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  1. thats a crazy punj singhs, baba daya singh , baba narinder singh, baba sarbjot singh bedi, jeez they got all the top singhs out for this
  2. its in sarbloh granth isnt it? wud help out if i knew
  3. finally got a hold of a copy amazing work tirath singh, i loved the first section of the book
  4. if i was at that old folks home id be so afraid of that cat if it came and snuggled beside me lol
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAN7Ts0xBo sickkkkkkk lol
  6. seriously tho, if singho had that attitude in front of anyone in real life, he'd get such a smack
  7. big up to the sembi gotra who kept the Raag tradition alive (bhai avtar singh was a sembhi) which btw is a tarkhan gotra jai jai baba vishvakarmaaaaaaaaa
  8. freed has jatt blood in him?! but still a true tarkhan at heart
  9. lol just reliving my childhood , good times
  10. hey man can u translate that stuff u just put there ?
  11. maharaj wrote it for a reason, for people to comptemplate on it, and try and come to their answers
  12. drawof sahib jio my jatt brotheren , please do complete this great me this one boon oh baba timmy vala
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