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  1. yeh i had a look at thatlink Neo, thanks for that. Kam you have this granth, you can put up some pages on here ?
  2. Tsingh, did Guru Nanak write this? if not do you know who did? And if Guru JI did write it, why it not in Aad Guru Saroop?
  3. someone today asked me if i had pentees akhar or 35 letters, on the Gurdwara stall that i help out with. i had no idea what he was talking about. Then he explained that pentees akhar is Written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, but it is not darj in Aad Guru GranthSahib. has anyone heard of this? it something to do wiv the gurmukhi alpabet.
  4. tirlochan singh in his " turban and swoerd of the skhs" attributes the sehajdhari maryada to Guru Dasam, and Bhai Mani Singh as its writer. But ther are refercnes to keeping kes on head intact, and beard may only be trimmed under certain circumstances. However this state of saehaj is not to be the ambition of a Sikh. even sejhajdgahris are required to be preparing to take amrit as much as possible.
  5. again ,can you back this up wiv stats? its easy to say it , and i dont deny it may have hapned, but youneed to tell us about the MANY sadhus that were killed by the Khalistanis.
  6. i dont know if its old, it ceratinly didnt seem old. its on bbc 2 during the week, so its bound to be repeated sumwhere.
  7. Has anyone seen the first installment of M Woods travels thru India? He has used the RIG VEDA as a guide to help him establish the movment of the Aryans thru Asia/europe into India. This is a really intresting documentary. He talks about the Rig Veda as a collection of poems some historical , but i thought That Brhama Dev was the author of the Vedas. Another intrestibng pont he makes is the last time that Man and the devtas walked the earth together was in the battle of Mahabharat. evryone agree on this?
  8. neo . can you give any names, or figures cos thats a pretty broad statement ie " killed MANY virakt sadhus...
  9. yeh calling on sum1 to be shot is juss as bad. lesson for evry1 here ok?
  10. katha itihasak-wise the most inspiring for me is that by Giani Pinderpal Singh of Saka Nankana. Its tremendous to listen to and the way he shows the sacrifice the then Akalis is wonderful. It makes you ask yourself if you have the same kurbani-bhavana of the SIkhs of yesteryear. katha gurmat wise i really like by Giani Maan Singh Jhaur the katha of Bawa Brahm Das. Giani Ji was superb and he tells the storey of Bawa Brahm Das who's Bunga is by Darbar Sahib, and he had too much maan to visit Guru Arjan Dev Ji and then ended up in trouble. Henceforth he prayed that Guru would help him. Kinda
  11. yeh, thats pretty bad saying that jus cos sant khalsa dont beleive in dehdharis or anything that you ahve labeled him as a rehit pulsia. nex yule say that just cos i support Khalistan that i must have agreed with taking people off buses and shooting them. all i will say to that is " I AINT GETTIN ON NO PLANE!!!"
  12. personally how good a sikh wants to be is upto him. Some follow the word, other ignore it. i know some people who support Khalistan, but dont know Mool mantar. I know some people who are very versed in Gurbani but have never concerned themselves with the Khalistan movement.
  13. neo in your abov epost you say all these jathe were invited to implement or discuss maryada ,i assume this was in the 1940s or 50s when a "central " maryada was being framed. Sant Gurbachan Singh stated clearly that the views of the Taksal were NEVER solicited for this event. anyways your post about the merits of the namdharis is very interesting. But i still feel that if you have the right to respond to 1 group about Guru Ship then it should be for all. Malice or no malice. Just go about it in different ways. the attacks on namdharis ( which i have never heard of ) are crazy.
  14. Neo, I dont think that the Darshan Dases had any malice towards sikhi. then again do radha swami or the like. they dont say we hate Guru nanak or stuff like that. they just dont beleeive ii Guru Granth as Guru. Now if a RS or DD or nirankari, say we belive that our Guru is the succesor Guru to Guru Nanak then of course we gonna reply as you said. But even if the Namdharis dont have any malicious intenetions , we still have the right to respond. why should we not respond to one and to the other? cos the others belive in some respect for the shabad?
  15. neo can you plz answer this question whichi asked over a week ago in realtion to you abve comment. duz this apply to namdharis as well? Thank you . Your smaller brother. chatanga
  16. dont get me wrong shaheediyan ,i jus tellin you what he told me. i personally dont agree wiv alcohol using. its casued a lot of problems insikh commmunity. re the camp thing, i have not heard anything in person, jus what was going round on the net at the time. why is why i havent brought it up really until now. But Nihang Niddar Singh is always open to question, and never refused me time, even tho i was interrupting his akhara. Your last para is absoluleyt spot on.
  17. I have heard it frm him in person. he told me that SIkhs used to take small amounts of alcohol to steady themselves for battle. It is never to be abused tho, no-one can take it to get drunk. on the subject of sex b4 maariage there was a problem at a camp run by Nihang Niddar Singh in london about this about 2 years ago. it was going round on the net about how some singhs were using inappropiate behaviour towwards some of the female sewadaars. dont know what to make of it really.
  18. Yes but whose is most appropriate to their "user name" ?
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