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  1. Haha
    SURYADEV got a reaction from dalsingh101 in Suraj Prakash Text Regarding Muslay Balatkaars   
    Thank god for that!!!!!!
    I was thinking that PRE-maritals were also forbidden!

  2. Haha
    SURYADEV got a reaction from dalsingh101 in Brahmcharia - Celibacy   
    Darn.... theres no enjoyment in life anymore.
    Hope they dont tell me to put my fluffy, pink handcuffs away!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from Arsh1469 in What Is Mukt Marag Granth?   
    I'm sort of confused about your underastanding of who the 10th Guru was/is. On one hand you consider him to be a scholer, linguist, educated, poet (- as do we all) and then you deny any writings attributed to the guru? What type of writer is he who cannot produce a piece of literature.
    Just because you do not agree with the contents does not mean that the writer has not produced it.

    I do not agree with with men going to witches in the forest to seek raaj-gaadhi. Does that mean that I deny
    that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth?
    I say open up your mind: history/the world does not revolve around your limited human logic.

    Fateh, Out!
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from Kaur10 in Cancer Cured By Gurbani?   
    Maybe its because those people have some kind of doubt at the back of thier mind that their prays wont be granted. If you have the slightest doubt, hesitance, or 'what if' then you are setting yourself up for fail.
    Most people dont understand the idea of 'burning your bridges'. Their ardas/prays - though they spend a lot of time, effort and money on it, are really a 'just in case' supplication.
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from Kaur10 in how to remain still in one asan for 3 hrs ?   
    My mother got a bairagaan from Chatter Singh Jeevan Singh in Amritsar. Yep, the same book-wala people.
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from jaikaara in The Jhatka Conference In 1937   
    If all my friends usually go to KFC and I decide one day that I want to eat McD's then can I be blamed having a 'bad impact on community relations'?
    Maybe Prof Kunjahi should ask his fellow muslims to stop imposing their dietary laws on others.
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from tva prasad in Origins Of The Vedas?   
    interesting site.

    I remember Sant Jagjit Harkowal wale saying once saying that Argentina is named after Arjun, son of Kunti. He ruled over this South American land mass. Also Germany is named after some other character from the ancient scriptures. They also mention a few more such terms.
    This was quite a few years ago. Maybe someone here could ask them to clarify?

    However I dont know whether any normal academic/linguist/historian will follow these links they have made, or just write it off as Indo-supremacist views.

  8. Thanks
    SURYADEV got a reaction from paapiman in Is Anyone Familiar With The Details Of Ramayan From A Hindu Source?   
    Its said he was born in Ayodha somewhere in central-ish India. However, his sahibzade both lived in PB later on. Apparently, Luv settled in what is now known as Lahore.(originally named after him)
    With the original Panjabs links to the rishis, vedas , shaastras etc i wouldn't be suprised if they did have a strong link to PB.

    Cant give sources as its what I've read generally, ages ago.
  9. Thanks
    SURYADEV got a reaction from paapiman in Jhatka   
    If halal is forbidden, does the same apply to KOSHER meat?
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from Chote Daas in ~rare Picture Of Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib~   
    I believe that when these mahan-hasti's get to the stage they are at they can dispense with things like kirpan kanga etc.
    A bit like when you join an army. At the begining you follow strict rules and regulations,dress and protocols ; but as you pass basic training and get promoted you follow diffrent rules.
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from tva prasad in My Experiences With The Sikh Unit Lads And Girls By Preeti Kaur   
    reading back at the posts. you're quite right.
    Time to cease and desist!

    ....But their English still sucks!!!
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from tva prasad in My Experiences With The Sikh Unit Lads And Girls By Preeti Kaur   
    WTF Yo man. I no understand dis man/gals nigga speak, blud. Ppl bare no know Panjabi and no knw english.
    Som bro in da hood wana translate n2 propa inglish lingo?
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from Kaalka in Sweet Merry England   
    Haha I actually thought that was a spoof of the Tram Experience. Didn't realise till they started with the fisticuffs that it was for real!

    DalSingh Its not just AngloSaxons. Lets look at it the other way: How many fundamentalist Sikh deny that other sikhs can call themselves so? Apparently, if you aren't 'amrit-shak' your not a sikh. If women shape their eyebrows they cant be sikhs. There was even a court case in Pb about this a while ago. I believe a girl was declared a non-sikh because she trimmed her brows!? If women don't wear a turban they are not sikhs. If you have a picture of 'Sri Ram and Sita' (-its actually ShivJi and ParbatiJi) on your site, your not a sikh!
    This self elitist attitude exists in all communities. How many apne deny that American Sikhs are sikhs?

    And like the AngloSaxons, its all based on looks.
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    SURYADEV got a reaction from Genie Singh in Imam Ali Met Sifly Amal Believer Riyaz Uddin Hyder (Practicing Knowledge Of Quran Using Toilet With Wood)   
    Don't knock toiletism guys

    We all laugh and joke about it until we get a bout of Delhi belly and the toilet god is what we all search for!
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