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  1. And our lot back in India still don't learn. They still sell their mothers to get to Dubai. Then you also have the Muslim arse-lickers (dal singh's fav term lol) in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh who think rivers of wine and honey flows from the Arabs backside. That they deny their own cultural history to revise it as Arab history. To the extent that in Pakistan Muslims are stopping from saying 'Khuda haviz' and now say Allah hafiz as it's more in line with what their Arab brothers would like. Khulna being a Persian terminology.
  2. Wow..... Divine! Do you know what the 'panch kosha' is?
  3. Don't knock toiletism guys We all laugh and joke about it until we get a bout of Delhi belly and the toilet god is what we all search for!
  4. Don't complicate things My views go thus.... Cheese strings are not to my liking ,much prefer mozzarella. M & M are nice to but only in small doses.
  5. Good now that the motivation a gone you know what you REALLY feel inside. Leave the motivation behind and build that disciplined mindset from now on. I personally wouldn't worry if you miss a day or two. Just pick it back up as soon as possible. Just don't make it a regular habit or get too lazy. You may want to consider building in a rest day in your week where you DONT do this particular nitnem. Just so you can rest your mind. Similar to when doing physical excercise. Else you may burn yourself out and start missing too many days.
  6. From what I,ve seen of kalari on the web it seems to be a watered down form of some original art. In other words a South Indian gatka. In my experience I have to disagree that SV is anything like kalari. The bits of kalari history/philosophy etc I come across has no hints of resemblance to SV. I do believe in ancient mythological history there may have been some links ie the rishis and. Kshatriyas of old founding the arts. I would love to see some real kalari. That is the killing art as opposed to some lightweight stuff.
  7. I think it was yogi bhajan who said it takes 40 days to create or break a habit. After that it becomes second nature. So make a plan to do your path for 40 days straight. Use cast iron discipline to make yourself complete that . Then hope fully after that time it would become ingrained into your nature to do it daily and won't seem much of an effort.
  8. Ok then. I would say do not search for motivation. Try to cultivate a sense of discipline instead. Motivation is a external stimuli, it will only hype you up for a short while before you revert back to your old habits. ie you speak to some baba, or read some story of some Sikh who did bandgi, or listen to some tony Robbins speeches. These will motivate you for a few days but them you will get tired and give up. That motivation will fast dissipate when you come home after a hard day at work and need to do your bhajan but are too dog tired. Or if your wifey wants you to go shopping with her or if you come down with the sniffles! What you need for this matter or anything else in life is to develop a sense of soldierly, hardcore discipline. No matter how tired you are, how much workload you have waiting, how much the wife yells at you to do some chores; you will prioritise and do your bandgi first. Discipline is an internal state of mind, way of thought, a personal trait/character. There are some books or audio by Brian Tracy on developing personal discipline. Try searching the net for it. I did have a PDF copy but lost a lot of works when my computer broke down.
  9. It is a battle standard. At the base would have been a long staff to hold it by. On the original the staff no longer exists. Masters Precence book has more details on what the arms represent.
  10. Soti/salotar/dang/danda. Similar stuff. Salotar is a purposefully designed weapon. Whereas a soti could be a branch fallen from a tree.
  11. What is your reason for posting publicly? Most people do it so they feel motivated. Is that your case?
  12. You may also want to start eating more fermented food generally and eat sourdough bread instead of the usual stodgy wheat flour stuff. Sourdough bread has a slight tangy aftertaste. The flour also uses the concept of adding "jaag" of its flour to each new batch of bread. Similar to yogurt and kefir.
  13. I.ve shipped out of Joo Kay.. Live down under for now. Cost about $10 for a pack of 5 sachets. Each can be used four to five times. Therein lies it's problem. If you get it from someone who is already using it then you can carry on using it indefinitely. As the probiotics will continue to grow.
  14. Haha funny you should mention that. I bought a pack a grains just last week to try out. You add them to milk (ideally raw, organic milk if you really want to reap the benefits). It's made similar to homemade yogurt but apparently comes out like lassi. The health benefits come from the live pro biotics that is in The grains. There are a lot more than your typical commercial probiotic drinks both interms of count and the variety of bacteria. A mistake many people make is only haveing these types of drinks occasionally, and then only in small amounts. For it to have any benefits you must take it daily and in good quantity. At least a pint a day. The reason is that for the bacteria to be of any use it must enter the intestines whilst still alive. Now going through the stomach acids first most bacteria is killed off. Hence the reason you over load the system so that some bacteria will get through. Alternatively just eat a kg of dahi daily that contains " live cultures". That is also very good for you. But I believe the variety of bacteria/probiotics is limited. If you want raw milk then get in touch with the Art Of Elusive Fighting page on Facebook. He has suppliers in London and around the uk.
  15. I must have been living in a cave..... But when did all this 'happy new nanakshahi year' stuff start? Never heard of it before!

  16. This is replicated from The original asth Bhuja dhuja at hazoor sahib. That one has its asth(8) arms that slightly swivel. Fro the lines and markers This looks like a copy made from the printed design on the shastarvidiya website. It is said to have been given to the guru by Chandi mata when he did the havan before the creation of the Khalsa. Nice to see Sikhs/ nihangs realising what their original symbols and signatures were. If you read paramjit singhs and aman deep madras golden temple book you will see nihangs with other variations of the above and the khanda on their dumallas. These are no longer seen today. Would be good to see the young kids who proudly wear dumallas adorn it with these. Shouldn't be to hard to get it made from local blacksmiths. (Or even learning 'smith skills themselves. )
  17. "Blog: what a young army officer saw in '84 riots" Read the article on NDTV. (Sorry, can't seem to post the link)

  18. Finally started Reading the biogeaphy of Maha Harnam SIngh Ji. The guru of Baba nand Singh ji.
  19. Its gonna be difficult to find a link mais I will try. been so long ssince I saw it. I think it may have been on the UKPA.org website or on sikhchic.
  20. there was an article (must find it) on the BBC website about gays in Pakistan. Apparently its the best place in the world to be a gay - according to the those guys themselves! It even happens in dargahs of pirs where hundreds of gay guys get together openly.
  21. Is that from the same haveli that the badal family 'bought' off its founder through duress and extortion.?
  22. Love it that there are some quality posts here again, after this forum went to the doldrums for a while.

    1. Ragmaala


      i just love the bhagti section . thts wt brought me here. ppl actually sharing their experiences.

  23. I wonder if this is the same collection I mentioned a few years ago...? Tha particular hoard of documents contained most of the official documents , communiques , records of the Sikh raj. We know what fate lies in store here. But I ask anyway, chatanga: what can I do to get the ball rolling to recover/ preserve all this? IMO the reason why nothing has been done so far by the Pakistani officials is that this is mainly the history of kuffars ie. Sikhs and Hindus. That is the primary reason.
  24. GtLoc Lets face it, Sikh will not be getting any form of Raaj anytime soon. SO what is the second best choice to save the dharam or culture. You cannot place caveats to making change. ie you cannot say we will change if such and such happens first. That idea alone sets you up for defeat. Any change needs to happen here and now, even though it may be a small change .
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