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  1. So....a prison sentence is a light sentence? Just because the father doesn't get executed doesn't mean he doesn't do time in jail. But if you really insist on death sentence as a retribution why not start petitioning your own country (chose UK or India/Khalistan). Again you're throwing at me articles about the Iranian government when it is very clear to anyone who has studied fiqh that the Iranian government has violated essential tenets of Shi'ite jurisprudence. And this is not some liberal human rights group saying but high ranking clerics who have chosen to stay out of the revolutionary
  2. Love the Ahl ul Bayt (as), fight their ennemies. Summs up Tashayyu pretty well.
  3. I had one of my law students in Tehran check your so-called paragraph 220 which you mentionned... The actual paragraph is: "Section 16 A father or paternal grandfather who kills his son (or grandson) shall be liable only to pay the Diyat for the murder to the heirs as a Ta'zeer." Retribution for murder is a right of the victim's family. If the murderer happens to be the father of grandfather the retribution (death penalty) is converted into diyat or a prison sentence. Kind of not the same as the bullcrap you quoted. And why the hell are you qouting flipping Sunni hadiths
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8072158/Mother-hacked-to-death-after-filing-for-divorce.html
  5. Ishraqi

    Shia Sikh relations

    dalsingh101 wrote: Didn't I say in my original sentence so that it might not come across as me saying that all non-Sikhs including Muslims are saints? Is it just me or you willingly missunderstood my sentence? Or are you just a bit slow? Panjab is the homeland of the Panjabis of which a small minority are Sikhs.There are more non-Sikh Panjabis in the world than Sikhs. You might want to study history and realize that your Indian Panjab is only but a small faction of the original Panjab. Besides many Sikhs are not Panjabis and I don't see how on earth you can claim Panjab to be
  6. Ishraqi

    Shia Sikh relations

    Dalsingh101 wrote: Well I am afraid the honour of having brought this story doesn't belong to me. I have been told this story by one of Niddar Singh's disciples who apparently has been told this by Akali Baba Surjit Singh. I suggest you continue your investigation among the disciples of Niddar Singh and when you find him ask him about the veracity of the story or visit Akali Baba Surjit Singh himself and ask him. Given what I have witnessed of certain Nihangs (not all though) and their tendency to invent themselves new satantri maryadas in order to justify all kinds of vile behaviour (
  7. Khalsa Dharam Shastar is I think a great work. It's by far the most serious and credible attempt at creating a traditionalist catechism. It's really sad it hasn't been published again since 1914.The section on the relations between Sikhism and Hinduism is truly fascinating like much of the rest of the work.
  8. Ishraqi

    Shia Sikh relations

    Kaljug wrote: It's usually academics who read academic journals and yes writing academic articles doesn't pay.I doubt many shiachatters will read that sort of journals either. I did say that it was an academic journal though didn't I? So why do you make it sound like I was announcing some best-seller pop book? I was actually just replying to Amardeep, not you nor anyone else. You don't need to feel too concerned about every single post I put on this forum. HSD wrote: Do you always expect others to fight your wars? No seriously, I think the Americans are waiting for you to co
  9. Ishraqi

    Shia Sikh relations

    Jerkaara wrote: Meine Reaktion: amardeep wrote: You might not have noticed but I have sort of been inactive on this forum for quite a while and intend to keep it that way.I have little, in fact no interaction with Sikhs these days apart from really interesting books written at least 90 years ago. As I stated early my interest in Sikhism has moved to a purely academic interst in comparative literature. I am not in the least interested in converting Sikhs to Shi'ism as proselytism is in opposition to true Shi'ism (not Ahmadinejhad Sunni loving pan-Islamism). As one's Sh
  10. All in due time. Yes the records exist.I'll write it all down in a nice article when I am done with my present project. Sikhism is not my priority at the moment.

  11. No need to feel flattered. We Shi'as don't claim you guys, just your founder, Baba Nanak Shah who was initiated by Hazrat Darvish Hassan, a shaykh of the Nimatollahi order. The records are in Tehran :). You guys can keep on doing what you're doing and claiming what you're claiming. It's not important to us.

  12. Kaljug wrote: I thank God for having made you stupid. That's probably one of the most blatant lies I have ever heard. WOW. Ever heard of tri-functional Indo-European societies? Read George Dum├ęzil and Max Weber. admin cut
  13. Obviously not Indian either...
  14. The Prophet said about him and his family:" We are not Arabs". I won't say anymore on this subject as I think I shouldn't discuss the status of Fatimah (as) with people whose fate in the next world is already decided.
  15. HSD wrote: 1. It's not "THE muslims", it's we Shi'a 2. Lady Fatimah (as) has titles such as Mistress of the women of all the worlds, the Virgin, the Pure One, the Blessed One,the Queen of Paradise etc...
  16. Why should Tony and Kaljug be banned from a Sikh forum for insulting Ahlul Bayt (as) if Dasam Granth already does so? If you're banning these guys you have to ban Bachitar Natak as well.Tony and Kaljug are people I appreciate because they take away the cover of political correctness that makes many people forget the way the Prophet (saws) gets insulted in Dasam Granth and in teh rest of of post 1708 literature (even though I wouln't like to reduce Sikhism to that issue).
  17. Kaljug wrote: You chose your username well I must say. Yes you know where you're going at least, you can prepare yourself for it now. Amazing how people just waste their precious souls in a few seconds by insulting Hazrat-e Fatimah (as). At least it's good to know you'll be dealt with properly in the after life.
  18. My faith is not the result of my experiences, it is the way that has been established and show by all our prophets and Imams from Adam (as) to Imam-e Zaman (ajf) though Noah (as), Abraham (as), Moses (as), David (as), Jesus (as) and Mohammad (saws). For me to have Arab ideas would mean that I am either Arab or that I was brought up in Arabic which is not the case. And just in case you wondered: Shi'ism being non-tribal is NOT an Arab religion. Next time you wish to have a go at me chose better arguments.
  19. I am perfectly calm and at peace my love thanks for caring.Suicide is haram for us so the idea of blowing myself up didn't cross my mind really and anyways the state in which Sunnis are i.e. absence of love for God's Face, is hell in and of itself.As for your rather incorrect picture of what happened 1400 years ago in Medina...I am not surprised that you reduce the Queen of all universes, who existed even before the world was created to..".an Arabni" and that you reduce the issue between Sunnis and Shi'as to a vulgar issue of zamin. After all it's the kind of realities you are used to. It woul
  20. @HSD: A set of European Arab set of ideas? I asked you to define me what these are. @tonyhp32: you're right about the Islamic world. Thank God the Sikh world has never known any sort of violence against different groups that came from it and are within it. One just needs to see how Sikhs, Nirankaris, Ravidasis and other cults live in harmony to be convinced by your statements :)If the majority were to define your religion you'd probably have to call yourself a Hindu... @Shaheediyan, the AhlulBayt Channel is the AhlulBayt Channel. Our Imams did advocate tolerance for those Sunnis that love
  21. Define "b*stardised arab muslim/european belief system", just curious to see what it means... As for insinuating that someone is not a Muslim, we have plenty of hadiths like these ones: imam zainul abideen :- anyone who believes that abu bakr umar and uthman were good people is a kaffir" If you have a problem with such statements I suggest you take 50p go to a phone box and phone someone who cares...
  22. Sikhs have always been a minority in Panjab. Most Panjabis are "Muslims" (well so they say). You seem to forget that there were also Muslims among the Allies and make it sound as if all Muslims joined Hitler which is of course a joke. I suggest you watch the French movie Indigenes which talks about the Muslim regiments of the French army who fought against the Germans. Now let me guess what reason they had to join the Allies.And these regiments were far more numerous than all these small SS units you guys love to refer to. Joining one side or the other had more to do with opportunism than reli
  23. You guys are hilarious. "Oh the Singhs joined the SS they wanted to free India but Muslims did it because they're just evil" Clap clap clap clap great argument I am impressed...
  24. A quick reminder for people with selective memories. There were Sikhs in the SS as well...
  25. Thanks for Shaheediyan for writing competently about McLeod. McLeod was a historian and as such his findings were part of an academic debate. He had no agenda. A lot of his work needs to be reviewed but to be frank he has opened many doors and had it not been for him the only literature we would have in the West about Sikhism would be restricted to the 20 page 10 rupees booklets you can buy around the Golden Temple with titles such as "Hair: source of the life" or "The Sikhism: a religion for the modren man".
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