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  2. Your idea is wrong because Kabir Sahib or the bhagats haven't used Nanak in Sri Guru Granth Sahib? About Sarbloh Granth personally i haven't read it and from what i heard its recited by the Nihang sect?
  3. Sikhs got bashed by the British in 2 wars and enslaved themselves to their ideology. We have Sikhs in Canada doing their dirty job. In UK the Sikhs have done nothing for Khalistan other than moan their way out.
  4. Why do they need a brave man like Bhindran wala, when they have a pacifist Gandhi and their favourite Jinnah?
  5. But in the city where Jesus was born, relations between Christians and Muslims are more complicated than they appear. Christians are no longer the majority of the 30,000 inhabitants of the city, as they always were in the past The Muslims are now more numerous than the Christians in the same proportion that the mosques exceed the churches, by a margin of 15 to 10. The mayor of Bethlehem is still a Christian, as always. Eight out of the fifteen seats on the city council are still reserved for Christians. But in the latest municipal elections, which took place in May of 2005, a coalition w
  6. Quoted from a passage by S. Rattan Singh Jaggi ...these days people do not follow the ideology of Guru Nanak and his message in our practical life, which is the cause of decline of the religion... Finally there is a realization that Sikhism is on a decline.The Reasons? To begin with, today there is the very question of Sikh identity, and to define who is a Sikh. This time there is no government interference in religious affair of the Sikhs,no outside movement or influence but the decline has stemmed from within the Sikhism. Many young Sikhs, find the turban a bother. It gets in th
  7. The Jatts really have gone crazy in Punjab. Their terror groups in the 80s couldn't attract the Nirankaris and Dalits.
  8. Why is there a Gurbani difference in Damdami Taksal Gutkey and those printed by SGPC?
  9. What is the proceedure for a Sehaj Paath? SEHAJ PAATH or SADHAARAN PAATH is the reading of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from beginning to end, with no time-limit for completion. Even where the limit is fixed and it exceeds a week, it will be called a Sadhaaran Paath, two other terms synonymously used being Khullaa Paath (Khullaa = unrestricted, not fixed) and Sehaj Paath (slow reading). A Sadhaaran Paath may be undertaken by any individual Sikh, man or woman, or jointly with other members of the family as part of personal piety or in observance of a special occasion or family, event. A Paathi or
  10. Bhai Nand Lal Goya (1633-1713) was a great scholar of Persian, he was one of the fifty-two poets in the court of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was born in a thriving town called Ghazni in Afghanistan in 1633 and was thus 23 years older than Guru Ji. His father was Diwan Chajju Ram, the Mir Munshi or Chief Secretary of the Governor of Ghazni. He was a very intelligent child, and in a short time acquired great efficiency in Persian and the Arabic languages. He had a natural aptitude for poetry and began composing poetry at the age of 12 under the pen name ‘Goya.’ He lost both his parents by the age o
  11. A Scottish senior British Airways pilot is suing the airline for racism after he was called "a jock" and told to go back to his welfare state paid for by the English. Douglas Maughan also claims there is a culture of racism at BA. Mr Maughan, 54, who has 29 years' flying experience, 15 with BA, said he received a letter and e-mails from a pilot he had never met after he had a letter published in the staff magazine BA News in 2005 which defended Labour's economic record. One of the letters said: "Come separation will all Jocks F.off to that welfare state (paid for by English middle classe
  12. The whole world knows how racist Britain is. They blame everything on migrants and sympathize with the Nazis.
  13. When Christian missionaries target India they are bringing discord to a highly religious and spiritual country, where most people believe in God and at least value a moral life. They bring division to a society where generally religions are inclusive and accepting. In Britain a small number of people are religious. The exact number is hard to say, when asked if they “know that God exists without a doubt” 23% say yes, but when asked “which comes closest to your belief” 56% responded with an answer that indicated that they had some belief. Even if this number have some belief, most don’t act
  14. Pakistani Muslims know how to stand up to these lame Christians. Control them before its too late.
  15. As we have seen Gurmat is universal mystical revolution. Hinduism is hard to pin down but there are certain fundamental beliefs focusing around a national-political project which has been active in India since the Aryan invasion three and a half thousand years ago. But whereas the western Aryan belief systems such as the ancient Greek and Roman were changed by the influence of Judaism and Christianity, the eastern Aryans have not made this change, since the earlier attempts of Jainism and Buddhism were effectively marginalised in India, the land of their birth. There is also a gulf between
  16. The clean shaven or mona sikhs are more fanatic than amritdhari sikhs. Aurangzeb used these types to send the Khalsa fauj back into lakhi jungle.
  17. The UK has more Muslim ghettos than France. The BNP party speak the truth about whats happening in these ghettos (especially Manchester and Birmingham). The Sikhs should align themselves with Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  18. Sant sujan singh ji did kirtan at karol bagh (delhi) after baba nand singh ji. Baba nand singh ji did not have a pukka thaath at village kaleran. Baba isher singh ji built the kaleran gurdwara in 1952.
  19. A 21-year-old Indian student has been attacked by a group of males in suburban Melbourne after they stopped him and demanded cigarettes and money. Today's incident is the latest in a spate of assaults on Indian students that have led to claims racist violence is escalating around the city. The victim, a nursing student at the Chisholm Institute in Dandenong, in Melbourne's east, was slashed with a box-cutter knife carried by one of five men who confronted him in a carpark, a spokeswoman for Victoria Police said. She said the attack happened at 1.30pm today as Mr Singh was leaving the
  20. Anglo people have every racist word in their dictionary. Next they will be calling us Curry munchers. Punjabi sikho Punjabi parho
  21. Meditation at the third eye, is this allowed in Sikhism?
  22. whats sampat paath which guru started this
  23. mlTAXI authorities have condemned an Islamic recruiting drive by some of Melbourne's Muslim cabbies using propaganda-style DVDs featuring radical preacher Sheik Khalid Yasin. Three DVDs, two featuring Sheik Yasin, have been handed to the Herald Sun by an unwitting cab driver after a night trip. The pro-Islamic discs were handed over in what appeared to be a sales pitch. A controversial cleric, Sheik Yasin's past outspoken visits to Australia have concerned security agencies and the Federal Government. The DVDs given to the Herald Sun, with titles including Death . . . Your Ti
  24. Racists from the British National Party have joined forces with extremists from the Sikh and Hindu communities in an anti-Islamic campaign that has been blamed for stirring up racial violence. The campaign involves the distribution of thousands of CDs, tapes and leaflets claiming that Islam poses a threat to Britain. Sikh activists in Southall, west London, have passed hundreds of addresses of Sikh and Hindu community leaders to BNP activists who want their support. The CD includes an informal discussion between BNP leader Nick Griffin and a Sikh. It is likely that much of the content of
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