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  1. My nephew just had a son. It's the first of the 5th generation of my family in the U.K.  Feels like a milestone. Thought I'd share. 

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    2. mahanpaapi


      With lots of Guru Maharaj Ji's Blessings. 

    3. dalsingh101


      Letter was obtained from Guru Sahib for his name. His name is Akaal. This is a blessing because this is what his father wanted to name him before the letter was given. He's a big baby. Here is praying that the boy grows up to have true prem for the panth and strong shardha for this ਮਾਰਗ that has us paapis striving to walk a path sharper than the edge of a khanda, and finer than a hair. May Waheguru bless him and all of you reading this too. 

    4. chatanga1


      Congrats to you all. Great name.

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