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    Itihaas. Impact of British colonisation on Sikhs/Panjab. How to cook a tasty and healthy meal. Herbal/natural remedies. Dasam Granth. Singh Sabha lehar. The Panjabi language. Sikh art. Historiography.

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  1. are you on sikh subreddit? I saw your posts on this site and sikhawareness. You should definetly join the subreddit and post on there as well

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    2. ipledgeblue


      I hope you are enjoying Reddit, but why did you choose a brand new name? lol

    3. dalsingh101


      The usual one was taken. I can't seem to attach attachments to the posts on reddit? 

    4. ipledgeblue


      yes I don't think you can attach stuff on reddit. normally for images imgur.com is used.

      for other documents you have to send links to wherever they are uploaded.

      you should reply to some of the users that commented on your thread!

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