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  1. I have fought with depression and anxiety listening to his bachans. See, my take is do not give space to a person so much that he would take advantage of the situation. In that lady's case why did her husband and she not take the stand that she will not go alone. When the lady was called to his room alone , in the first place there was no need to go . The moment she heard what he said , she must have been in a shock but instead of confronting after a long time wherein facts get distorted action should have taken then and there. Power corrupts, nobody is above. Even the puraatan Rishis ha
  2. i was repeatedly banned otherwise i might have stayed on ..that so called giani from malaysia was a pain in the ass
  3. yes bro..well i was the 'rss' agent for them because i was open about my Hindu background. Antonia was the only one supporting me , i have had telephonic conversations with her when i was on a short visit to California.
  4. Its a anti Dasam group and has been active since a few years now ..there is one self proclaimed Giani of Malaysia who is a croonie of the Spokesman group. One person who made sense was a American lady who died of cancer i believe a couple of years back probably.
  5. This is the Guru Gaitri...there are different Gayatri Mantars of different Devte. The formation of a a mantar in a specific way is referred as the Gaitri. The Vedic Gayatri Mantra and the Guru Gaitri are both referring to the Parmatma Waheguru.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajrayana
  7. Buddhism didnt have anything to do with Tantra until it intermingled with other Asian religions in Tibet and China where local religions practiced it . It is a fusion concept and included much later after the Buddha left his earthly form.
  8. it takes months to Katha is what i meant veer, yes please post..me and many others would be interested
  9. was good , he is popular but personal attention may not always be possible
  10. i have been to his clinic in Mumbai, was close to my home
  11. that government was different than this one. That government imported Rohingyas.
  12. bhaa ji eh ki gal ho gayi..Delhi already has Afghani Sikhs settled in the last 20 years and in my city too i have interacted with Sikhs coming from Quetta . India is their first home by default , no government bjp or congress will stop them. All those of us who are using Twiter, just tweet Sushma Swaraj. Open a page on Facebook which will have copies fo those tweets and just let it spread.
  13. As you jaap continuously your mind will be at peace and balanced. There will be questions in the mind as to do you really need the wish to be fulfilled. Hukum of Akaal , Rabb da Bhaana mann ke jeevan byatit karan di chaah honi pehnji.
  14. Taksal was never the worst enemy, in fact it was only during the time of Sant Jarnail SIngh ji that Indira gandhi and the Taksal communicated . Whatever went wrong and it resulted in turmoil that we all are well aware about. By the way, for your information Indian Government is not some Mughal king that the people remain the same. The government then was congress and now it is bjp. Bjp and Akaalis have had a relationship in long . How is it that you claim that Jathedar Baba Harnaam Singh Dhumma was chosen by the government ? You are making serious allegations against a Sampraday jus
  15. please bring up a complete video proving he didn't meant to challenge the rituals and might have said it in a different context. Had he not criticized the Taksaal and the rituals he wouldnt have fallen in the eyes of the people. I wish he understands sentiments and apologizes for what people understood about him. Waheguru sammat bakshe
  16. to consider his views as intellect is in itself weird. According to him everything is a hoax. Parkrama , ishnaan, amritvela, ..the only thing holy is his words sounding right from his nose.
  17. Namo Aaad Shakti Maharaani Chandi Aad Bhavaani Bhagouti
  18. i was given this advice and i believe it, Har Vele Simran. When you start doing Simran you will miss the feeling when you cant do it.
  19. Veer of all what i have heard of his bachans he seems to be influenced by the so called 'rational' Anti Dasam brigade . He started this in fact, he started criticizing Taksaal..in one of the videos i heard him saying eh kam Taksaal da hai sannu karna painda..this got the Taksaalis agitated . Last but not the least, he questioned bathing in the sarovar at Amritsar Sahib and it was in a rude way is what i feel. He said something to belittle the ritual
  20. sometimes i feel should such personalities be just ignored by people like us who have faith on traditional sources. the more there is protest the more do such people get popular.
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