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  1. I have always liked this site: http://srec.gurmat.info/ plenty of articles and other stuff on sikhi the dude looks like a scholar and you can even email him your questions with prompt reply. what ya lot think of it?
  2. Thanks admin i have already read that. the reason for me making this thread was to get ppls opinion of the book. has anyone read the book????!
  3. oh my god :shock: that was amazing!! i know a person who can really do wid this shabad Thank you
  5. thank you metab singh...u totally right...wasnt thinking..
  6. Dear All Can someone tell me how guru gobind singh ji passed away? I was reading an article which said guru ji did not die at Nanded, but made a secret exit from the funeral pyre and eventually settled in Nabha, where he stayed for 103 years under the guise of Baba Ajaypal Singh. During this period he met Baba (Guru) Balak Singh at Hazro Sahib and conferred the 'Gurgaddi' on him. This in no way sounds true! if you curious where i got this from, the site is http://www.sikh-heritage.co.uk/research/Gu...%20of%20GGS.htm I have not read the whole article so any input will be much apprici
  7. um if it makes u guys feel any better, i dont have any truoble wid my pagh.....or girls :wink:
  8. Hello! ok peeps, i heard this guy has done some heavy duty work on sikhism. He took the the work of producing a six volume work on sikhism. In which he happened to complete 4. The fifth one went into print but he sadly passed away before starting his sixth volume. What i would like to know is, how good are his books? are they recommandable? are they worth the investment? as I am tight on budget. If possible can anyone put/give a review of his book(s) Thank you nek
  9. i total agree. all gurdwares need some sort of reforms (to some extent). for instance, in my area, ilford(east london), we have 3 gurdwarea closly linked together. 2 of then have gone thruogh some renovation, but what for? i have never seen any activity happening or much sangat coming, just the usual buddha doing the odd choogliya about the naw. i know im stepping on dangerous grounds here, but i believe we need to go missionary to some level. clubs in gurdwaras should be formed to educate ppl into sikhi. also creating huge events like sikh camp are also excellent examples, comparing sikhi
  10. Hello there! Can someone tell me if sangat singhs book, 'the sikhs in history' is any good? i heard alot about it but cant make my mind up :?
  11. omg! please send him our well wishes and we hope to see him all in good time
  12. W.H Mcleods books? i thuoght his books were mostly anti gurmat. also isnt all his books controversal?
  13. i was gonna buy his book but after reading that i think i'll give it a miss
  14. lol. i noticed some peeps here voted no
  15. Bhai sahib randhir singh ji did not like ppl calling him bhai sahib but they still insisted to do so. read his book, very inspiring and touching. after i dont think you would mind calling him 'bhai sahib':)
  16. well from what i read, it was guru gobind rai. i never heard of guru gobind bahadur. where did u et that from? i think it was from the 3rd guru onwards that the guruship was passed on within the family... sure some one can verify it
  17. Peeps, I have a problem with my phone. Its the 7650 and I having trouble recieving .3gp via blutooth. Both bluetooth and infrared , for some reason, do not work, I do not have a clue why. Everytime I attempt to open a blue tooth txt i get a message saying 'unkown file format!' what the hell does that mean?? I asked my mate and he says I have to upgrade my phone or some **** like that. I can recieve photo pics and other general txts but just have problems with bluetooth and infrared. can anyway out there tell me what I'm suppose to do. Do I have to call t-mobile up, register for it, upgrade m
  18. oh dear i totally forgot about this thread.lol anywayz wanted to say thanks a lot for all the replies. I must say, I have spent a greater amount time reading recently. espacially sikh books and history didnt know how much history i been missing out! Thank you again nek
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