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  1. then please start doing namaz instead of taking the sangat's opinion !
  2. kd singh ji if you have seen the serial Tamas, they have showed muslim sikhs, this is i belive is in the the 1st or second episode. the serial is available on google videos do check it there.
  3. i m confused, i get a feeling that by asking this you just wanted to hear a yes.
  4. veer ji sikhi is not abt permissions, sikhi is about will the will of Akaal, will the Akaal purakh ever will that his child goes in a dirty tunnel and gets lost forever ? you are already on a beautiful path why are you dreaming of dark tunnels ?
  5. veers i haeva suggestion if our veer is feeling lonely anyone near him can visit him and we can start somewhere to stop what we been wanting to ..what say veers ?
  6. but that still wont make sense to switch to islam
  7. ki haal aa veer ji , aap ji online ho ?

  8. go through these veera :- http://www.formermuslims.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=5 http://www.ex-muslim.org.uk/ http://www.faithfreedom.org/about-us/
  9. the sulley will welcom you till you r new , then you too are part of their feuds, sunni shia , tablighi , ahmadiya, ahle hadees etc. so you leave yor 'zaat' because you dint want it, only to fall into the bracket of another 'zaat' of another religion.
  10. Veera if religious extremism of akj is not ok then what about the tablighi ? veer ji they dont even reply to a salaam from a non muslim. the choice is is yours, if u feel u want to see enlightment take the path which shows light not what leads you further to tunnels of darkness where there is no come back. go through this site - www.whyichosesikhism.com veera u dont need any jatha for enlightment,by any chance if you are in hindustan and if you feel we can talk over it do pm me, or even if you are abroad you still can send me details, there are better sikhs all over the world its just
  11. veer ji , appreciate your broad mindedness, since you are respecting the ibadat of Akaal known to muslims as Allah, but we also need to understand the islamic perspective before we do the ibadat or saadhana of Akaal in the islamic form of Allah. the kalma says " La Illah, Illal lah muhammad rassol allah" if we understand this message alone , we can then decide whether we should be namaz. This can be translated as "There is nothing but Allah and muhammad alone is the Rasool" Now if we are sikhs, we see Rasool in our Gurus how can we accept he islamic bani which will not recognize
  12. Wants to practice jhatka

  13. this was a bloddy gandhi waadi father ! hindu women dont mind marrying hazuri sikhs, the reason is the bonding is so strong, i been there thrice, my last visit was in january this year. its a amazing bonding and many hindus take amrit there. i know of a common friend who is a local has the last name rajkondewar i belive, he recently became sikh, he had grown his kesh, telling his family he would someday go to tirupati and remove them ! today he is a proud singh !
  14. i have come over many hurdles in daily life after doing the Sukhmani Sahib paath
  15. thats what they have stored even at that site in afghanistan, of what i have heard prithviraj chauhan was buried there and people step on his grave there.
  16. He is revered for his brave deeds, however the truth is , he lost his control over his kingdom behind his lady love Sanyogita.
  17. This reminds me of the famous doha or couplet in Hindi is char bans chaubis gaj , angul asth praman, ta uper sultan hai, mat chuke chauhan Meaning 4 bans and 24 yards , 8 figers above is sultan .. do not miss him Chahuan
  19. u guys taken a look at the website ? www.degtegfateh.0catch.com
  20. here is a site promoting jhatka My link
  21. yaar i got them printed in the same Gatka ! trust me you wont find a single copy of this ! this was printed by someone and distributed ! and i enjoy the flow of energy !
  22. doubts like is it true that a Shastar needs to be placed in front of you and the Paath is done only in the mornings...also i have Ugardanti printed together should I do Ugardanti together? I in fact enjoy Ugardanti more...
  23. penji i would request you to please let this topic go the way it should and not the way you are taking it . i have some doubts please let them be resolved .
  24. again the same request veers , please tell me the exact way of doing Chandi di vaar its more liek a urgency !
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