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  1. je main pretend karda ta main aap kyun kehya ke main Hindu parwaro cho haiga..? je nahi vi dasda ta ki fark paina si...
  2. tu yaar thand rakhh mere veer...chhad duniya daari ..Nanak Naam lewa sangat haige assi saare..veer...
  3. veere ..shaant..tusi baot jyaada lorhh lehnde ho...ik dimaagi rakshas banaake rakkheya tu veer..koi na shaant..
  4. Then please love the Muslims, they are very happy and eager to accept you. No one stops you from doing what you like. Love to such a level that there be no difference, who can dare to stop you.
  5. btw when you mean clan ?what is your definition? and who do you represent ?
  6. ohh ok ! so dont trust ....if you want to play hatred...the game starts
  7. well everyone has a different way of thinking , but i still respect you, had met yoy in 2009 when i had visited CA...respect you like an elder sis
  8. I am talking Nanak Gobind ..Not Ram Syam here...you are in a different world ..
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