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    Itihaas. Impact of British colonisation on Sikhs/Panjab. How to cook a tasty and healthy meal. Herbal/natural remedies. Dasam Granth. Singh Sabha lehar. The Panjabi language. Sikh art. Historiography.

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  1. You said once on your post that you linked Sri Gur Katha but I can't find it, can you send it here? 

    I would like to read the gurmukhi version.

    1. dalsingh101


      I haven't found the Gurmukhi version myself, I had an English translation. That being said, even the Gurmukhi is purportedly a translation/transcription(?) of some now apparently lost Bhattachari original. We are talking about the text that is commonly associated with Bhai Jaita Singh aren't we?  

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