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    das got a reaction from harsharan000 in Kanwar Grewal - All Songs Related To God   
    All of the following songs are related to God and/or Guru and very good.....I love these songs.

    Akhiyan: Those eyes are different who can see you.

    Mast: Don't go to Mast Saints because they will turn you into same.....Damn good song.

    Sun Sajna: A song devoted to your Guru

    Lajpalan: Proud on Guru

    Ishq bhule nu nachave:

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    das got a reaction from harsharan000 in Kanwar Grewal - All Songs Related To God   
    I don't know, but does it matter? Just enjoy the lyrics and feed your Soul........I don't understand why does it matter if someone tie his dastar in this and that fashion.

    He used to be a normal clean-shaven singer but later gets attracted to some BibiJi (Spiritual person) and since then singing only spiritual songs.

    The following are his interview links:

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    das got a reaction from harsharan000 in Kanwar Grewal - All Songs Related To God   
    I must admit that I do regret starting this topic. My intention was to share the LYRICS of the songs which sounded good at-least to me.....like "Akhiyan: Those eyes are different who can see you"; "Sun Sajna: A song devoted to your Guru". That's how I was enjoying the songs.

    But I forgot that people don't enjoy lyrics and/or feeling anymore and I should be careful in future.
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    das got a reaction from gsm52 in Meditation - My Experiance, Am I Allowed To Share?   
    If the person is only after the ridhi/sidhis/powers, then the dhayan on lower levels are okay BUT if the person wants the Middle path (where God comes along with its powers, same way wherever Sun goes shadows follow), then Gurmantar jaap should be done at Trikute. But the dhayan on Trikute has to be done in proper fashion but not through force.
    For more detailed information refer to this link (starting at around 29.43 minutes):
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    das got a reaction from harsharan000 in Sin In Sikhism   
    Another thing to my mind and just want to share:

    When Neo bhaji says that "Things we did in our mind does NOT get bad karma, but seeds gets sowed........"

    Isn't the seed also a form of fruit (good or bad) because the seeds will force us to do either Good or Bad........e.g If we think about bad for someone, then we create a seed in our subconscious mind which in turn will compel us to do something wrong......same way, if we think of good for someone, then we create a good seed in our subconscious mind which in turn will compel us to do something good.............in other terms our "Free Will" will be effected because of our mind thoughts..........and if this is the case, then surely mind thoughts does carry fruit (either good or bad).

    Another thing is that doing the karmas by mind may also land us into mind problems in the coming years or janams.......e.g some persons are always in tension, worry, negative thoughts, negative attitude, no peaceful mind etc........All these problems are due to the previous bad Mind thoughts............To some extend we can say that karma done physically has different level of punishment or rewards vs the karmas done through the mind......but anything that our Mind thinks does carry punishment or reward.......it could be in the form of peaceful mind (reward for good mind thoughts), or tension (punishment for bad mind thoughts), or good/bad seeds our subconscious mind etc. etc.

    Good karma and Bad Karma are NOT something like good and bad based upon the physical aspect.......Good karma are those which help us to leave ego and get merge with GOD......and Bad karma are those who keeps us away from the GOD.
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    das got a reaction from Bhoolea bhatkea in Deep Spiritual Stuff With Examples - Ishwar Puri   
    Recently "TruthSeeker" has posted one youtube link under "Meditation - My experience, Am I Allowed to Share". So, instead of posting message there, I've created this new thread with some additional links:

    First of thanks very much "TruthSeeker" for the listing.

    Here are some more videos from Ishwar Puri:

    What Is Outside is Merely Reflection Of What Is Inside :

    Time Is the Biggest Trap :

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    das got a reaction from Bhoolea bhatkea in Mind always Speak; Soul always Listen (Meditation)   
    I've listened to this discourse in the past, but it's so refreshing to hear it again. Anyone who is interested in real Meditation, tips, how, where, or anything related to Meditation; please listen to this discourse. It's very good. Its long, but its better to argue over unimportant topics:
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    das got a reaction from Bhoolea bhatkea in Is white energy Chi?   
    HisServant, you're doing what was taught by our Gurus; most of the people tend to ignore all the real-teaching, inner working and just focus on outer bana, superiority complex and put everything in a box; they even place the Religion (a.k.a God as per them) in a box.
    All I want to say is:
    - Just ignore these kind of people and carry on.
    - Do NOT let you teacher mind jump and engage in debate because neither they are going to change nor you. In-fact, it is a journey that everyone has to traverse himself/herself.
    - Do NOT explain anything, just don't let them ruin your flow and peace of mind.
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    das got a reaction from harsharan000 in Sin In Sikhism   
    one NEEDS to pay for the sins done through our mind/thoughts(forna).......it is the same way that if a person while dying thinks of something, then he/she will get in that joone....e.g "if one thinks of husband/wife in mind, then he/she will become prostitute in the next birth"......there are other examples too that whatever we think (in mind) during dying time, one gets into that birth.

    So, defintely whatever we think in mind, we've to bear the fruit of that......be it either good or bad.....to confirm please refer to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and also to various Sant's deewan.
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    das got a reaction from harsharan000 in Sin In Sikhism   

    A bad karma is called paap. The residue of sin is called paap. It could be defined a wrongful act. One of the biggest Sin is to forget GOD. One of biggest pun is to remember GOD.

    How Bad Karma or Paap could be done?
    Bad Karma could be done by 3 different ways: Body/Physical; Mind/Thoughts; Speech/Words/Tongue.

    Categories of Paap: The paaps are categorized into various types depending upon their punishment levels:

    1. Sins done through Physical Body: They are of 4 kinds:

    a. Taking somebody's thing without his giving
    b. Killing somebody
    c. Illicit relations with other woman
    2. Sins done through Speech/Word: They are of 4 kinds:

    a. Lying or backbiting or Nindea
    b. Illogical talk
    c. Harsh speech
    d. False witness
    3. Sins done through Mind/Thoughts: They are of 3 kinds:

    a. Coveting the property of others.
    b. Thinking to harm others,
    c. Thinking in one's heart of what is undesirable.
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    das got a reaction from Bhoolea bhatkea in God Residing in the Mind (mann)   
    I don't think anyone can "have god reside in your mind"; because He is already there but we cannot find Him. e.g Butter is hidden in the milk but becomes visible only when someone does follow the process of churning.
    Same way God is there, it's just a matter of:
    * Finding reasons Why we cannot find him?
     - Because we're finding Him in the wrong place.
     - and our Mind does have faults.
    * And once we're aware of those, we just need to follow the process of removing those veils.
    Sat has already explained what really means by "Raab da mann wich vasna a.k.a Raab nu labh lena", but it comes with KIRPA.
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    das got a reaction from Soulfinder in My Sankalpa   
    Best of luck bhaji, may God bless you and your family. Raab tuhade sir te hath rakh ke tuhade too path karvave.

    Let me request you the following that I've learnt personally. I'm NOT suggesting you anything. Just merely stating what have been instructed by many Sants and Mahatamas.
    Do Mool-mantar till "Nanak Hose Bhe Sach". Try doing 6 malas everyday of 108 beads for One Full Year. It will roughly be 236520. Do NOT miss a day. Nice to have: Would be great if you could do it, otherwise it's okay.
    If possible, make sure that you do your mala each day on the same time and same place. If possible, use the mala 108 + 1 (Meru bead: It is the quiding bead, the one that marks the beginning and end of the mala.) beads. The following is NOT suggested by Sant (I haven't heard), but based upon the facts that these malas were extensively used in the past and special significance of wool in energy.
    If possible, use the mala made of white wool.
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    das got a reaction from Soulfinder in 2012, Golden Age, Aquarius Age, World War, Khalsa Raj Etc.   
    This is what I understood from all the sources:
    Because of the selfish deeds of everyone on this earth; earth has already started complaining.......man has misused money, power, and natural resources and has done bad in order to pursue their selfish desires.....be it a nation or individual person. In other words, human has not used his Free Will for the betterment.

    Therefore, because of the above, GOD has a plan to clean our consciouness. And this cleaniliness could be in the form of natural disasters, physical wars, civil wars, anything we could imagine. Some say that even 2/3 population will be destroyed. And this could have been avoided by becoming unselfish and loving but it seems like we might have already crossed the limit to avoid it. After 2012, there will be a shift in human's spiritual and mental thinking. After cleaning earth, earth will be governed by spiritual people......this is a possibility that these spiritual people happen to be Khalsa......but may NOT be the Khalsa that we used to identify with ONLY physical properties. But there is high probabllity that Spiritually Inclined (Khalsa) Sikhs will rule India, Pakistan, Bangadesh etc. in the near future. and this rule will last for 5000 years.

    Bottom line is here: This is the GOD's plan to save our planet and this is not the first time it's going to happen. There are cycles within cycles within cycles within cycles. And ending of each cycle does bring some destruction (or creation depending upon how you view it). Bigger cycle brings great destruction and smaller cycles bring smaller destruction. The biggest destruction is after one set of Satyug/Treta/Dwapar/Kalyug. Each yug has sub-yugas and each sub-yogs has more sub-sub-yugas and so on. This time by Dec 2012 we are entering mini/sub yuga of Satyug within Kalyug which will last for around 5000 years.

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    das got a reaction from harsharan000 in Is My Parakh Going On ?   
    Hello Sukrit Kaur,
    Please read the following example.

    [ A king wanted to choose best responsible person for his thrown, so he held a meeting with his 3 sons. He ordered his sons to undergo the journey of all religious places within one year and he also gave them 3 horses (one to each) which they had to use for travelling. First son did not start his journey and just fed his horse extremely well and converted his horse into very fat. Second son started his journey and he tried to complete the journey as soon as possible and therefore ignored the health of his horse. He over-use the capacity of his horse and eventually his horse died before completing his journey. Third son was very wise, he calculated that if he travel this much distance each day he would be able to complete his journey on time. This way he travelled pre-planned distance each day and also took care of his horse by giving him proper food and rest. Eventually he completed his journey within the provided time.

    The third son who completed his journey on time by visting all religious places was chosen as next King. The one who did not start his journey was given punishment by the king. Same way, God has given us this body (as horse) so that we can complete our spiritual journey to God within this human birth time. If we did not remember God during our time on earth then we are like the first son and therefore we will be given punishment by Lord of Justice by either throwing us in Hells or giving us birth in lower species. If we act like second son and due to Virag we did hard penance of God without taking care of our body, then we might get another chance (another human birth) by God so that we can continue our journey. We are supposed to act like third son by remembering God and taking care of our body by fulfilling his needs. i.e When we were in mother's womb, everyone (regardless of caste, creed, and religion) promised God that we will do God's worship for at-least 2.5 hours out of 24 hours. This is our main duty that we have to do along with our wordly duties. ]

    So, bottom line is to take care of your body so that it can help you to achieve your Spiritual goal. Believe me, it is not fun to do bhagati in illness. So, enjoy your bhagati while taking care of your body.
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    das got a reaction from dalsingh101 in You will cry!! Please help this charity.   
    I've personally visited their location 1 year back......they are really helping A LOT OF people in need. May God bless them.
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    das got a reaction from Soulfinder in You will cry!! Please help this charity.   
    I've personally visited their location 1 year back......they are really helping A LOT OF people in need. May God bless them.
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    das got a reaction from sarabatam in You will cry!! Please help this charity.   
    I've personally visited their location 1 year back......they are really helping A LOT OF people in need. May God bless them.
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    das got a reaction from tva prasad in Different Types/stages Of Naam   
    The following is from Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji's Diary:
    Types of Naam: There are 2 types of Naam:
    Japa (Varan Atmak Bani/Naam): It is the Outer Sound Principle. It is also known as the language of the Pranas or the vital airs for it depends on different types of vibrations in the air. All these types of Japas give solace of varying degrees and one gets peace of mind of a temporary nature only, be­cause the various bodily chakra involved in them are of a lower order, situated below Third Eye. Varn-Atmak words pave the way to Dhun-Atmak Shabd and are thus essential aids in stilling the mind of oscillations, purging it of all impurities and rendering it capable of apprehending the Dhun-Atmak current within. The Varn-Atmak words may and do differ because of lingual differences, but the Dhun-Atmak Shabd being the Life-Principle of the spirit or soul is the same throughout. It can be further sub-divided into 4 subdivisions: Baikhri: These are labial sounds or sounds which are uttered with the aid of tongue and lips. It is when God's Name is recited with tongue and lips. It is the first technique and holds 1 unit in power. Madhma: These are guttural sounds which are produced in the throat or at the back or root of the tongue and palate. It is when God's Name is recited within the throat but without the use of tongue. This is 10 times the power of Baikhri. Pashyanti: These are sounds which originate from the heart center. It is when God's Name is recited within the heart but without the use of tongue. This is 100 times the power of Baikhri. Para: These are sounds which arise through vibrations from the navel center. It is when God's Name is recited within the navel but without the use of tongue. This is 1000 times the power of Baikhri. Ajapa (Dhun Atmak Bani/Naam): This is the Eternal Sound Current reverberating endlessly in every living thing. It is an Unwritten Law and an Unspoken Language. It becomes audible, however, when a spirit rises above body-consciousness. Here one has just to listen to the all-pervading Naam or Shabd. As this Sound cannot be expressed in any symbolic form, it is ex­pressionless. It may be contacted above the sensory plane, behind the centre of the two eyebrows. Here one starts hearing Anhad Shabad. It generally referred to as Naam down to Trikuti; and below Daswan Dwar, where the causal region extends, It is called the Trigun Bani, or Sound within the regions of the three gunas. It is also described as Brahm Janjalla, the network of Brahm, the God of creation. This Trigun Bani or Brahm Janjalla is still within the domain of Kal or Dissolution and hence must disintegrate. HE is beyond Japa, Ajapa, and Anhad. More details are posted under: http://satgur.net/Articles/Spiritual/8
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    das got a reaction from Inderpal1994 in Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee is greater than Vishnu jee/Shiv jee/Other Deities   
    Sant Baba Isher Singh Rara Sahib wale used to say: If the Guru is not-pura/complete but the student has 100% faith in his Guru that he is the God; then there are chances that student will reach higher Spiritual stages and will eventually get real Guru. On the other hand if the Guru is pura/complete/God-Himself but student does not have 100% faith on his Guru, then the student will NOT succeed. It means that Faith is more important.
    Also, why the hell you're so desperate to show the world (other religions) to counter-act their claims? The real point is: What you've achieved by following Guru Nanak Dev Ji? Think about yourself, in dargah, your Spiritual achievements will be measured and not your debating skills (debating on topics which are all illusion).
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    das got a reaction from Soulfinder in Advice Confused Gurdwara   
    I would suggest you to continue GO to Gurdwara during the time when Lot of Sangat is there and Kirtan/Meditations are going on. Here are the very reasons:
    Even though I agree on the condition of Gurdwaras politics and all that, BUT at the same time, You do have the option to listen-to/sing-with-sangat the Kirtan. Nonone is going to say don't listen/sing; just don't participate anything outside. I know a lot of persons in our local Gurdwara who came in Sangat and listen/sing and then do seva in Kitchen or Jhore-ghar but don't indulge in useless conversations. It depends upon us.
      NOT going to Gurdwara and doing path at home sounds soo good but after a while you will notice that you will start debating on the need of going to Gurdwara, and then you will start missing your Nitnem also; and eventually you will notice that your Spiritual progress has slowed down and stopped. Basically, it is the trap of the Mind/Maya; e.g when a stranger wants to kidnap a child, then first he will attract the child with some sweets and when the child comes under his umberella, then he will execute his evil plans. Same way, the thought of stop going to Gurdwara because of any reason is just a trap because at the core no-one is stopping you to listen/sing the hymns with the sangat.
      The real reason for going to Gurdwara or any other Spiritual place is NOT to have the darshan of God as HE is everywhere; the real reason is the company of the holy (relative as compared to us or say higher in Spirituality); in Sangat there are always some physical persons present whose auras/vibrations are so good that it will encourage you to go higher. Also, keep in mind that in the Sangat Spiritual beings (not in their physical bodies) are present which again help us to go higher in Spiritual path.
      When we sing with the sangat i.e singing in combination will bring many great benefits because of the hidden-transmitters-receivers in the human body. Today, we have lost the knowledge of the importance of the singing the Spiritual hymns in the Sangat and along the Sangat; but if you study Scalar waves, Radionics, may other Universal Laws, and old traditions of Mantar & Tantar; then you will understand the Raw power of singing with the Sangat. At the end, I personally would suggest the following:
    GO to Gurdwara when a Kirtan program is organized and when a LOT of sangat is present. Sing (so that you can hear your own voice) with and along the sangat. Once in a while do attend the Ardas if you cannot participate every time. DO seva of Utensils and/or Shoes or any other Seva, but just don't indulge in talking; you can receite Waheguru-Waheguru while doing seva. Do this for 40 days, and then see the difference yourself.
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    das got a reaction from Soulfinder in Advice Confused Gurdwara   
    Scalar waves/energy is produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (180 degrees opposite of each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. Scalar waves can be created by wrapping electrical wires around a figure eight in the shape of a mobius coil. When an electric current flows through the wires in opposite directions, the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other and create a scalar wave. And this is nothing new, human body is producing scalar waves. At the core, the DNA antenna in our cells' energy production centers assumes the shape of super-coil (series of mobius coils) and are generating scalar waves throughout the cell and throughout the body.
    Same way when Ida and Pingula (+ and -) oppose each other. Human body has always been a transmitter and receiver of scalar waves. As we know Human body is able to generate scalar waves automatically, we do have capability to generate intentionally Scalar waves either by pure concentration of mind or by mechanical process (e.g singing in Sangat with concentration). Mechanical method eventually uses the power of mind. In very simple terms, human body is most complex form of machine which has billions of different sub-systems which can produce anything provided one know the technique; at the core it is the Mind power or say, Mind does have the knowledge to produce anything.
    Scalar waves occur in 4D and the thoughts also occur in 4D. So, anything is possible: ranging from free-power-source (Free Energy) to Wish-fulfilling (Radionics; mostly used for healing); but at the same time remember that as we (humans) have NOT fully understood the working of Prana (some form of Scalar energy or vice-versa), therefore it carries the risk factor that we're not aware of. Scalar waves does have the capability of destroying the karmas but at the same time also produces more other type of karmas. Its a chain. In other words, we do NOT know what we do NOT know.
    At the end, I would suggest that pursuing Radionics and as well as Scalar waves/energy have NO benefit in terms of offering any Spiritual benefit; Just follow your path and let the things happen at normal pace. On the contrary intentional scalar energy does have all the ingredients required to pull you away from real Spirituality. But if you're under the guidance of Spiritual Guru, then he will take care of you; and sometimes will bluntly cut off your experiments for your benefits. Again but sometimes even Guru does NOT interfere in your free-will; it's very complex.
    All in all, scalar energy has unlimited potential; e.g water stored in a dam has great potential and if the person (even with real good intentions) does not know how to release water, then he could create disaster.
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    das got a reaction from Soulfinder in Advice Confused Gurdwara   
    As both Xylitol and Chatanga1 have mentioned the importance of good Sangat, and therefore I would like to expand on that.
    I personally have felt the same as you (mrhsinghk) but I was guided by the guides about the spiritual significance of the good sangat. You can do the experiment as follows:
    * Go to any Live concert of any singer/comedian/performer/sports/anyevent and enjoy the performance LIVE. At the same time record the entire performance.
    Once at home, try to play the same recording event. Do you feel the difference? If you've ever attended a Live concert you will immediately say: Watching and Listening Live is another world, especially if music is involved. Do you know why? Just because of the collective consciousness of the number of people. In Live concert, the Raw emotion of many people are acting as one. It simply means that humans have the capability to tune in their consciousness with another and both gets the benefit.
    But again, the requirement is Good Sangat which could also be found in the company of more than one at home; in-fact, the best company/sangat is with oneself (with our own Atma). But there are very few who could enjoy the sangat of self/atma, but rest of us are better off finding a place where there is maximum potential of finding a good sangat and Gurdwara is the best place (relatively) with the max probability of finding a higher level spiritual person with whom we can tune in our consciousness in the huzoore of Maharaj.
    At the end, it's always nice to hear the things which subtly we want to hear, but that may or may not be the truth and could be a mere illusion.
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    das got a reaction from Mooorakh in Who can eat Meat?   
    For the record, I'm pure vegetarian......and I fail to see where did I say it's okay to kill if you want? Stop putting words in my mouth.
    What I meant was: Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian involves the killing but being vegetarian involves lot less karmic burden as compared to non-vegetarian. It implies that the debate on This-vs-That is useless mind's habit where we forgot that the real thing is be out of karmic cycle by putting the dhayan/concentration on that which will lift us Spiritually. Concentrating on Vegi as well as Non-Vegi would NOT make you or me Spiritually advanced. e.g If you're pure-vegetarian but constantly debates about the benefits of being vegetarians (non-killers), then your mind is still concentrating on vegi-nonvegi.
    Don't make This-vs-That your profession. Be wise to see beyond. And again, I'm a vegetarian and thinks that being vegetarian gives me somewhat more edge on the thoughts of the mind; because after-all: we are what we eat.
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    das got a reaction from Hk sikh in Any Brahmgiani At Present?   
    Sahib bhaji, if your intention is to gain some Spiritual knowledge from the learned ones, then you might find the following list helpful.

    Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Hote Mardan Wale
    Biography: http://www.ik13.net/PDFS/Pachhami_Parkash.pdf
    Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib Wale
    Biography from: http://www.ik13.net/PDFS/Jiwan_Gatha.pdf
    Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale
    Personal Diary: http://www.ik13.net/PDFS/IAL.pdf Transcription of some Deewans: http://www.ik13.net/PDFS/NKU.pdf Audio Deewans, Bachans, and Suleman Pret da Udhar: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F01_Puratan_Katha%2FSant_Ishar_Singh_%28Rara_Sahib_wale%29 Video Deewans: DVDs of some live deewans in England: http://www.ik13.com/audio_video.html
    Sant Kishan Singh Ji Rara Sahib
    Bachans: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F01_Puratan_Katha%2FSant_Kishan_Singh_%28Rara_Sahib_wale%29 More Bachans: http://www.ratwarasahib.com/Multimedia/audio/listing.php?q=f&f=%2FKirtan+Deewans%2F01-Sri+Hazoor+Sant+Baba+Kishan+Singh+Ji+Rara+Sahib
    Jathedar Sant Baba Mahinder Singh Ji
    Audio Deewans: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F03_Katha_with_Dharna%2FSant_Mohinder_Singh_%28Jarg_wale%29 Selected Video and Audio Deewans: http://www.jargsahib.com/gurbani_view.php?cid=33 More Audio Deewans: http://www.ratwarasahib.com/Multimedia/audio/listing.php?q=f&f=%2FKirtan+Deewans%2F06+Jathedar+Sant+Baba+Mahinder+Singh+Ji+%28Rara+Sahib%29+Jarg+Sahib
    Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji Nanaksar Wale
    Biography: Set of 5 books: Anand Chamatkar by Bhai Gurmukh Singh Other literature: http://www.nanaksarkaleran.com/books Sampat Path Audio: http://www.nanaksarkaleran.com/sampat-path
    Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib
    Books: http://www.ratwarasahib.com/punjabibooks.html More books: “Do Rajay Jogi”, “Nau Rattan” both are based on Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Kishen Singh. Search on www.scribd.com Audio Deewans: http://www.ratwarasahib.com/Multimedia/audio/listing.php?q=f&f=%2FKirtan+Deewans%2F02+Sri+Hazoor+Sant+Baba+Waryam+Singh+Ji+Maharaj+Ratwara+Sahib More Audio Deewans: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F03_Katha_with_Dharna%2FSant_Waryam_Singh_%28Ratwara_Sahib_wale%29
    Sant Baba Harman Singh Ji Rampur Kehre Wale
    Autobiography: Se Kinehiya ( http://rampurkhera.com/files/Se_Kinehiya-Pbi.pdf ) Autobiography in Audiobook: http://www.mahapurakh.com/content/sant-harnam-singh-ji-rampur-khera-se-kinehiya-english Other Publications: http://rampurkhera.com/publication Audio Deewans: http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F01_Puratan_Katha%2FSant_Harnam_Singh_%28Rampur_Khere_wale%29
    Seth Shiv Dayal Singh (known as Soami Ji Maharaj) - www.scienceofthesoul.org
    The Sar Bachan Prose (Sar Bachan Radha Soami Vartik) Baba Jaimal Singh - www.scienceofthesoul.org
    Parmarthi Pattar I (Spiritual Letters) Maharaj Sawan Singh - www.scienceofthesoul.org
    Gurmat Sar (My Submission) Gurmat Sidhant I and II (in english Philosophy of the Masters I to V) Sant Mat Prakash I to V Sant Mat Sidhant Spiritual Gems Baba Kirpal Singh
    Spiritual Elixir Pythagoreans - www.scribd.com
    Lore of the Pythagoreans, Mathematics Useful for Understanding Plato Lost Sacred Geometry of the Ancients, Pythagorean Sacred Geometry Mysticism Title Touches of Sweet Harmony, Pythagorean Library, Pythagorean Theurgy Mysticism Number Ontology Plato - www.scribd.com
    The Timaelus of Plato, Mathematics Useful for Understanding Plato, Plato and the Criticism of Life, Classical Greek Philosophy Plato Aristotle Neoplatonic Pythagorean Vol 1 to 8 Dr. Randolph Stone
    The Mystic Bible Swami Paramanada
    Concentration and Meditation Upanishad Translated in 1919 Swami Rama: www.scribd.com
    The Art of Joyful Living Enlightenment Without God Himalayan Santan Sung Nivas Let The Bud Of Life Bloom (Highly recommended for any present or future parent) Swami Rama Tiratha: www.scribd.com
    In Woods of God Realization Vol 1 to 10 Walter Russell: www.scribd.com
    A New Concept Of The Universe The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe The Message of the Divine Iliad Vol 1 and 2 The Secret of Light The Universal One Home Study Course Unit 1 to 12 Jon Peniel - www.scribd.com
    The Children of The Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis
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    das got a reaction from Jageera in Ajaapa / Simran Saas Gras   
    You cannot beat the mind; best way is to work along with him. Controlling the mind does not mean stopping the thought process. Control of the mind means using it properly, and knowing the method of using the forces of the mind. It is necessary that we learn to observe, understand, and train the functions of mind at the various levels of consciousness.
    Techniques to make Mind one-pointed
    Do not try to stop Mind from thinking something. Do not play wrestling with your mind. Just try to see what kind of thoughts mind is thinking and where it is going. Do not give Mind the permission to run, but do not stop it from going there - instead give it full control by saying "Mind if you want to go there, you can go; but I am not coming with you.". After some time, the Mind will become steady and would not run. This is the most commonly used technique.

    During meditation build your determination, and tell your mind, “At this time my mind is only for meditation. I have to meditate and learn to go beyond this mire of delusion and confusion created by my mind. I am not going to identify with the thought patterns going on in my mind. No matter what happens during these moments I will be not disturbed, no matter what happens. Let my preoccupations come forward later. I do not want to be disturbed.” This way, we will build our sankalpa shakti. Sankalpa shakti (determination).
      This technique for those who has somewhat better control on their bhuddhi. In this technique, student divides his mind into 2 parts: One the owner, and other the servant. Being the owner of Mind, it instructs the other part (servant) not to run and eventually Mind gets trained.
      This technique is for advanced. Under this technique sit down for dhana and stop thinking. Empty your whole mind and watch from where the thoughts are coming. You will notice that thoughts come from outside. Throw these thoughts before entering the mind and destroy the thought. It would be interesting to know the Mind in terms of Bird. Mind is a bird. Greed and Honor are its 2 wings; Attachment and Hatred are its mouth (chuanj) and it resides on tree named as body. Good (Shubh) and Bad (Ashubh) are its food. The technique to control this mind in terms of Bird: Prepare a cage of Vichar and put this mind inside this cage. (i.e always think about what is not-changable). Cut the wings of greed by using scisor of Veerag and Santokh. Give him the food of rememberance of Atama.
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