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  1. sarbloh.info is a really informative site. I think this thread works as a good associative thread. it is nice the website has still survived whereas many other sites have come and gone, including many mentioned in this topic. Just bumping this thread into 2021. I hope sarbloh website gets converted so we can see the pictures again, as currently it is stuck in Flash which is now obsolete.
  2. I have created a new post on reddit. since I don't really have time to moderate on reddit, I have just posted links to this forum. This way people on reddit can view the topics and at the same they can click on links to view the threads on sikhawareness site. This is how it looks, I don't really have much time to edit the posts properly, but any suggestions let me know.
  3. Waheguru. Just remembered this thread because someone posted on r/sikh Reddit
  4. A mass movement has started by deleting WhatsApp and installing Signal - in solidarity with Indian/Punjabi farmers and more, see video.... WhatsApp_Video_2021-01-09_at_19_27_41.mp4 https://signal.org/install Install signal https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/whatsapp-privacy-update-elon-musk-signal-b1783950.html WHATSAPP PRIVACY UPDATE: ELON MUSK URGES PEOPLE TO USE SIGNAL APP ‘Just don’t like Facebook,' Tesla boss previously said. 'Gives me the willies’ https://restoreprivacy.com/se
  5. Also some nice links in this thread: yeh so do I, I just love it!
  6. Just posting this up to make it easier for sikhs to find out about how we are meant to celebrate Navratri and Dusshera. There is actually something similar for Diwali as well where Dasvin 10th Patshah actually uses the word 'Diwali'! Hopefully I will find it before Diwali. https://www.facebook.com/652447751445011/photos/navratri-and-dushera-are-days-to-do-shastra-puja-the-nine-nights-of-naurate-star/995158367173946/ The nine nights of Naurate, started this year on October 12th, and go to the 22th. The tenth d
  7. since this thread has been brought back.. I am wondering the importance of khanday dee pahul for Nirmalay The original 5 Nirmala sikhs were Singhs right, but were exempt from some rehit such as shastar due to the circumstances? However, we are no longer in those circumstances, so do Nirmala Singhs keep some shastar rehit, such as keeping the basic kirpaan? I read about a historical incident where some Nirmala Singhs got beaten up by Nihangs, because these Nirmalay weren't wearing their kakkars. Also can someone join Nirmalas without taking Khanday dee Pahul, or would som
  8. there is a huge musical tradition in sikhi. follow this channel to watch some videos: https://www.youtube.com/theMardanaProject also follow these channels to find out about more sikh traditions and books available: https://www.youtube.com/c/AmardeepSinghSingapore/videos (especially good to see sikh traditions outside punjab) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxBL1NDvSTanpwGQbRAkQlA (a lot of history discussed and more books referenced)
  9. yeh looks good, streamlined, and easier to see links!
  10. still join your local gurdwara matrimonials
  11. unsure why your link goes to a different news story. just trying to post the link again: https://www.timesnownews.com/india/article/shaurya-chakra-and-commanding-officer-of-rafale-s-elite-17-squadron-who-is-group-captain-harkirat-singh/628878#:~:text=Shaurya Chakra and Commanding Officer,India News
  12. Definitely look at redesigning the layout. I think the button links on the top that include Nanak Naam and sikhi in snippets, they need to stand out a bit more - maybe change the colours of the buttons slightly so they are more visible. Also the number of sections or Forums could be overwhelming for some, so maybe make this front section more compact so they can be viewed more easily. Also when we are scrolling through a thread, I think we can make this section more compact. Although being wide allows more information per line, I really think it will be a good idea to compact th
  13. that resentment shouldn't be there, the sacrifices should benefit everyone. Just as sikhs sacrificed in the past. The copycat slogans make them more recognisable. I remember muslims used to use #FreePalestine and we could easily use something like #FreePunjab Although we could come up with our own like #sikhs4justuce or #sikhs1984
  14. Just heard this on Panjab Radio this morning in the UK. There was a consultation on changing the name for Havelock Road, Southall - this is also where the famous Singh Sabha Gurdwara is situated (which you will sometimes see in media and some British TV movies and documentaries), there is also another popular Singh Sabha Gurdwara on Park Avenue in Southall - just explaining to avoid confusion. Here is an article from 2002 to show context with regards to Major-General Sir Henry Havelock and issues with the name of the street. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2003119.stm
  15. But when I read about the views of some Nihang Singh online articles, they mention that jhatka is only for Singhs or warriors, and should regular people should just be vegeterian. But I am unsure if this is the view of all Nihang Singhs. As when we look at the times of the first 5 Gurus, jhatka and hunting didn't seem to be limited to just warriors only!
  16. in India pends, langar would probably be done sitting outside, or perhaps tents can be set up. The audio would be much louder than in the uk langar halls, as it would be for open air.
  17. Well what I am thinking is that there will probably be some kind of speaker system in most pends outside the gurdwara, During the langar, there should be some kind of prachar happening that can be heard in the location where langar is happening, and also those partaking in the langar need to be encouraged to do the sewa as well. The more people are involved the more likely they will want to join...
  18. there are a lot of canadian sikhs on r/sikh reddit who may be able to help you.
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