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  1. Just to add, your partner should be on the same wavelength. you should ensure that before choosing partner. Otherwise, different expectations can lead to marital problems later on.
  2. yes 100% agree, from personal experience agree, our elders were wise
  3. Even Brahmgiani Mahapurush can have slightly different rehits and maryadas according to their personal avastha. You cannot say one is superior to another. For example, Baba Nand Singh Ji and Baba Ishar Singh Ji only had prashada after doing partakh bhog to partakh Guru Nanak Sahib ji everyday. Now try applying that maryada/rehit to others...no one would be able to follow that. Its a khed of prem. Rehits/Maryada are there to guide you not entangle, you cannot say sarblohi marayda should be enforced upon everyone and you are not a Sikh until then. @Trimandeep Singh I know you are influenced by AKJ, so your views align accordingly, and you are welcome to do that. Please don't make Sikhi a set of rigid rules, that no one can follow. The most important aspect of Sikhi is Naam Japna, and Love, the rehit will outflow accordingly.
  4. Ik Oankar Satgur Prasad Ik Oankar Satnam Karta Purakh Gurprasad ...
  5. @Trimandeep Singh couple of questions for you 1. What does the following tuk mean to you Guru Granth Ji Manyo Pargat Gura Ki Deh 2. Did you know that Baba Nand Singh Ji and Baba Ishar Singh ji had partakh darshan of Guru Nanak Sahib from Guru Granth Sahib, and offered bhog of parshada, milk, sweets and other edibles to Guru Nanak Sahib everyday. Its a khed of prem, not logic. 3. There was a Sikh in Guru Sahibs time, who found a very tasty Mango. He thought it would be great for Guru Sahib. He did dhayan and did bhog to Guru Sahib. Do you think Guru Sahib was hungry and not eternal at that time ? 4. Many Sikhs is Guru Nanak Sahib’s time did bhog and it would reach in sooksham saroop @paapiman can give more examples
  6. We are helpless in terms of changing the past, and heal pain, but definitely for current times and future we can make a big impact. Aas Sikhs we should be in the frontline supporting the vulnerable, weak, oppressed and speak against injustice.
  7. Its sad that innocent children had go through all that abuse, physically, mentally, sexually, and their identity stripped away. I am sure there are thousand cases that we don’t know about, all over canada, usa, australia, and other nations that were colonized. The powerful always abuses the vulnerable. there is nothing that can be done now, the damage is far beyond repair... we should be grateful that we are born into sikh families and have the opportunity to become nirbhau nirvair khalsa. Once we achieve that only then we can truly help everyone around us, including the vulnerable.
  8. I have never heard about this from any Nanaksar mahapurakh or sangi. I am not sure if its ok to label it as Nanaksar maryada.
  9. Brother, i am not mahaan, nor gursikh. Still learning to be a sikh...
  10. Very inspiring sakhi. Sometimes Guru ji erasing our Karams, that’s why worldly desires might not get fulfilled. Guru ji knows what’s best for us.
  11. Dhan Dhan Sant Jarnail Singh Ji as time passes by, their shaheedi is getting even more chardikala, will inspire millions of future generations.waheguru..
  12. This was discussed in following thread 5 years ago. Amazing video
  13. It’s probably an offering to Bhagauti Ji, Aadi Shakti of Nirankar. Sounds similar to karah prashad kirpan bheta.
  14. It was good, forces you to spend time with yourself, your thoughts, and increases productivity. Nice reset. There is a fear of missing out but that is just an illusion, you dont really miss out on anything.
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