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  1. Wow..... Divine! Do you know what the 'panch kosha' is?
  2. I must have been living in a cave..... But when did all this 'happy new nanakshahi year' stuff start? Never heard of it before!

  3. "Blog: what a young army officer saw in '84 riots" Read the article on NDTV. (Sorry, can't seem to post the link)

  4. Finally started Reading the biogeaphy of Maha Harnam SIngh Ji. The guru of Baba nand Singh ji.
  5. Love it that there are some quality posts here again, after this forum went to the doldrums for a while.

    1. Ragmaala


      i just love the bhagti section . thts wt brought me here. ppl actually sharing their experiences.

  6. when sat down and you find yourself listless, try to just gently rock your body side to side or to and fro. it just helps get the muscles moving a bit and pumps some blood round the lower limbs. Defo try sitting on a pillow as savinderpal says. basically you want your hips higher than your knees when sat on the floor. that way it takes a lot of strain off your legs.
  7. Having come back to sa.com I wanted to say something profound, divine or deeply enlightened. But i'll just say its glad to be back and 'Suss Ri Kaal' !!!!

    1. dalsingh101


      We missed you geezer!

    2. BhagatSingh


      Sassikaalji who are you?

  8. Has the sikh kaum lost its balls? they seemingly getting katapa all the time by the cultish lot.

  9. What does JALAK and PEEP mean? Basically what does the whole sentence mean?
  10. Anyone know Walsall address of Sant Jagjit Singh harkowalwale?



      Cheers for that N30. Onto it now.

  11. The best AKJ kirtan I've ever heard. Delhi Samagam. Brilliant! Thanks Sikh Chl, AKJ UK & SOPW.

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