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  1. javanmard has really lost it, too much hankaar has poisoned his mind.
  2. if i had partak darshan i would fall at maharajs feet and never let go, and give maharaj an ultimatum either you stay here with me or i go with you, and as far as recognizing maharaj his tej would tell all!
  3. bhai saab ji please elaborate on what Baba Sri Chand Ji's Sri Mantra is? and please post your dodgy romanized one
  4. first balbiro now jagiro, how many more attacks will there be on the dal?
  5. yo that tshirt is wicked i might get one made like that but instead of one love have something else written. but then again one love does sound BAAAD!
  6. ye just completely ignore this topic as it has no substance or worth
  7. oh and by the way guys thanks for helping me out! :| :roll:
  8. bhaio did you see on the youtube video a guy called harpreetz said "Totally disgraceful and BABBAR KHALSA WILL BE notified with immediate effect." like what the hell are they gonna do, kill the hindus and break the idols and then mistake maharaj fro one and then do acts of blasphemy upon maharaj too? LOL! these "kids"make me laugh!
  9. sorry my mistake, my oh my my theology lessons are taking a tole on my annunciation and pronunciation!
  10. well Akali means timeless, and because Shri Adh Granth is literally a manifestation of Akaal Purukh it is timeless because no matter how long time may take its toll, bani of the true lord is unchanging, just like our Gurus, therefore we address all our Gurus Akali. As for the Nihung part maharaj dasme patsha was a warrior and therefore a Nihung as he innitiated Nihung Panth hims self and was farladhari a trait of Nihung Singhs
  11. first of all mate you have mistook me with some one else because my name isnt vikramdeep its rudra singh. secondly without doing your homework stop throwing arround accusations!
  12. [align=center:fce25a45d0]KHUSHIA DA JAIKARA GUJAVE NIHAAL HOJAVE SHAHEED SINGHA DE MAN NU BHAVE SAT SRI AKAAL![/align:fce25a45d0] Fateh Jeo Can someone please put into pdf format the the legendary 20 odd TARANE are which were written in rebellion by Dasam Pitta to aurangzebs Raag ban? One of the Tarane are "Tadar Dani Dani Dhoom Dhirna" and the shabad "dhoom pari jagat mein tumhari" written by alamast ji. thank you [align=center:fce25a45d0]KHUSHIA DA JAIKARA GUJAVE NIHAAL HOJAVE SHAHEED SINGHA DE MAN NU BHAVE SAT SRI AKAAL![/align:fce25a45d0]
  13. paji i beg to differ, AKJ are very anti-dasam guru granth. They feel that parts of Maharajs swaroop are written by maharaj but treh charitra and other kavi written banis they consider as codswolop and dont even consider it as bani.
  14. Oh Baba Kahan Das Ji was definatly an Udassi, because his Massi De Putt are my moms Mama's Guru. Baba Shyam Das Ji and Baba Harnam Das Ji sitting on their gadhi is my Moms Mama
  15. one more thing was Akali Guru Adhi Granth present during the first amrit sanchar? If not then traigranths were manifested within Maharaj Akali Nihung Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Remember Maharaj had Akali Guru Adh Granth kanth since the original swaroops were under the malicious hands of the rebels, and maharaj had to rewrite Akali Guru Adh Granth from kanth!
  16. N30 S!NGH those are exactly the people im talking about including the AKJ. BTW Gurpree Singh, what are you insinuating when you talk of and i quote
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