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  1. Be honest. It teaches that women and children are not to be killed unless they fight back against the Muslims when attacked. So if they do not resist then they can be enslaved rather than be killed for fighting back. For the children it is slavery and for the women it is sex slavery. Hardly the best moral philosophy in the world is it? Mohammed himself had sex slaves captured through war and allowed his followers to rape captured women. ISIS are probably the only Muslims who are following the teachings of Mohammed to the letter. As for a right of return. Nehru and Liaqat Khan agreed
  2. The area showing a Sikh majority population is Faridkot state.
  3. The whole trajectory of Sikh history was subverted by the annexation of Punjab. All religions have had to have a sustained and prolonged period of time of being the religion of the rulers in order to spread. Sikhism has not had that, the Lahore kingdom only lasted 50 years. Had it lasted up until now then there is no reason to believe that Sikhism would not have been the religion of the majority of the population of the Lahore kingdom. This is exactly what had happened in Patiala and Faridkot states. From a small base of under 20% in the 1800s, Sikhism became the majority in Faridkot state of
  4. The vast majority of the scheduled castes (83%) in Punjab either belong to the Chamar or Chuhra castes. Chamar are also listed as Ad Dharmis. Whereas Chuhras are listed as either Balmikis or Mazhabis. Ad Dharmis are not classed as a separate religion or even as a Hindu sect but as a caste and hence Adharmis can either report their religion as Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist as a scheduled caste person can only belong to these three religions. Of 1,045,126 Ad Dhamis in Punjab in 2001, 882,738 (85%) returned their religion as Hindu and 133,114 (13%) were Sikhs. Although I don't have the numbers accordi
  5. You make statements that you can't back up. Your mouth is writing cheques you ass can't cash.. in other words! All Jats whether Sikh, Hindu or Muslims never had a principality while the Great Mughal's were in power. So what does that prove? I have already said that Sikhism made the Jats the force they have become. Look at the Hindu Jats compared to the Sikh Jats. Their only claim to fame was the Bharatpur state. Otherwise everywhere they were under the rule of the Rajputs in Rajasthan and Rohillas in UP. In Haryana they were under the Bhatti Muslims or Sikh Jat Misldars. The Jats
  6. Don't go at a tangent. I asked for proof of Sikh Jats giving their daughters to the Mughals. The Rajput giving their daughters is a well documented fact. I asked for similar evidence and then you go on to Ala Singh and his relationship with Abdail! Either put up on shut up. Where is your documented proof of Jat Sikhs giving their daughters to the Mughals? Even the reference you used has a footnote that disproves that this ever occurred. As for British officials with Sikh wives, it's well known that the East India company in the 1800s actually encouraged their officers to marry Hindu
  7. Europe was under threat from much longer from the Turks than it from the Arabs. Baghdad was the centre of Muslim culture and it's sacking would have been felt equally in the West as in the East. The so-called fierce resistance is a myth. A few hundred Muslims were able to march across India and kill thousands of Hindus. Read the histories of the Muslim invasions and not the rewritten history as espoused by the RSS and other Hindu extremist organisations. A few thousand Franks were able to stop the Arabs in France and a few centuries later were able to capture Jerusalem. How did the Hindus fare
  8. You arsewipe read what I wrote and not what you think I wrote. The British did grab hold of Jerusalem in 1917, They colonised the Muslim world along with the French and the Dutch. If The Mongol destruction of Baghdad saved Europe why didn't it save India as well?
  9. Much as I like to show a Hindu his dumbness, I don't have the time to educate you. The forefathers of the Italians, the Romans ruled most of Europe for over 600 years. The Muslims only ruled Spain for about 700 years and parts of the Balkans for 400 years. The rest of Europe was able to hold off the Muslims and with superior technology colonise the Muslim world. Too bad the Hindus who make tall claims of having invented everything did not use this genius to hold of the Muslims.
  10. Wow one might think you are proud of Punjab until you remember that you are the harami who wanted the Bhayyas to take over Punjab. Looks like the Punjabi Hindus wants any master as long as they are not Sikhs! British did not change the social status of the Jats, Banda Singh Bahadur and the Misls changed the status of the Jats. The buttons and toilet were to shows that the ancestors of the so-called sophisticated Hindus of the East were probably half naked and shytting in the open when our ancestors have flush toilets.
  11. Dumb Hindus just can't get India out of their brains, Sanskrit, Latin and Greek are descended from Proto-Indo European which is a language which seems to have either come from Central Asia or the Caucasus. Sanskrit is no mother to European languages, it is mother to some North Indian languages. Like I wrote the Italians don't need to brag about what a great history they had. Had the Hindus had a history like the Italians ruling over most of the Western world rather than as they have of being slaves to Muslims for a thousand year can you imagine how annoying these scum would have been.
  12. You dumb Hindu. How is the decimal system yours! All of Europe uses the Latin alphabet but you don't have Italians brag about it. People who are achievers in real life don't need to keep on harking back to some golden age just to achieve some level of self esteem. Just to show how ridiculous your claim is. Buttons were first worn by the Indus valley civilisation which was mainly a Punjabi-Sindhi culture. So Hindu stop using OUR BUTTONS! If that's not ridiculous enough STOP USING OUR TOILETS as these were also developed in the Indus Valley Civilisation when your poorbia ancestors were sti
  13. Sikhs are in the habit of shouting from the roof tops just because just because a Sikh has achieved something. You won't get Bull$hit emails sent around like the Hindus do about '50% of scientists at Nasa are Indians' Just to know how many Jat scientists there are I did a google search on Jat surnames and the word scientist. Seems like there are thousands of them as the results for just Sandhu surname shows. https://www.google.co.uk/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=IRAuVIuzIO6q8wf13YGoDw#q=sandhu+scientist&spell=1 The only way to gauge compare Hindus and Sikhs is by comparing the two accordi
  14. Sikhs are doing well in the west and showing their potential. In the UK higher percentage of Sikhs own their own houses than Hindus do. If a few Sikhs take part in the drugs you malign a whole community, so will you also accept that Hindus take part in white collar crime on wall street like Raj Rajatratnam and Rajat Gupta? Seems like the Hindus are bringing their gand to the west Here the other types of fraud that Hindus indulge in http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10905922/Businessman-jailed-for-fraud-after-faking-own-death.html http://www.rediff.com/news/report/indian-
  15. When the government is full of criminals and the PM is culpable in the murder of thousands of people do you really expect these schemes to get rid of corruption?
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