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  1. The book is the highly biased " The Sikhs in action" published by the Pakistan government in 1948. The page he was reading was page 30. The whole book can be read here-; https://ia601601.us.archive.org/12/items/in.ernet.dli.2015.71854/2015.71854.The-Sikhs-In-Action.pdf Page 33 is interesting in that it relates to an attack by a Jatha on Qadian. What the propaganda book fails to mention that between the transfer of power on 15th August and the announcement of the Radcliffe award on 17th August Gurdaspur was widely regarded to have gone to Pakistan and as a result in those two days th
  2. I saw the first programme. The Muslim guy whose father was a member of the Muslim league in Ambala and who went with his son to see his old house showed how the well off Muslims who were the main drivers in the creation of Pakistan were able to leave safely but left the poorer Muslims to fend for themselves. There was quite a few obvious mistakes in the programme. It referred to present day Ambala as being in Punjab and it also called someone called Parkash Chand as a Sikh when he was clearly a Hindu. The Bhaiya Muslim scholar in Ambala tried to present the Muslims as the victims of partition
  3. Be honest. It teaches that women and children are not to be killed unless they fight back against the Muslims when attacked. So if they do not resist then they can be enslaved rather than be killed for fighting back. For the children it is slavery and for the women it is sex slavery. Hardly the best moral philosophy in the world is it? Mohammed himself had sex slaves captured through war and allowed his followers to rape captured women. ISIS are probably the only Muslims who are following the teachings of Mohammed to the letter. As for a right of return. Nehru and Liaqat Khan agreed
  4. Believe it or not but at one stage the Maharajas were more in favour of Sikhistan than the Akalis! The success of the Sikh mobilisation into Jathas to counter the Muslim aggression was in part due to the participation of the Sikhs states with their manpower and their organisational ability. It was only after the plan to create Sikhistan out of the Sikh owned areas of Punjab failed that both the Akalis and the Maharajas acted like India's greatest desh bhagats!
  5. I agree with the other posters, for someone from a non-Punjabi speaking background, BoS is the best resource available to as it says on the tin get the basics of Sikhi. The next step would be to get into a good sangat, if you live in London then volunteering with Sikh organisations such as BoS, SWAT, Khalsa Aid etc would be the best way to get to know some young Sikhs and see how ideally Sikhi should be lived in practice. Also download and listen to the amazing amount of Kirtan that is available online and try and listen to the daily Sikh prayers on a daily basis. Lastly, Congratulations on fi
  6. Wow that's a trip down memory lane! I remember reading the whole set of these books during the early 80s all borrowed from the local Gurdwara library.
  7. Some Pakistan writers will write some excellent descriptions of the state of the Gurdwaras and their history in Pakistan but I they will still add their anti-Sikh views within these articles.
  8. Multan is a district of Punjab and Sindh is a province although they are contagious. The author is writing about the Lahore district and the Multan road he is describing is the road to Multan that traverses the Lahore district. It is not surprising that the Lahore district has such a strong historical Sikh imprint even 70 years after the Sikhs were driven out. The Sikhs owned over 60% of all the land in the district prior to 1947. The Gurdwara they visited is called Chhota Nankiana and is associated with both Guru Nanak and Guru Hargobind.
  9. The Mounties should be on the look out for someone with a very good sense of humour!
  10. The area showing a Sikh majority population is Faridkot state.
  11. Some or one in particular seems to have more bad than good
  12. That's a small incident considering that her fellow Muslims in ISIS have been enslaving and raping non-Muslim Yazidis and other Muslims are shooting LGBT people in nightclubs.
  13. For someone who complains about Sikhs not knowing their history, you have a very low grasp of Sikh history yourself. The Jats didn't dominate Sikhi just after the Singh Sabha, they had become a majority in Sikhism by the time of Guru Hargobind. A majority of the Misl leaders were Jats, the ones in Sialkot and Gujranwala fought and beat both the Muslim Jats and Rajput to take over these areas. The ones in Doaba beat Muslim Rajputs and Afghans to control Doaba and the ones in Malwa beat Muslim Rajputs in Sirsa-Hissar area. The Hindu Rajput of Doaba was sitting on his backside changing one master
  14. Firstly get over your Rajput pride BS. You Rajputs especially you Ghorawaha idiots are well known to have helped Mahmud of Ghor when he invaded India and as Rajputs you have excelled others by giving your women to the Muslims. Over 90% of you Ghorawaha haramzadas are Muslims so what happened, did your family not follow the herd? Its quite amusing to see some a person belonging to a religion of cowards give his opinion on which other communities are better fighters than another. You are a joke.
  15. So you think that having ex-military men in a community under attack does not allow that community to have a better chance of defending themselves or even a better chance of moving to a safer place in a more cohesive manner? Ramadan finished a few days after the Radcliffe award (14th August) was announced and yet these Muslim convoys were still badly led and badly organised into late September. The fact was that majority of the Punjabi Muslims who were in the military were from areas of West Punjab. The leaders of the Jathas were for the most part ex-soldiers who had joined paramilitary organ
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