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  1. Yeah, i dont believe that. It's kind of ironic, how this website is made for the Youth yet, when youth do come on and express their opinion, we get our elders telling us that our opinion is wrong. I still believe that Sikhism AND other Religions do use propaganda in order to make other Religions look bad. Anyway, i dont think i'll be coming back on this site as soon as this thread been answered. I mean this website isn't exactly crowded. TOO many biased, short-minded people. thats all i got to say. P.S. Please hate me
  2. I got a question for all of you's. How come all of you were or felt so concerned about this girl and her story, didn't reply to this thread before i did? i mean its been here for a while but no one responded. But as soon as i post you all seem to have something to say? I'm not saying that JUST BECAUSE OF ME you all wanted to respond to this story? but it does cross the mind, i mean i may not be a 'Khalsa'a Pyari' literally, but at least i stick to what i believe. I'm not saying that my opinion should be turned into a fact and all of you's were wrong, no. what i'm saying is that how come you
  3. THANK YOU, lol i'll show this to my older brother see if it changes his mind. :wink:
  4. LOL i saw this and i was killing myself, no offense to Apane people, but wow we're rip offs lol
  5. Everyone, thank you for all the feed back. :wink:
  6. lol wow this is escalading really badly. lol im not bothered about being told off, he's older than me, he's allowed, i'll have to bear with it. Point is he is right though, i think i only did tell me opinion, but obviously everyone has the right to disagree. no opinion is right. just different from each other. Oh well, i'll just write fully to avoid arguments.
  7. well, i didnt think you were bing harsh. just your opinion. And maybe your right about that compassion thing, maybe i did get a little to hypy about stating what i think. so sorry if i offended anyone. Good point by the way.
  8. you know what i gave this to my brother, do you know what he said? he said "Well, it doesnt say not to eat beef? It says dont kill black cows"??? OH MY GOD seriously, he is really...well he's a older brother... lol :wink:
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