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  1. Shastar vidiya isn't a soft art...from my own opinion the higher stuff is nothing short of pure evil! Psychology is very important when it comes to this
  2. The owner of that blog did not write the article it was originally posted by a fellow named Ben on www.badassofthweek.com, it is a story of Sikh history written in by a person from out side the Sikh faith, yet it talks of the Sikhs in a very positive way. Personally I loved the article, actually the whole site is pretty cool. I think a little bit of education it better than a whole lot of ignorance.
  3. Its a real shame, even when fully fledged martial artists come forward and compare this art to something which their masters spoke of, or of arts which they have only ever read about, and the same martial artists are more than happy to come to the akhara and learn from Nihang Niddar Singh, why is it then that the sikh panth still refuse to accept the credibility of such an art. Some times I think if even if Guru Gobind Singh Ji came back and told the panth that shastar vidiya was the real deal they still wouldn't believe it.
  4. The articles pretty big, but I'm sure i could get some of it up online.
  5. Article is very insightful. Finally people realizing the truth
  6. Don't trust this website....the nihangs are secretly running this place.... read to many of these threads and you'll be drinking degh and jhatka-ing your sheep teddy bear.
  7. www.shastarvidiya.org maybe....but if you want another perspective I can only suggest the peers of Nihang ji
  9. They've re-released mahahbahrat havn't they.....oh its just criminal
  10. By the power vestured in me by the Nevada gaming commission with co-operation of the Sikh community I ex-communicate the code validation system....as per my ruling any topics in regards with the Code system will be considered anti Sikh and any parties involved in such conversation will be summed before me....for a fate most worse than death!!!! *you may also be required to do pesh*
  11. That last sentence just made me spit my drink out....bravo my good man for humouring me during my intensive revision session.....bravo.
  12. The lack of intelligence in some people never ceases to amaze me
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