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  1. Thats called 600 pack ! you need to be patient to find the pack
  2. its terrible ! getting killed over a trifle matter...i wish someone had smashed that norwegian bully's skull
  3. Babbeyo , Gutka Sahib kitho manga sakde ? Main Hindustan ch rehinda haan ji
  4. Dhanvaad maalko ...how is the Paath supposed to be done ? there are like 3 days important of Diwali ..should we do the whole paath every day ?
  5. they are sympathizers of the commie mentality and supporters of Rozana Spokesman, i have spent a few years on their forum only to be blocked time and again.
  6. thanks bro , i did that on friday however this is a scanned copy so cant search
  7. Veer i have tried different websites , i think i need to dig more, i have read somewhere..but now i cannot recollect
  8. i am trying find veer , will let you know
  9. I recently purchased this book, very in depth study from historical point of view is presented by the author. It is a must buy for people interested in history & anthropology. Sangat in India can purchase online : https://www.amazon.in/Afghan-Hindus-Sikhs-Inderjeet-Singh/dp/9385854380 Sangat abroad can purchase online: https://www.amazon.com/Afghan-Hindus-Sikhs-Inderjeet-Singh-ebook/dp/B07QWYDVY4 Interview of the Author Inderjeet Singh http://www.sikhnet.com/news/interview-author-book-afghan-hindus-sikhs
  10. Bhaisahab i guess there is a lot of differences between the Dals/Jathebandis or the individuals who are at some position in the Dal. There is all the possibility that one individual may have malice towards the other. The followers of one Dal will claim that their Mukhi is of so and so Awastha, wakes up at 12-2 pm , does kesi isnaan and then the Nitnem,Das Granthi and so on. This is the standard measure they give to claim that the Mukhi is of high Awastha and also will add some miracles happening. Hunn mainu Aap ji dasso, who is going to see which individual does what and how
  11. my 2 cents, do the Paath after the morning Nitnem Banis. You would yourself get the feeling of the time best suitable to you. Also you will also feel tphat the Bani has to be followed by additional Banis as per one's energy. I myself have wasted a lot of time over the timings and so on, Bani will never harm you as we all know. At this time you or me or anyone who doesnt have any awastha is a abhyasi - a student . We are bound to make mistakes while learning . So lets just assume we are toddlers who will fall time and again while walking. My personal experience says , Hukumae Andar S
  12. When you have accepted Ek Oankaar, when you have accepted the Gurus you are a Sikh. I too am born in a Hindu family and grew up in a liberal atmosphere. My dad was happy for me when i started the path to understand Sikhi and had brought me Sukhmani Sahib gutka. A Sikh is not born inspite of being born in a Sikh family. He has to start walking on the path. As time goes i would want to see myself as a Khalsa some day. Till then we have to keep practicing , am not even good at Nitnem. A long way to go . Akaal
  13. you said it ! It is Waheguruji who has given that boon of progeny to the woman. Why would Waheguru want women to stop remembering Naam. Of what i heard that sounds logical, those days there were no sanitary pads. The level of hygiene was obviously not as good as now. Periods are accompanied with cramps and severe bleeding in many women thus giving a feeling of weakness and fatigue. The system of 'resting' during those days gave women a small vacation and other family members would take over. However, to make things understandable specially to men who at times would force women for their
  14. Here's a Romanized version of the SaptShati Chandi Paath : http://www.anandamayi.org/ashram/Durga.pdf
  15. thats very true , i used to do Paath of SaptaShati Chandi composed by Rishi Markandey during Navraate prior to being absorbed in Sikhi. Sapstahati Chandi is a detailed description of the whole event. Guru Maharaaj has laid stress on the War(Jangh )part and described in Bir Ras. This description is very unique, in a very high energy flow. There is a reason behind this, Punjab was influenced by the Shakt tradition before getting influenced by the Vaishnav tradition. Even if you look at the names of the different cities or places such as Chandigarh, Ambala, Jallandhar(the rakshas who
  16. is your speed very fast ? maybe having an effect on your blood pressure.
  17. breathing in and out will too work out for you. Another method you can try is , you could visualize snow places or Guru Sahib meditating in such a location.
  18. very true bro...i will finally start..am going to the South for a 4 day trip . Will come back and start.
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