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  1. It just happens, you have to do it with your surti though, not out loud. It involves controlling your thoughts, so all your mind is focused on the Paath. You're 'thinking' Jap Ji Sahib rather than reciting it. When you see "Ik Oankaar", the mind completes the first paurri etc. With more practice, it will complete the whole ang, then the whole Paath. It takes a lot more concentration and love for Gurbani than reading out slowly, which is why it takes time to develop.
  2. This thread is from 2009! Anyway, men and women are equal but different.
  3. Guys, you don't need to write in huge font sizes for your message to be read. It's very annoying.....

    1. Genie Singh

      Genie Singh

      Adjust your computer resolution and browser zoom scope. If you are using google chrome hold down control and press plus continuously till visible. Or invest in a bigger monitor.

  4. Good stuff, but I don't think that is really by Sant Isher Singh Ji, but Sant Waryam Singh Ji. Sant Isher Singh Ji explain Anhad Shabad etc somewhat differently in their audio recordings, and from what I gathered speaking to their old sangat and sevadars. Real anhad shabad is only heard after we reach the avastha where rom-rom simran is experienced. It is the most beautiful kirtan you can imagine. You can probably see Shaheed Singhs etc before reaching this avastha. The important thing is to maintain bairaag and keep focused on our ultimate goal, Waheguru! Has anyone experienced sh
  5. Waheguru is beant! They work in mysterious ways.

  6. Sat1176, today I logged onto this forum for the first time in months, if not over a year. This thread is the best thing I've read on the internet in a very long time. That child is not yours, he is Waheguru's. Whatever happens is Waheguru's hukam. Your son will take as many breaths as have been written for him, according to his past karma. Leave everything to Waheguru, you can only do Ardas with complete concentration. Talk to Waheguru. Akaal Sahai!!!
  7. Sat1176, great stuff! Read in one of your earlier posts that "the head will drop when you relax"However, if you sit correctly, with your spine straight, the head will remain straight automatically even when you lose surti of the body. Sitting like this is important, because the body can keep breathing easily and you get less 'furney' (thoughts) in your mind.
  8. Still around....

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    2. dalsingh101


      wat is the world coming to....everyones getting hitched?!?! Is it Congrats or Commiserations, M?

  9. oh the pain of separation....



      ahh young love... i'm sure you'll meet her again soon.

    2. Matheen


      not young love Gursikha - my pritam pyaara

    3. Matheen


      not young love Gursikha - my pritam pyaara

  10. People, don't write abusive stuff. N30, check your PM!!!

  11. People, don't write abusive stuff. N30, check your PM!!!

  12. is bahk. Anyone got links to good articles/ sakhis about prakash of our Bapu Ji, Guru Gobind SIngh Ji?

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