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  1. This discussion is becoming very interesting and comparison is with Hindu marriage. I would like to share this Vedic marriage rituals and meaning for the ones who can read Hindi. Although, In Hindus marriage rituals differ from one caste to another, but core is the same. Link to download marriage ritual and meaning. http://www.mediafire.com/?k1zomjnurii
  2. Tsingh and other knowledgeable members. Can you share your wisdom on selecting which one is a good translation? http://hinduebooks.blogspot.com/search/label/gita
  3. This blog has digital version of few good books. Of course! website has an agenda but still it should not stop us from getting the good e-books. Please download the ones you like and ignore the rest. http://bharateeya.wordpress.com/download-free-ebooks/
  4. Software helpful for Tabla learners. http://taalpulse.net/index.html FREE http://upasani.org/home/iLehra.html Paid http://www.mastermusiconline.com/musical-instruments/nagma-lehera.shtml Paid
  5. God's word can come from anyone and that's the message of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. There was a reason to include Bhagats and Saints bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and present it as Gurbani.
  6. Most of the Sikhs do not have idea of Brahmanvaad... They will have shock when they come to know that the best constructive criticism against Brahmanvaad comes from Brahmans themselves. Shankarchariya went all over India defeating Brahmanvaadi Brahmans. People need to spend sometime to understand Brahmanvaad and do not use this term blindly. Brahmanism cannot be labeled as way of Brahmans. It's not acceptable in intellectuals world. It is very wrong practice of youth to degrade Sikhism traditions and practices by putting them under Brahmanism. http://www.jstor.org/pss/4414197
  7. http://www.scribd.com/doc/20833535/Who-Is-A-Hindu
  8. Bibi Viro was married with Anand Karaj in village Jhabal. The Gurdwara is historical Gurdwara. This Gurudwara claims to the performance of first Anand karaj. I doubt if there is a history of Anand Karaj before Bibi Viro. http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Bibi_Viro
  9. Let's add book stores information here. It will help people who are interested in buying. http://www.singhbrothers.com/singhbrothers.htm http://www.csjs.com/default.htm http://www.nahal.com/
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--PXNzfyLJw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1_BzioM8X8
  11. I heard that Kavi Santokh Singh wrote one teeka on Japji Sahib? Does anyone know about it?
  12. Singh2 Can you please provide scans of degrading articles published by lala Jagat Narain's family? Let's all see what he has written in 1984 militants era of Punjab. I always thought about it and never came across any written material.
  13. Please ask them to get Sri Dasam Granth Darpan written by Bhai Harbans Singh of Chandigarh. It was written in response to Bhag Singh Ambala's controversial which was written to degrade Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. The whole group of Gurtej Singh Brar, Gurcharan Singh Brar "Jeonwala", Inder Singh Pannu "Ghagga", Gurbakhsh Singh "Kala Afghana" and crew drive most of their wisdom from Bhag Singh Ambala's book. All their blasphemy has been refuted in Sri Dasam Granth Darpan written by Bhai Harbans Singh.
  14. I believe someone deleted it from that site. I hope someone will scan it. It can be ordered from http://www.csjs.com/default.htm easily.
  15. He wrote two books and I am not able to get a hold of them yet. These statements can only be verified if his two books are present online. There is a habit of few authors and translators to write out of context to change the views of author. I came across this information online and posted it so please spare me. These are not my words so Harjas Kaur ji may not get angry at me. We all know that Vedic texts have been altered to suit individuals agenda so disrespect to women could be later addition. I am not the scholar of Hinduism so very open to any new learning material. Regards
  16. Swami Ram Tirath Dandi Sanyasi was born in Brahmin family of Tohra village in Patiala. He was a Hindu Theologian, Sanskrit Scholar and Author (Supreme Scriptures, Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Paramount Religion, Khalsa Panth) Just as the Guru Granth Sahib abated the social injustice, perpetuated against low castes through religious creeds, same way it raised voice in favor of basic rights of the womankind. Here the husband is not said to be the God and the woman the slave or purchased sheep or goat, but (she) has been accepted an equal partner in all (socio-familial) matters. Lopsided dicta of Hindu simirties that vilified women and compelled them to live like captives, was implicitly contravened through Gurus’ Words. Guru Nanak Dev Ji saying that when the whole mankind takes birth from the woman and there is need for woman to perpetuate the life cycle asked, then why the woman is vilified? In the Adi Granth there is no credo regarding barbaric worship neither any importance for ritual feast (to holy quakes) or sacrifices. Similarly no regard is accorded to Vaishnava or goddess worship because in the puranas it is said that they both (Hindu Goddess and Vishnu, one of Hindu god trinity) relish barbarous intakes i.e. meat, alcohol, marijuana, hemp, tobacco, hashish, cannabis etc. In the end I want to mention Guru Granth Sahib’s supremacy from the standpoint that this preeminent Granth does not profess any demigod or goddess to be the real God just as the (Hindu) puranas have done. Each purana’s author has made a God out of his conceptual demigod. Excellence of Sikhism, Sarup S. Alag ******************************************************************************** Swami Ram Tirath was a very famous scholar on Hindu culture and religion. He once studied the Sikh scriptures and was so inspired that he himself became a Sikh. He wrote a book entitled, "Sarvotam Dharam Granth - Siri Guru Granth Sahib te Sarvotam Dharam - Khalsa Panth", meaning the best scripture is Guru Granth Sahib ji and the best religion is the Khalsa Panth. Later in life he got baptised into the Sikh faith. He once said: ".....After having studied the scriptures, in many respects I have discarded the Vedas, Shastras, Smiritis, all Sutras, Tantras and Puranas, knowing them to be polluted and corrupted by many impurities. I have found that only the Holy Guru Granth Sahib is completely free of contamination and knowing it to be benevolent for the whole humanity, I have accepted this scripture and I accept myself to be the Sikh of Guru Nanak Dev ji, therefore i am a Sikh of the Guru."
  17. Also don't forget to read Chritro Pakhiyan... Guru Gobind Singh ji included it for a reason.
  18. Hinduism allows religious freedom. There are many traditions people follow in different regions of India. Sadhus have so many sects that it's not even possible to count them. This sadhu class usually comes from schedule castes or so-called low castes.
  19. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091220/ap_on_re_us/us_cell_phone_warnings More info at : http://products.mercola.com/blue-tube-headset/
  20. Ludhiana riots/protests are just a tip of the ice. There will be more in coming years. The numbers you have shown are wonderful but you have to factor in fake votes/people not voting etc... In Janakpuri area of Delhi which is very dominated area of Punjabi, there was no hope for congress candidate especially non Punjabi to win.. The results were surprising.. Locals didn't show up to vote in numbers but migrants used their rights fully.. And you can see the results at http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/politics/mahabal-mishra-springs-surprise-victory-in-west-delhi_100193239.html I do not go by news paper KD Singh ji as I have real time access to people and personal experiences of the situations. Media is just a puppet of strong and mighty. Also Indian constitution is not written on stone because it gives the flexibility to make amendments. Rajasthan state has banned outsiders to own land in their state as you might be aware of this so this will not be injustice to anyone. I try to avoid political discussions but this time I thought of just let it out. Thanks! For your time and efforts.
  21. Punjab's local residents whether Sikhs/Muslims/Hindus need to have more voting numbers in order to have any impact in state's affairs. They will not he heard until they raise their numbers and have more voting power. The only solution is to fight for discontinuation of voting rights and no property ownership to outsiders and migrants in Punjab other than local Sikhs/Hindu/Muslims... Migrants should not be discriminated on the jobs level if they qualify. I believe that attacking Ashutosh and other organizations will not solve any problem. This will give more fire to political leaders so they can bake their political agenda. Sikhs sitting in western countries should support rural population of Punjab and influence their voting power. NRI Sikhs should demand dual citizenship and right to vote in Punjab as this will increase voting power. This is political issue which is being turned into religious issue. KD Singh I do not support the bad treatment of any human kind. It should be protested as long as they are innocent. Please see the following link to see migrants power in Punjab. People who are innocent and want to work do not burn properties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8svJQNB5WQ
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