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  1. Good post Xylitol. Can you expand on it ? Kharag Singh, for two cents, you really have alot of knowledge. Please narrow down to one specfication of your choice. We need a detailed and lengthy explanation which you are good at. Begum, yes I will look into the theology comparison at a later stage, thanks.
  2. Recently, one of Einstein's young friends, Abraham Pais, reported that round about 1950 Einstein had asked him if he really believed that the moon existed only if he looked at it. Einstein himself had no doubts as to the answer. In his view the commonsense belief is correct. The moon does exist in objective reality whether or not anyone is observing it. So why did he ask the question? He did so because he had long disagreed with a lot of the most important and influential physicists of his time, about the interpretation of that area of physics known as quantum physics that deals wi
  3. Jawanmard, it took you 3 months to realize how beneficial it is to split your personality.
  4. I am inspired by these Qwwali Clips about Devotion to Ali:- http://youtube.com/watch?v=dbAPx5vQKy0
  5. Mith bolrhaa jee har sajan su-aamee moraa. My Dear Lord and Master, my Friend, speaks so sweetly. ha-o sammal thakee jee oh kaday na bolai ka-uraa. I have grown weary of testing Him, but still, He never speaks harshly to me. ka-urhaa bol na jaanai pooran bhagvaanai a-ugan ko na chitaaray. He does not know any bitter words; the Perfect Lord God does not even consider my faults and demerits. patit paavan har birad sadaa-ay ik til nahee bhannai ghaalay. It is the Lord's natural way to purify sinners; He does not overlook even an iota of service. ghat ghat vaasee sarab nivaasee nay
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