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  1. Interestingly the answer to the young man is in Sukhmani Sahib, first Ashtpadi...Prabh Keah Simran Jatti...Satti.....This viakhiaya has been done earlier today (22.02.2021) by Giani Jangbir Singh at Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib, Abchal Nagar...I am posting the link below (the Jaati part is at 55.33 mins)..Suggest you hear the entire series (this is the fourth instalment). Further In Salok Seshkriti this issue has been addressed..."Hea Kaamang..Narak Bisramang Bahu Jonee Bharamvarh...(Salok Sehaskrati M 5 , Ank1358)... All Sadhu Sants have done the jaap of the Salok Seshkriti for hours..that to
  2. So when you go to an MNC office do you wear your sleepwear ? or are you formally dressed? Is showering, dressing formally a ritual or a requirement? The statement that "why you need rules and regulations for remembering God and Guru"? is simplistic and inconsistent with Guru Sahibs hukams. Guru Ram Dass has specified in his hukam in Guru Granth Sahib....Gur Satgur Kaa Jo Sikh Akhaey...So Bhaal keeah Utth Haaar Naam Dhiavery...(ank 306) .Guru Sahibs hukams are get up early (is that a ritual? or a requirement?) Udham Kareah Bhalkeah Parbhati Ishnaam Kareah...(So having an early morning bath is a
  3. Dear Bhaji, This link is not working - probably because it is dated? Can you please share a working link or put this in the download section..Thanks Regards
  4. Yes, read Khushwant Singh and all other authors who have covered that time period..
  5. well said...its the kamayee that matters not acquired gyan through reading etc.
  6. If you listen to his current videos which are all from the time when he was in his 90s that is the impression you would get but the background is that before he would go to the gurdwara at 3 am every day for prakash he would do 30 minutes plus of gurmantar jaaap at home (ref Maskeen jis audios on his background) and then continually all day recite a tuk from guru granth sahib even while at work...over a period of 9 years he did the paath of Guru Granth Sahib once - but his focus was always on 'following' (i.e kamaooing) the bani rather than just reading it - which most of us do and that too in
  7. Thanks Bhai Sahib for this wonderful share.. Allow me to share a link to a video of Bhai Bahadur Singh - who Giani Sant Singh Maskeen in his katha described as a Brahmgiani he knew - wherein he describes the process of how to meet the creator - which is the ultimate aim of all of us.
  8. To my "limited" knowledge only you should be "pesh"
  9. Its not easy to acknowledge ones mistakes and even more difficult to share them (even anonymously) and seek solutions. This is Gurus bakshish that you are doing so and you will succeed. Guru Sahib is saad meharban (always kind) At 20.24 minutes on this video you will get the answer to your question.
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