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  1. Singh, you will be getting the book by this week. I won't disappoint you.

  2. the nitnem or any audio file on gursevak.com is read slow.. its so slow that u have time in between words to repeat. step1. listen and read baalupdesh instead of nitnem. that will teach u muharni ( practice for pronunciation of each letter with lagmaatras) then move on to nitnem. if u need contact number of bhagat ji (jaswant singh ji) please feel free to message me and u can talk to him directly.. he will be more happy to help u. or give me ure number and he will call u. hope to talk to u soon !!
  3. please have a look at www.gursevak.com online santhiya.. :)
  4. Source: www.gursevak.com Sukhmani Sahib Arth Pothi - Bhagat ji WJKK WJKF
  5. WJKK WJKF Please read the health pothi from page 29. It has all the Gurbani tuks pertaining to health with meanings. Get the laahaa.
  6. Sikhkhoj... if you are happy with your interpolation... then so be it! All I wanted to say is that its not written explicitly about not reading bani while walking.. thus interpolations come into play.. u r taking it as not reading while walking.. i m taking it as just a kautak for one time just to set up a maryada.. its just the tone that comes from ure arguments about dissing and doing nindya of Baba Gurbachan Singh ji. hence i put it up for the sangat to decide whether he told explicitly or not. anyways.. rabb raakha.. theres other more valuable learning posts in this forum.. t
  7. SIKHKHOJ... i will be discussing only one point here.. and then we would move on if you want to. i gonna answer the kirtan sohila doubt.. please stick to that and lets clear that point! Scenario- mom - beta u might get hurt while going to kitchen and drinking water in night, so from now on switch on the lights and then go to kitchen at night for water. son - mom, does that mean i cannot drink water during the day? mom - yes u can during the day, but at night.. always turn on lights. sikhkhoj - getting confused.. says ure mom is saying ONLY to drink water at night with li
  8. This has been dragged too much!! SIkhkhoj ji... please do the khoj correctly. Attached is the Kirtan sohila sakhi from the source u are mentioning. Please let the sangat know that in which line Sant ji says not to read kirtan sohila anytime except at night. He said.. that from this uthaanka.. a maryada of reading Sohila sahiib at night was set. It doesnt say that it has to be read ONLY in night. I have been fortunate to spend time with direct students of Baba Gurbachan ji.. and they keep reciting Gurbani.. whole day.. whole night.. everytime.. including.. walking.. eating (liste
  9. It was a brilliant movie. Just saw it yesterday. The scenic beauty was awesome. Siddhs were shown as if they were truely real. What I liked was that the language used was good. Not the common punjabi used today. They used the pakistani punjabi/pathani/hindi ..the way it used to be. I liked it, though a lot could be improved, but this was just beginning. More refinement needed from spirtual and factual side. Maybe in futurewe see a movie like "the message".
  10. kutastha: the immovable, unchanging spirit (literally "standing at the top." कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. unchangeable कूटस्थ kUTastha m. the supreme soul कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. changeless कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. immovable कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. standing at the top कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. uniform कूटस्
  11. Wjkk wjkf I need contact information for Amrit sanchar by ajnala damdami taksal And where is Amrit sanchar done by mohan Singh bhindrawale ji? Is it in boparai kalan? I wud need there contact info too if possible. When is the Amrit sanchar in January?? Any particular dates? I m planning to come to India in the week of amrit sanchar. So I have to book tickets. Thanksss
  12. THIS TOPIC IS FOR MANGALYAAN. if nothing to say about it or in general Mars exploration then open a new thread. Thanks
  13. regardless wherever india stands.. atleast from the point of view of space missions.. India needs appreciation. CONGRAAATS to all Indians and the team which showed the hardship and dedication for this mission. The whole mission cost was less than the cost of movie "gravity" !!!! i did engineering and i remember when myself and my team had to spend countless nights just to program a dumb robot's movement..lol
  14. sir ji, i said only from the very limited point of view of policevaley. they were ordered to suppress movement. just like soldiers go and invade a country.. even if they dont want to do it.. but just do it for the sake of job. i condemned those corrupted big bad apples who ordered such police actions. i hope tht clears my point. i agree chatanga!! the point is that both sides (sikhs and govt.) had done some wrong and some right.. the govt. could have avoided 84 attack and later nov 84 massacre.. but tht was govt fault.. reaction was the kharkoo movement came in full power..
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