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  1. kise keha jadh majnu tain teri laila rang di kali. aggo majnu jhata kurlaya terii akh naa dekhan vaali.

  2. I think the term for masturbation is hathh rasi (hath--hand, ras--pleasure). according to some singhs it is a kurehit (not a bujjar kurehit, but a kurehit still) and requires pesh before one can continue do seva (akhand paaths raulh, amrit sanchaar, etc)
  3. shaheedi jaap care to elaborate on the attention to food?
  4. i have heard it is at a gurdwara in sangrur, at the shaheeda the gurdwara in commemoration of the vadda ghalughara. during the ghallughara the dusht on the outside were unable to brake the singhs' formation. this is attributed to the fact that Guru Granth Sahib ji, specifically the birh that was given gurgaddi, was in the center of the formation
  5. faffe pair bindhee is throaty. its kinda hard to explain lol
  6. lalle pair bindee, or any akhar de pair'ch lalla calls for a srot of rolling of the lalla. as in chola, mohali, naali, kala, etc. but then again some ppl pronounce these words with standard lallas too (sounds kinda funny that way though)
  7. im on windows 7 they say i have to buy WinZip. ishvar2, i have no idea how any of that works lol
  8. babaji my computer doesnt have the software to unzip files...is there any other way i can listen to the vichaar?
  9. In response to point four, it very well may be possible for you to attain mukhti that way... question is, is that a Sikh's goal to begin with?
  10. singhs often do 10, 21 chandi di vaars a day. not sure about the numerology or anything like that though
  11. "eh kavich brahma ko bateesa parhe jo nit chhatree. ranjit leh nirbheet reh ridh sidh paavai attree" whatever warrior reads this kavich of brahma 32 times will take victory on the battle field, remain fearless, and attain 'ridh sidh'
  12. oh snap, didnt know we had an intro thread. chalo only a few weeks late I am Damanjit "Laadli Fauj" Singh, from California interests are: soccer, gatkashastarvidiyamartialarts(whatever the hell you wanna call it), shastars, tanti saaj, classical kirtan, my beautiful dilruba Jahan Kaur, tabla
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