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  1. Listen to this playlist who are interested in keeping purity of mind, and progress in sadhana. It has helped me in past. This mahapurush is genuine , real deal not like other fake babas. You can sense the purity, bhagti and prem in his vachans.
  2. @Sat1176 Veer Ji, what does sehaj feel like ? are you able to put in into words. I dont think I have ever experienced it, so I am just curious. Does it feel like sleep ...I might have experienced few seconds of sleep during simran but not remembering anything..kind of like a head bob and waking up.
  3. The purpose of these videos is to reaffirm and reconfirm again and again that there is life after death and you will be accountable for your deeds. I know Guru ji already tells us everything in Gurbani and we don't need anyone else. But its good to hear truth from other sources. And also these kinds of vidyas exist. But after an incident last night I am not sure if I should have posted it. Watch at your own risk. I had a really scar dream last night, almost real, in which an exorcism was taking place. And when I woke up in fear I was reciting Waheguru Waheguru, so that was a good thing that c
  4. Pret with 400 years of punishment because he was a dacoit in his previous life and committed robberies. Gives information about how ghosts live. Similar answers like suleman ghost. WARNING : do not watch if you have no kavach around you now i realize how important is dasam bani
  5. Akhri Naam Akhri Salah...Akhri Likhan ... also likh naam salah likh... if someone can find these Gurbani tuks?
  6. I personally haven’t done that but its called Likhita Jaap. Many traditions employ this method to stabilize mind. Some sants mentally write naam or mantra in front of them or their agya chakra, i will try to find a link and post it for you. Do you understand hindi?
  7. @Sat1176 were you asking a question in recent q&a with bibi maan kaur ji, I seriously felt a vibe it was you even though i have never heard your voice
  8. Take vaccine. I had 2 doses pfizer. Felt fever 2 days 2nd dose but fine afterwards. Family had covid, dad worst fever 3 weeks , but i was saved due to vaccine and guru kirpa. Not sure about astrazeneca for under 55, i would avoid that. Parents are booked for moderna vaccine.
  9. I was going to type a response but I feel its not worth it and takes too much energy , and distracts mind’s stillness.
  10. this is from a book by Prof Balbir Singh Ji. some future bachans.
  11. I can't exactly pinpoint but I feel Baba Ishar Singh ji mentioned it and also rare wale mahapurush. But its a common theme in puratan sampardas. If I come across a source, I will mention it.
  12. This is a link of all the articles, marayda books, and transcription of bachans of baba Ishar Singh Ji. @sevak you might be interested in these. https://www.scribd.com/user/29524097/hansrab/uploads
  13. And just to add this maryada of doing 6 malas moolmantar, 80 malas waheguru gurumantra, Japji sahibs etc was done by Singhs during Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jis times and during war times when they were mostly on horses.
  14. So I had this conundrum for a long time. Reciting it loud, and fully listening to it. So I experimented to see how much time it takes me. My goal was to atleast follow the bachan of finishing atleast 1 sehaj path equivalent per month. So first I started to do 80 malas Gurmantra Antarghat/day. That took me approximately 1hr and 40 mins. Then I tried to do by chanting and listening to it. That would take me around ~ 4 hrs which was not possible to take out that much time. Then I switched to Moolmantra 6 mala/day. If I do it Antarghat it takes around 1 hr and if I chant it loud it will take 30 m
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