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  1. I kind of developed a bad taste for Bhai Charanjit Singh Gorkhi after he commented on Sant Gurwinder Singh ji mandi wale’s personal experience of darshan as hallucinations due to hunger. And the word nirvichar samadhi is not new concept just another word for mann tikna, furne rukna or Sunn. I am not even close to Gorkhi bhai sahib’s feet dust and have not achieved anything myself. What I learnt is that no one can give you shortcuts ... thats what I thought when he was saying that he will take you to nirvichar samadhi. i thought he would spend his own kamai to elevate you. But soon I reali
  2. His videos are to the point, succint and practical. Although I am not at the avastha he is talking about but hopefully will be helpful in future. Other advanced abhiyasis can confirm.
  3. I have recently been using dhoops which I got from a local puja shop. I wish I could have access to dhoops made by Nihang Singhs but I dont. I have tried something called Sambhrani dhoop which has a very natural herb like fragrance which doesn’t give me a headache. Very impressive . Also it relaxed my mind , and helped with simran/nitnem and gave me a cozy feeling. The waves of smoke over a ghee jot have such a meditative effect. I have avoided incense sticks all my life, but finally found something that is actually helpful. Other fragrance I tried was chandan which was like generic smell
  4. lucky veer ji and other members have already explained it very well. It seems like you also have a good understanding of what to do. I will add just be persistent and dont let loose of your nitnem, and bhagti. These things have no power over us. Luckily, i didn’t experience anything like this except maybe couple of years ago where I would feel a presence or pressure on chest and fearful thoughts for 3-4 days but they went away on their own with Kirtan Sohila ji. were you by any chance involved in occult activities ? If so these entities are just afraid of losing control over you as othe
  5. What kind of demonic forces or dark entities are you experiencing ?
  6. Ignore the thumbnail in video which is bit dramatic but otherwise very motivational for new abhyasis of Nama Japa. must listen
  7. these are great tips. v practical and relatable especially the number one point . it feels as if i typed that one. tested trialed many times.
  8. Thats a good observation. I have same question.logically, it should be oct 31st . Even Nanaksar calendar has gurpurab on nov 30th. I am not really sure about the reason. My guess is it has something to do with having 2 full moons in one month of oct, which is quite rare. Thats where the phrase once in a blue moon comes from. Maybe someone else can provide some insight into this ?
  9. @Sat1176 thanks veer ji, these are the kind of high quality posts that I look fwd to when I open SA. Wjkk wjkf!
  10. @Still nascent How are you doing bro? Any progress after getting in touch with Charnjeet Singh ?
  11. I listened to the whole session, i definitely sense a lot of depth in his talk. Great concepts explained in simple words.
  12. Baba Ji agge ardas karo oh aape rasta dikhaun ge. Guru is Meharwan. And yes try to find Nanaksar nearby. But Kaam is a very tricky one, even after pesh it can wreak havoc. So you have to make your mind Pakka. Even after years old feelings can pop-up, so you have to be really sure.
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