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  1. i cant believe educated ppl doing all this.... beaten with shoes, faces blackened made to dance on donkeys ... LOL ... shame.. shame..
  2. commong guys, whats funny about it? i really like these kirpan http://www.victorinoxindia.com/Products_ks1_2812.htm this one is big they had a smaller one also, but i dont know where it is now. and i cant place the order online, been trying for a month now.
  3. i m always fond of quality kirpans, recently i saw this small version of kirpan from victronixx. i tried to order it but the order doesnt go through. can anyone help me. i need something that can be of useful to me, not the blunt blades.
  4. really sick of all this, now we have another person with a sikh name trying to debate here. i dont know how many names or how many brothers javanmard has. Listen amardeep, we got no problem with you, believe what you want and do what you want, why are you coming here and trying to make others believe what you think is right. but i must say that sikhi is such a universal faith that everyone wants to merge it into their own faith ! lol
  5. You hit the core !!! so true. All forms, labels, everything is a mytical character. Namo Namo net net hai !
  6. Just read the book Se Kinehya, in which a partially handicap and i think even a bit mentally challenged person got close to Waheguru and could hear anhad music, just and just by chanting "WAHEGURU" nothing else. But he failed to be complete, cos he got addicted to TV and fell in the wrong company.
  7. veer karmjeet, tusi osnu chad deo. osnu punjabi boli nahi aandi esi karke oh confuse ho chuka wa. enha goria nu ke pata kay punjabi de "ek" word de naal kiney meaning banaye jaa sakde hun aur ek meaning nu samjhaan vastey asi punjabi wich bahut saarey words use kar sakdey ha. Ehi ta khoobi wa punjabi bolan waliya d, magar enha goria nu samjh nahi aan lagi.
  8. Mehtab Singh ji, They are discussing about the use of proper words.
  9. i think the tears r cos of parvati?
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