursikhs had !! Many many respects !!
  9. who is the gentleman to his left? Is he in samadhi?
  10. In my opinion, I don't think it was the sand that was vibrating. Sand was used to indicate where the patterns of waves were being formed on the surface of (metal) table / dynamic. Maybe an engineer could shed some more light on this...
  11. http://www.eckankar.org/ similar name, similar message?
  12. Sangat ji How might the dreams of a blind person be like? DhanWaad
  13. wjkk wjkf If one realizes that the ultimate happinees is with Waheguru but inside his heart that 'hunger', that 'Tapash' has not appeared when one can actually say 'Bin Navay Mar Jayiae Mere Thakur', How can that fire, that deep pain arise in one's heart? What can one do? --As I was typing my question I recieved the answer ... Whoever gave that realization will also give that 'fire'. But since I had already typed my question, I decided to submit it anyways... Any input to it from Gurmukhs will be greatly appreciated. Waheguru
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