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  1. Fateh Look deep inside, this has nothing to do with nimaz or path.....WaheGuru/Allah is within in you, not in the sky. Religion in a whole is dying, face it. You talk about being alienated, and put muslims and christians on a par to sikhi . Veer ji there are loads of people claiming to have the best religion, there are even more who claim to be of that religion who are no were near it. The blessed sikh/muslim/christian is the one who can feel akal when he/she does something wrong/right, morning and night. In gurbani there is an ang that talks about a man being lonely, no home, spous
  2. there is a book about a white women who falls in love with a nihang singh does anyone one no the author or title.
  3. Thanks guys for your feedback. I mean the Khanda that we have looks the part but, Punj shastar purvan - the chakra, the khanda sword and the two kirpans dont add up.
  4. wjkk wjkf Were did the khanda originate from. I always though it should be replaced by the Ad Chand. And to tell you the truth, the saffron really bugs me of, because it should be navy or dark blue. The nishan sahib is the flag of the khalsa i.e the akali nihangs. when and why did this replacement take place. Got a feeling the singh sabha movement were behind this screw up. soz for any mistakes.
  5. WJKK WJKF Sat Sri Akaal Anyone know of any classes were you can go and be taught Punjabi/Gurmukhi in Birmignham uk. Handsworth,Coventry Road,Sparkhill Gurdwara.
  6. WJKK WJKF Was just browsing the net and came across the book "A Garland Around My Neck", This is the story of Puran Singh. After doing a bit of research, l was amazed by this man. We here about all types of sant's and giani's and how amazing they are, but this man made me speechless. If anyone has info on this outstanding human being please let us all know.
  7. WJKK WJKF Just wandering if there were any programmes/clubs (kirtan etc), were young singhs/kaurs attend (18+). Really trying to get into sikhi and feel i should start being around the wright sort of people. Clubbing, getting p*ssed all the time and generally being a w****r i've had enough of. All this in mind i cannot get enough of GURBANI. Please help plp.
  8. wjkk wjkf Does anyone know were to get dilruba/esraj lessons in birmingham uk? Heard the namdhari sangat give free lessons, is this true? Who can i get in touch with? thanks
  9. Did Guru ji have three wifes at the same time? seen an article on the web (cant remember were) just wanted to clarify this. And if so was this the norm.
  10. londondajatt, then lets presume that non sgpc influenced sikhs are hazoori sikhs (witch they are). We are the cloosest thing to hazoori sikhs outside of india. we keep it puritan, but influenced sgpc british sikhs keep on crapping on us. Plp like akj sikhs and there non khasla traditions. Ps, you cant really be giving advice on sikhi when you put jatt on your username. I thought sikhs dont believe in caste system.
  11. man i hate sgpc and there jathedars. If they were on the frontline they would fold like panzy's
  12. jattboot i mean try n live the way the gurus told us instead of using caste distinction.
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