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  1. I think the original in Gurmukhi must have been beautifully written. I wish I could read it in the original. These letters are wonderful to read. My grand father fought in France and in the middle east during WW1. He was only a teenager at the time. Just wondering, but are these letters available to read in Punjabi? These letters in the form of a Punjabi book would be well received amongst Apne. So much of History is written in the form of letters. Too bad people don't write letters anymore. emails have taken over. But writing letters was such a beautiful thing. I have preserved so many
  2. The so called Guru Ansh are the descendants of the Gurus through blood line.
  3. The term the descendants like to use for themselves is Guru Ansh. They were the Bedis, Sodhis, Bhallas and maybe another gotra (I can't remember which). Pre Singh Sabha days they held a lot of influence amongst the Sikhs. Sikh nobility would donate to them, average Sikhs would do seva of them thinking they are making Guru Jee happy by doing so. They sort of held the same position that Syads hold amongst the Muslims. But during the Singh Sabha movement, the Singh Sabhiyas completely destroyed any credibility the descendants had amongst the Sikhs. The spirit of Sikh teaches us that a Sikh should
  4. I think when a Bedi claims to be a descendant of Guru Nanak Dev Jee, the claim should be taken with a pinch of salt. Every Bedi you run into always claims to be a descendant of Guru Nanak Dev Jee. I've never come across a Bedi who has never claimed descent from the 1st Patshah. This claim can only be true if Guru Nanak Dev Jee was the originator of the Bedi clan which he wasn't. I think realistically only a fraction of Bedis are authentic descendants of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee. Most Bedis are just "Bedis" but not Guru Ansh.
  5. True. The caste problem will only go if we discuss it. From such discussions, awareness spreads and possible solutions also arise.
  6. So you like the orientalist methods of interpreting Sikh history? Trilochan Singh pretty much destroyed much of the orientalist Mcloadian school in his book. http://www.globalsikhstudies.net/pdf/Ernest_Trumpp.pdf Mcloedian books may be good for non Sikhs who want to find out about Sikh history from the point of view of the orientalist mindset. But for a Sikh to say they prefer the orientalist Mcloedian books is really disheartening bro.
  7. This means "translation", this is a real Punjabi word. Although I mostly see people using the word "tarjama" instead which I think is an Urdu word.
  8. It seems like it is a translation or maybe inspired by another story. Either way, this is good stuff. Firstly, I have never encountered anyone writing science fiction in Punjabi. Writers like him should expand on this and even write whole novels of science fiction in Punjabi and have it promoted. I just wish that some organization in Punjab could start a magazine on the subject of science written in Punjabi. It would be a great development for the language. We should take inspiration from the Jews who managed to revive a dead language (Hebrew) after 2000 years and turn it into a language of
  9. This is pretty good. This type of stuff should be taught in the schools of Punjab. This can encourage Punjabi children to become more creative when writing Punjabi. The Punjabi language needs to be expanded so that even science and technological studies can be taught in the Punjabi language. Since the times of Bhai Veer Singh Jee, the Punjabi language has not moved farward. Punjabi language needs a new Bhai Veer Singh Jee so that Punjabi bhasha can cover new ground.
  10. London Dha Jatt Jee, were you a Jatt in all your previous lifetimes? can you say for certain that you were even a Punjabi in your previous lifetimes? for all you know, you (like me) could have been a Chura or Chamar or Chandaal or Brahmin or even a Chinese man or woman? This body is very temporary which we(Soul) wear and discards like cloths. The body and the caste associated with the body will eventually become ash. Then your soul (based on it`s karmas) will get another body which for all we know might not even be a body belonging to the Jatt caste. So what use it is being proud of being Jatt
  11. LOL so true. When I was a kid I did not like things like Saag and Moongi di daal. But as soon as I turned into an adult, I started to like eating them. It is a strange phenomena indeed.
  12. Known-well known BTW, this is a great thread.
  13. If this is happening in the heartland of Sikhi "Punjab", then what can we hope for in foreign countries.
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