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  1. VKVF Forgive me i havnt posted in a long time. I think everyone has a point - some people will have more knowlege than others and some people wont. I think there are a lot of apne girls not really knowing anything about their own religion - because if they did, then im 95% sure they probably wouldnt want to convert, hence lack of joosh and lack of strengh - because Sikh i gives you strengh at the end of the day. I used to be quite strong mided about this topic - as im sure some of you might remeber. All i can say is that if 'our' girls are converting its our elders fault for mot teaching
  2. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... :jurra: Or.... bang it even more so he wont feel the pain AT ALLLLLLLLL.... lolzzzzzzzzzz :wink:
  3. ive never done that b4 so i think i shud be d 1 saying sorry. im really sorry pagee. Your older than me.....
  4. excuse me if this sounds immature but... fine then - i wnt say nuttin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe u shud write a list of rulez and regulations, your own peresonal preferance, and add them on the page!!!!! i find it more shocking actuall cus ive neva heard of stuff like that b4. Well what can i say - its news 2 me!!! And no i dnt worry about it!!!!! whatever you say pageeee!!!!!!! thats true - fantastic... but u know what i was merley stating what i had head - no need to bite ma head off sir. actually yor wrong - no i dont think thats the only concern in the Panth
  5. i dnt think they do pageee.... most of the SInghs i know dress well. mmmmmmm..... u know i heard that some Amritdhari gals and guys sleep around with each other b4 marriage and justify it by saying "well their Amritdhari so its aiight....." etccccc.... i see u point howevaaaaaa.....
  6. i cud sit her and argue all day but im not gona bother. nite.
  7. also the "bollywood film fantasy" of meeting a guy and them falling in love etc.... is bad toooooo media and mobile phones!!!!! really baddddddd thats y i dnt have a mobile.!!!!
  8. well i know what u mean. These als dnt have strong opinions on religion cus it hasnt been enforced into them - im not maikn excuses by the way. They dont know any better - thats it! Same reason - y do they drink alcahol - cus they dnt know any better - no1 sed they cnt and even if they did - then who cares - its either theyre parents'll neva find out or they just have nothing holding them back - life becomes a routine, normal and see it everday - type of ting. Atleast thats what i think it is. Point is - they dont know enuff about their own religion - or what their religion is to
  9. allllllllllllll comes dwn toe ducating our sisters. thats it. that simple thing. If u got cousins out there - u shud be telling them.... rite now... the dangers - bring them into Sikhi guysssss Teach. Just teach.
  10. strong poem. makes u think what can happen ina single moment.....
  11. Helllooooo Rupz Paggeeeee... i know u r a SIngh - lolzzzz. ANd the GUrdwara really is amazing..... next time u r in bham init... go. I meant KAur 1699 though..... sowwie 4 confusion........
  12. Fateh. I reallly cant argue with you guys on this one because you all have strong opinions - as i do. Fateh.
  13. Penji do u agree though if i was to share certain things - they wouldnt be respected etc.... i cud say such a simple thing about something so normal - that is actually something really big - and then ppl wud just say their opinons, and kind of destry the limelight of it and the importance. SO say if u know of sum1 who is a really gud person - or high spiritually - and then sum1 ses sumthing bad about that person - ppl r going to remeber that 1 bad thing arnt they? Isnt it then better to not say anything at all to avoid it happening in the 1st place? I know it is much better to share -
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