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    dsd108 got a reaction from Arsh1469 in Sarbloh Granth Questions   
    Your idea is wrong because Kabir Sahib or the bhagats haven't used Nanak in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

    About Sarbloh Granth personally i haven't read it and from what i heard its recited by the Nihang sect?
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    dsd108 got a reaction from Koi in Who is the head of Nanaksar?   
    I went to Gurdwara Nanaksar the main one in Jagraon and there is still alot of confusion about this. Most of the Sangat there was saying it is Baba Kundan Singh Ji.

    Here in U.K some Sangat saying it is Baba Gurdev Singh Ji. And on the internet i found out alot of Sangat also believes in Baba Sadhu Singh ji.

    These were all former sewadars of the mighty sage of Nanaksar Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji. But i also read this (needs some clarifying):

    One day Sant Baba Ishar Singh Jee was at Jhoraran. There was Bhai Bawa Singh Jee, Jathedar Mukhtiar Singh Jee, Gurdev Jee and couple of other people in the room. Suddenly Baba Jee said, Bawa let us give you something today. Or you all will say that I gave you nothing and told you nothing. Every one was surprised. Bhai Bawa Singh Jee started laughing thinking it is a joke. Sant Baba Ishar Singh Jee again said, let us do the formal Rasam (ceremony) or else you will doubt it in the future. Baba Jee asked Bawa to bring a Dastar (turban), Kesar, Mishree, Narial (Coconut) and sweets for distribution. Bawa Singh Jee went inside and brought every thing as per Baba Jee’s instructions. Baba Jee then asked Gurdev Jee who was sitting quietly, by calling him as Thakur Jee, to come close and spread your Chola. Gurdev Jee obeyed and Baba Jee poured every thing in his lap. Baba Jee then dissolved the Kesar and gave a Tilak on Gurdev Jee’s forehead and called him “Thakur Jee, Thakur Jee†2-3 times. Thus Master changed the Sewak in to Thakur, and Sewak was in tears, full of appreciation and love for the Master. Baba Jee then ordered Gurdev Jee to tie the Dastar on his head and asked every one to bow to him. Thus Baba Jee transformed his most capable Sewak to Thakur Jee.
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