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  1. It is not Islamophobia, the Sikhs dont hate Islam. It is the Punjabi culture, both Punjabi Muslims and Punjabi Sikhs ( accurately Paki Punjabis and Indian Punjabi) do have a problem with eachother. I dont get what u are meaning wit , plz explain..
  2. Sikhism doesnt use propagand to disrespect or degrade any Religion. Some people who LOOK-LIKE a Sikh, maybe do! :roll:
  3. 2 facts that are being distorted. - Muslims believe that preaching their religion to non-Muslims is a must - Sikhism does not discriminate humans based on their believe or religion That 'Sikh' girl from the story mentioned in this thread is 100% responsible for her decision: She is the one who wanted to marry ( or even get in love ) with that guy. And eventually she is the one who is now in deep sarrow. Ape Beej Ape Hi Khayie!
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