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    That is a brilliant post. You are really fortunaet to have darshan and updesh from so many saints. The tapes of Sant Isar Singh that you have put on gurmat veechar, was it not possible to compress the files at all before putting them on? The files are really big.

    Boo yah to the nihangs taking the tapes of Baba SAnta Singh Ji.I would have loved to hear more katha from him. There is so little of Baba Ji on the net. WHY DINT YA HIDE THE TAPES IN YOUR KAMRKASA?

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    your stomach is a graveyard if you drink water as well.
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    Pray truth for all and Sat Sri Akal .

    A good few months ago, when i was gonna get my head beaten in , by the comiiteee of my local gurdwara , i started this discussion about a translation of a line of Gurbani by Sant Gurbachan Singh. on my recent visit to Panjab , I bought a copy of "Gurmat Martand" by Bhai Kahn Singh Naba. He gives exactly the same meaning as Sant Gurbachan Singh . Just wanted to share this wiv the sangat.


    ps also Panth Prakash of Bhangoo in english is available now. didnt know that Panth Parkaash was written as a reply to an english officer (murray) enquiring about Sikh history.
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