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  1. If you are okay with him living a Sikh way of life and standing by his principles which may be very different to what you have living with and also if he is comfortable going to another country where the culture is very different it would be easy for him to accept that way of life then it would be okay. Has he stayed away from you as in you would meet say like once or twice a year? There are a number of factors to be considered.
  2. Thanks to your query, reminds me of my dad explaining me this almost 3 decades back and here is an explanation i found very much like what i heard from my dad . http://www.mygreatbaba.com/ All the problems faced in life can be basically categorised mainly in three types: Adi bhautik (Physical)- Related mainly to body; e.g. hunger/thirst, snake bite, wars or fights with other living beings Adi Devik (Divine)- Generated by Prakriti, e.g. Extreme weather, earthquake, excessive rain or lack of it Adhyatmik (Spiritual)- Related to the Mental plane, e.g.anger, greed, infatuation
  3. Unfortunately it doesnt make sense to me, where is he drawing the reference from? There is more Chandi Bani in Dasam Granth Sahib and that i dont believe would be written for the sake that someone wanted to hear the Ustat and Maharaaj composed .
  4. Singh Sabha was made to understand by the Macaulay that the Hindu was a boa constrictor ! if the Hindu was a boa constrictor why would there be contribution to people joining Khalsa ...before any formal divide there have been families with generations having chilldren either follow Sanatan or Sikhi..and Sikhi never faced dwindling numbers as in today ..if there were subtractions then there were additions too..i know of families here who say their great grand father or the forefathers was Sikh or Hindu or who's half family is following either of the two religions. Arya Samaaj themselves dont g
  5. There has also been an attempt by Arya Samaaj to curb the distinct identity of the Khalsa..you need to draw the line bro...Khalsa is a Panth born in Bharat and will have the same base as other religions born in India ..the concept of Chitargupt and Yamraj and 84 lakh joon..Hindu is a geographical identity only. So even though you love and respect Sikhism you should respect the fact that they are a distinct Panth
  6. i am currently working on this line, some times are as such when nothing seems to work ..learning the planetary positions i would want to do bani more
  7. Devteya naalo Guru mahan, Yog naalo Gatka mahan, Rakhdi naal vi vair..Taksali logic ..sum of all the crap is I am mahan rest all are beimaan.
  8. Rather than getting into this agnostic hatred a person of like you should focus on higher subjects
  9. So what do you want to say ? You want to do some comparison on who created what and prove someone not worthy of respect like neo taksalis and anti dasam gang do ?
  10. very happy to have you on the forum brother, like you i too am from a hindu family background. The explanation about Kaliki Avatar, i too have most times felt the same. As a child I remember seeing a painting depicted of Kalki Avtar seated on a horse in Blue attire and i too used to connect to Guru Dasmesh Pita however in this case in His composition of Kalki Avtar Guru Sahib mentions the birth of Kalki Maharaj in the village of Sambal located in Himachal Pradesh if i am not wrong.
  11. just copy the text and paste in word file mere veer.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHpcc4cLpM8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbzsI0IYWmA
  13. Ohh is it ! thanks for letting the Panth know, So you want to say Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale who did Katha of Bachitar Natak bani was also a Hindu Mitihasak ?
  14. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki Fateh beta ji, Waah ji waah beta ji , very happy to hear from you ..yes i was indeed waiting for news from you. Thats like a good bacha...i am very happy for you ..Jiske Sirr Upar Tu Swami so Dukh kaise Paave..keep motivating yourself beta ..Guru Ang Sang Sahaai.. I will be eagerly waiting for more news beta..very proud of you Siri Akaal ji Sahaai ..Jai Sadaa Jai Bhagouti
  15. Best of Luck beta, May Waheguru Bless you.
  16. Welcome Beta, May Akaal Purakh Bless you with strength.
  17. I can imagine your situation beta, if bani is curing you and making you feel better then that's really good. I am sorry i didn't explain in detail, whichever bani you feel to do , do the bani at ease just don't stress your self. Anything where you feel stress just give yourself time to be peaceful . First we need to build confidence in ourselves and then trust in Waheguru. Siri Akaal Sahaai ??
  18. this indeed would be really nice and feel free to share your problems beta, you are like a daughter to me . I feel you can certainly fight away your depression.
  19. Beta ji you are quiet young Happy Birthday ! Sometimes things get psychological too. Once we start thinking on the lines that someone has cast a spell we convince ourselves and for everything happening around is we start presuming this is jadu tona...of what i could make out is this you are stressed about waking up for paath and your sub conscious mind is always awake thinking you might drowse off and you lack sound sleep. Before stressing yourself on any force of waking up at Amrit vela please focus on a good night's sleep. Sleep will help you control your mind and think cle
  20. Please share veer, we can always seek expert advice from awastha waale Singhs and Mahapurakhs who are in our contact . Many Singhs here are aware
  21. Thanks to the Kathaakaar Sri Thakur Singh ji and the Creators of the Bani The Guru Sahibaan.
  22. Frankincense is also believed to be very powerful, it is known to improve depressive moods.
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