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  1. Is it okay to eat raw honey, as in just stole it from the bees, even though it has some yellow stuff in it. Also should u eat raw honey left in closed container for a long time. I know u copy and pasted these articles but if u know please help. Thanks (man...my dad always said honey was good, i never believed him.....) thanks
  2. i wonder what the person who wrote the safety stuff would say if he/she came to gatka practice?
  3. Try playing gatka. thanks for the post , i used to think gatka is a little behind in martial arts but like u said somewhere before the gurus have given us the best of the best. It's true what u said. I am always so concentrated on my opponet (dad mostly) 's attack, that my own counterattack is just an easy thrust that can be blocked easily. Let's hope ur tip in building (or was it lowering) Qi works.
  4. You know everybody likes to point fingers at other ppl, its hard to point fingers at "urself" or "apne" ppl. And before u say anything to anybody else u should make sure u don't do it. Maybe thats why most sikhs criticize Khalstanis first. I mean whats the use of criticizing the "ravan gov" here: everybody already knows what they did and what's the use: they're not going to hear and not change. so lets change ourselves, me included. isn't ther a tuk about not giving dosh to other ppl.
  5. The Word of Shabad u are reffering to is a way of the translators to say the meaning of Shabad with the word shabad: the meaning of shabad in english is Word but if they wrote only word it isn't clarified so they add of Shabad. the shabad is the true word of God phul chuk maf
  6. The akhand path was began by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He appointed total of 25 ppl in the duty. 5 for the roll(misspelled) of Japji Sahib, 5 for the roll of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 5 paraidhar/bodyguards/, 5 langri, and i forgot the the other 5's duty (i think it was to be sewadar) I have heard this in katha (many times)
  7. lol.......but still that's ur voice not a childs
  8. i am pretty sure my post can be seen and not heard,unless u have technology that reads out loud everything
  9. Now 3 years later.........how did ur paper go? Did ishveir's advice work?
  10. Punjabis may be very stupid, but in this forum,u have the rudest messages: calling someone a pindoo pig will not make them understand ur point better.
  11. How about the Gurus are avatar of Waheguru, because no other prophets gave the right updesh: srb Drm mih sRyst Drmu ] sarab dhharam mehi sraesatt dhharam || Of all religions, the best religion hir ko nwmu jip inrml krmu ] har ko naam jap niramal karam || is to chant the Name of the Lord and maintain pure conduct.
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