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  1. I am going to be in Jalandhar for a while are there any places where i can learn gurmukhi (gurbani) from. I heard the Udasis have a place in jalandhar any ideas please
  2. Have Ravidassia completely seperated themselves from Sikhism ? or are they split in two ? if anyone can give me some education i would be grateful
  3. no that crap. i had family that fought in ww2 and the germans had taken pics of sikh pows and distributed them around the german armies to show that sikhs are human etc. As sikh had repuatation for being harsh fighthers. Its also a well known fact that the japs and nazis asked the british indian troops to go against the crown and if they do they will (nazis and japs) will grant india independance.
  4. any chance of him coming to london at all ?????
  5. i have a dastar and i spent time in orlando and miami, people are nice, theres alot of spanish there and its very mixed which is good i had no probs
  6. This guys good i went to one of his Events in malaysia
  7. who is Bahadur ALi Shah, i remember a guy called Bahadur who was in niddar singhs gang, he used to play a sitar is this him ????
  8. Its great to skydive i did it load of time when i served with the Paras, its the anticipation that scares you but enjoy yourself
  9. yea you can get them i have one. i cant remember where my dad got it from though
  10. i heard some doggy things about him too, when i was in india last i was told hes dying from a blood disorder
  11. Can anyone tell me the address or locations of taksals in punjab where there is orgainised teaching of Gurbani. Damdami Taksal metha i know of are there any others ?
  12. so does anyone know when his book about the nihang dals are coming out then ???
  13. Theres seem to be some activity on this web site a coming soon. It used to be up and running. Also Nihang.com has had the coming soon on it for 2 years now. Also whens niddars book coming out ?? its been more then a year since he said it was coming out anyone in contact with him >??
  14. does anyone know when this book of his will be out ???
  15. my dad was brought up in what was British east africa, he tells me there was alot of parchar etc, near the Singh Sahba Gurdwara there was a Girls skool for sikh girls etc , but this was in 50s 60s and they came to uk just as it was being made independent, so hes not been back since
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