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  1. The prerequisite to meet HIM is the LOVE which leads to Faith and Devotion. e.g If you're dedicated to someone, then regardless of what your brain says (mind) you always go with your feelings (heart/soul). Same way, when LOVE is present for God, it will overcome the chatter mind. In order to meet HIM, it doesn't matter if the person is poor/illiterate or rich/intelligent. Raja Janak was a King yet he was a Saint; on the other hand Bhagat Kabir was very poor and yet he was a Saint. In-fact, when the person is financially poor it is very hard to concentrate on God because the majority of ti
  2. I tried posting private message to you but seems like you're not registered therefore I cannot.
  3. If the person is only after the ridhi/sidhis/powers, then the dhayan on lower levels are okay BUT if the person wants the Middle path (where God comes along with its powers, same way wherever Sun goes shadows follow), then Gurmantar jaap should be done at Trikute. But the dhayan on Trikute has to be done in proper fashion but not through force. For more detailed information refer to this link (starting at around 29.43 minutes): http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/01_Puratan_Katha/Sant_Ishar_Singh_(Rara_Sahib_wale)/Aatamik_Bachan/Sant.Ishar.Singh.(Rara.Sahib.wale)--Aatamik.Bacha
  4. Please find some useful information as provided by Channeled-resource/Spirit-Guide in regards to how to prevent/treat any virus (including coronavirus); all of the following could be used by the person of any age (including children) Super-Potent mask to Prevent Put "Mustard Oil" in nostrils. Use either pinky finger or Q-Tip so that the inner walls of nostrils are wet with oil. No need to pour drops into nose. Use this BEFORE going out of home. Place 1/16 inch (or say size equivalent to ZERO number on regular laptop) "Cinnamomum-Cassia/Cinnamomum-Aromaticum/Dalchini)" on the t
  5. When we know the difference between Container and Content, then we will have knowledge.....
  6. I've personally visited their location 1 year back......they are really helping A LOT OF people in need. May God bless them.
  7. I'm sorry as it didn't help you. Please continue with whatever helps you. God bless you. One more additional tip in regards to "How to handle the thoughts": try NOT to think about a thought that comes; just start thinking something else. e.g You're standing on the road watching the traffic, you see lot of cars going but you don't start thinking about each car and/or the person sitting inside. Same way, you your mind (road) will always have lot of cars (thoughts), the secret is NOT to entertain the thought and do NOT attach to your thought. Just watch and let it go; just like the same
  8. don't use that much hot water. just the warm water is enough. In regards to quantity of water, use enough water that covers your whole feet. I am assuming that you are using standard size bucket and not using bath tub. Moreover visualization is perfect but only when you know ALL ins and outs of it. So, I would suggest without visualization as the starting point, may be just recite Waheguru during the soaking. Rest is up to you.
  9. Please increase the quantity of salt from 1 tablespoon to 3 tablespoons (exactly 3). For dehydration, drink a glass of water (slowly by holding each sip in mouth for couple of seconds) after the soaking. That should kick in the process.
  10. Either use Himalayan salt or any other authentic Sea salt. In regards to the purpose, it will help you......I would say "Try it first and there's no harm and see if it helps".........If it helps, then research why and how it helped, there could be lot of reasons ranging from Minerals in the salt, Basic setup of body to Spiritual reasons, Removal of Negative energies etc. etc.......
  11. Try this BEFORE sitting for paath or simran. Fill a small tub/bucket (so that you can dip your feet covering ankles) of Hot water. Put "Himalayan/Pink Salt" (1 table-spoon) Soak your feet in that water for 15-20 minutes (do NOT exceed 20 minutes and no less than 15 minutes). Now, dry your feet. Get rid of that water by pouring it down the toilet. Flush the toilet. Now, do the Simran and/or Path. Hopefully, you'll see the difference in first sitting.
  12. good one......take it which ever way you enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY2gKc17YwI
  13. Religion: In an ideal world, it is a school (having its rules/regulations/rituals) where one studies Spirituality (subject). In other words, a religion is just a way to understand (based upon one's preference/environment/background/culture etc.) the Spirituality. But unfortunately these days, the religion has been converted into a mere box in which we try to fit our definition of God. Actually, all religions tend to follow the same path which eventually leads to a separate dedicated religion.
  14. So, you'll be presenting the evidence that Amrit vela and/or Dawn could be marked by remote location (Punjab's time)?? I'll be eagerly waiting for that proof. I think either you misunderstood or don't want to understand that Astral travel or ESP has nothing to do with Amrit vela and/or Dawn zone (evening time suggested for prayers). No-one is arguing about ESP or Astral travel, the problem is: When you're suggesting that 'By following the remote location's Amrit vela and/or Dawn time through ESP or whatever, one can reap the same benefits regardless of the local time'.
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