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  1. Has anyone read the Pothi Saruktavali written by Pandit Hardiyal Jee? What are it's contents? I'm thinking of reading it in two weeks time. Its tikaakaar is Bhai Bhagwan Singh jee Giani. I've heard that all great Nirmala Gianis have done a Tikaa of this.
  2. Silence as I've always thought of it that Gurmat is close to Madhva's Dvait Vedant as opposed to Shankara's Advait Vedant. I don't think that the Atmaa was ever created, nor can it be destroyed, that is what Bhai Randhir Singh said to Bhagat Singh wasn't it? In my understanding, Atmaa is not Vaheguru, but it is of the same substance(for lack of a better word) as Parmatma.
  3. Those are some good question Shaheediya. I especially want to know the answer for question number 6: 6 - Which are the best Granths/Sikh Ithihaas/Sakhis (source documents) to learn frmo and what caveats they would advise when doing so.
  4. I'm not knowledgable in Viakaran, but long ago I read a book by Bhai Randhir Singh Jee called Sant Padh Nirnai. In that book he has written that the word Sant is used depending on the context of the Shabd to Guru, individual Sikh or Sangat.
  5. I don't have the book on me right now. But the Author is a Sikh from the UK and is a school teacher. The book was written to teach the basics of Sikhi. I think the problem is that alot of Sikhs have a Hindu phobia because of which they try their best in distencing Sikhi from Indic religions while trying their best to portray Sikhi as an off shoot of Semitic religions. They will always point out to the story of Guru Nanak Dev Jee going to Hardwar and telling off the Pandits, yet when they talk about Guru Nanak Dev Jee going to Mecca, they will not mention how Guru Nanak Dev Jee also told off
  6. I once read an English book about Sikhism a couple of years ago. The author tried his best in trying to portray Sikhi as part of the Semitic group of religions. For example, he claimed when Guru Nanak Dev Jee disappeared for three days, he had met Angel Gabrial who began revealing purpose of his mission in life, sort of like what happened to Mohammad in the cave.
  7. Actually the Sikhi to the max arth are not based on Viakaran, they are just literal translation based on the translators own knowledge of words. If you ask a person with knowledge of Viakaran about Sikhi to the max, they can point towards many mistakes according to Viakaran rules. There are only two steeks based on Viakaran. One was done by Prof Sahib Singh which is available on the internet and the other was done by Giani Harbanse Singh. The late Joginder Singh Talwara also translated based on Viakaran. Bhai Randhir Singh also translated tukhs based on Viakaran. In fact these four men have
  8. Such a beautiful Shabd Shaheediya. Thanks for sharing it. This Shabd is what every Sikh should live by. This Shabd should be our daily rehet. If most Sikhs were to live by this Shabd, we would no longer have any conflicts within the Panth.
  9. Niranjana, the who exactly is Kalki or Nehkalank? and why are they mentioned in Gurbani?
  10. Londondajatt, who is Baba Didar Singh Jee? do you have a picture of them? Baba Jagjit Singh Jee is a true Mahpursh. If one reads books by this Mahpursh you can learn alot about Sikh spirituality.
  11. Nothing is wrong with marital traditions like cultural songs and dances, traditions are good and should be kept. But problem is the anti Gurmat things like alcohol, dowry, len-dhen and mixing them with a holy ceremony of Anand Karaj.
  12. That's interesting. I've also heard that Khalsa raaj will happen in our life time. I've heard that alot of Shaheed Singhs are taking birth right now. According to a book I read about Baba Karam Singh Hoti Mardan is that that the Singh who will start Khalsa raj will come from the Khorasan-frontier area. I wonder why that area.
  13. Chatanga, Veer the way I think of it is that, the fact that people who do Laanati stuff like Len-Dhen, Dhaaj, Lachar Ganay, serve alcohol at marriages yet are also allowed to carry out the Holy ceremony of the Anand Karaj is an insult to Guru Maharaj. Call me a fanatic, but why the hell are these people who obviously dont respect the Guru's way allowed to do marriage in a Anand Karaj when they are going to do all these things in there marriage? That's an insult to the Anand Karaj. They should be doing the old vedi agni style marriages as far as I'm concearned. At least the Namdharis dont do
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