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  1. @paapiman I was just talking about someone regarding tea, and they said that they used to have something called desi chaa in old times, not like the commercial ones we see today. I have not personally seen desi chaa, most likely pure leaves without added color or other additives. There were also rumors back in the day that some people were adding tannin (from leather) and other colors to commercial teas, and also some tobacco in tea. Not sure if its still done. The pure tea is def expensive, and the ones we see commercially today have color and additives. Probably thats the reason bibeki singhs started avoiding chaa, and it makes sense.
  2. @AnxiousMindAnd yes, do read Charitropakhyan, it will give you an idea about a variety of characters, ranging from warriors, pure, and manipulation, that are played by men and women. Also, Ardas does work but it won't provide you a quick solution. Right now, you are desperate. You will learn certain things with time.
  3. There is no such thing as a pure soul. Your clarity is clouded by love tinted glasses. Desperation and begging will only push the other person away. You should never beg or cry to a woman, it will only turn them off. This is a wrong mindset. You can never be perfect for anyone. You should only focus on bettering yourself. You sound very sincere, and you are deeply in love. But do not put her on a pedestal , and worship her. Make yourself important. What kind of changes are you making. Please give some examples.
  4. I wonder if they did bhog of Cha during Baba Isher Singh Ji's time. Even though I drink tea sometimes , but I am not in favor of it. I did witness Chaa in langar at Nanaksar Gurdwaras. Also, when we had path done in India, they did bhog of Milk, morning and evening.
  5. When the devi/devte do bhog of parsad, it becomes Jootha. I was told not to take the prasad as you are essentially taking their jooth. imo. In terms of respect, it probably means that we should not do their ninda, acknowledge their kamai, and see them more as our friends/siblings rather than Khasam. Suhagans have only one khasam, that is our Guru/Nirankar.
  6. Please do tell us more whenever you get time veer ji. Is it similar to concept of swanti boond that the babiha waits for ?
  7. Indeed, that’s interesting. The only solution is we do the kamai ourselves to see the past events or have the kamai to have partakh darshan, and ask maharaj haha . But once you have darshan, no questions shall remain.
  8. Indeed on the deepest level its all his khed. He is the one who made devte and rakshas, and put them against each other.
  9. All the mahapurush are respectable. We need to focus on our own shortcomings and improve. I don’t want to be entangled in gossip or slander.
  10. All the respect to Sri Kalki Avtar Sahib Ji. But Guru Gobind Singh Ji also say that Kalki Avtar had haumai/ego, and forgot Akal Purakh…eventually he was defeated by Mir Mehdi.
  11. Wow this is such an old thread. 13 years since 2008. Time flies man. To answer your question, it was not Baba Gurdev Ji himself but his followers. And just go add, I have utmost respect for Baba Gurdev Ji, he has kept the maryada very well, and obviously great kamai, most likely he is staying gupt.
  12. If you are young and healthy, I would not recommend hot showers. Personally, I have always felt nasty and hot after a hot shower. Cold showers on the other hand are so energizing. These days I use the maximum cold it can get , and its chilly. It's so refreshing, and charges your body very differently. Even after workout, I take cold shower and it actually helps tone the muscles sometimes. If someone is weak, fragile, and elderly, and have stiffness in joints, warm showers are fine. But while you are young, reap the benefits while you can. Showers/Bath in general are not only physically cleaning/hygienic but they also clean your water element, so its a sort of elemental cleaning. That's why after a shower, you can think more clearly before.
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