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  1. 1 hour ago, Jageera said:

    What is this mental patient barking about,I wasnt even talking to him and his fanatic hindutva madness took over.Pity his keyboard. I love everyone who doesn't go around killing and raping. And whats for sure is I dont need your permission to love anyone.I don't hate muslims just because they are muslims.

    I pity you jaikara...pretending to be a Sikh for years yet Sikhi can't seem to seep into your heart.You are just a hate filled fanatic who is most capable of rape and murder himself.I bet you don't even see muslims as fellow humans. You have the same mentality of those who committed the 1984 anti-Sikh genocide, the same fundamentalist hate and sheep mentality swallowing up what hate others spew.

    Seriously what the hell are you doing here? Ask yourself. I think you are better off on some bajrang dal forum where you and the other lunatics can have a group orgy of hate,murder and rape.Seriously go get some professional help before you end up committing some heinous hate crime.

    veere ..shaant..tusi baot jyaada lorhh lehnde ho...ik dimaagi rakshas banaake rakkheya tu veer..koi na shaant..

  2. 2 hours ago, Jageera said:

    These days they infiltrate Sikhi and after raping and murdering us,now they provoke us to go kill Muslims. Watch that degeneracy of a movie "Kesari" that these idiots made to influence simple minded Sikhs.

    Then please love the Muslims, they are very happy and eager to accept you. No one stops you from doing what you like. Love to such a level that there be no difference, who can dare to stop you. 

  3. 15 hours ago, Jageera said:

    Never thought of it Veer as I have within the last year quit intoxicants and I dont wish to quit anything in the near future as I might implode and go mad,lol.Maybe somewhere in the distant future,who knows,but if I ever go veg it would be because of health reasons and simplicity of preparation etc.

    i like my meat/fish/chicken simple too, no spices almost bland

  4. On 2/17/2020 at 4:44 PM, Jageera said:

    The sun is going to rise from the west tomorrow as this is the first time i think i have ever agreed with kdsinghs post.

    Not taking any sides in this debated to death meat topic but just wanted to say that in my life experience some of the biggest b*st*rds,untrustworthy lowlife pieces of shit that I have come across were lifelong 100% vegetarian.And the most honest stand up people who helped me in life were non veg. This has convinced me that being veg has Nothing to do with spirituality or morality. This is what I strongly believe in as it is what I personally experienced. Gurfateh.

    i am non vegeterian :)

  5. 8 hours ago, HarjasKaur said:

    Here is the historical truth of the matter.  An albeit hidden ancient High Priest, Philosopher and religious leader named Apollonius of Tyana was actually pivotal in the hidden connection between East and West.  Knowledge of him is muted in most Western academia, because his character was used in composite to form several illustrious personages... namely the "apostle" Paul of Tarsus... author of many books in the Greek New testament of Christianity. He is also used as a composite for the Jesus figure, and so "rocks the boat" of mainstream Western theology.

    Why is this figure of Apollonius of Tyana central to the Eastern-Western philosophical and religious crossroads?  Because Apollonius visited India and "borrowed" much of it's teachings... these in turn became severely distorted into forms of Christianity.

    So you see the character of Jesus, pivotal to Western Christianity, was in fact patterned after an actual Western mystic who obtained his learning from Indian spiritual masters and yogis.  From the earliest days of Christianity, when it became a State religion and political power... sought to suppress that Eastern origin... and then turned around and condemned everything not within it's own doctrines as "pagan," "evil" and "spurious."
    "[44.2] He tells us that Apollonius visited the Indians, whom he calls Brahmins, from whom he learnt much of their divine wisdom. He also visited the wise men of Ethiopia, whom he calls Gymni, because they pass all their life naked and never wear clothes even in the most trying weather. But he declares that the wise men of India are far superior to those of Ethiopia, since they are older in point of time and their intellect is purer and keener, owing to their living nearer to the rays of the sun." https://www.livius.org/sources/content/philostratus-life-of-apollonius/a-byzantine-commentary-on-philostratus-life-of-apollonius/
    "Born into the noble family of Tyana, Apollonius was educated by a Pythagorean philosopher in Tarsus. In his later youth, disgusted by the luxury, idleness and vice of Tarsus, he retired to the nearby village of Aegae, where he spent several years meditating in ascetic isolation. He then set out on what he regarded as his mission to learn, to heal, and to teach, throughout Asia Minor. He traveled to Assyria, Babylonia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt and India, curing the sick and studying with the learned. He almost certainly was influenced by Jain teachers, then known as “Gymnosophists,” and may have been influenced by Buddhists as well. Later, he became an initiate of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

    In his travels, he became well known as a man of the loftiest character, a gifted healer and charismatic spiritual leader. He developed a considerable following. Many fantastic legends of his feats of prophesy and miracle-working were recorded after his death, and he came to be regarded as a “divine being.” He is probably one of the models for the syncretistic figure of Christ, many anecdotes in the life story of Apollonius are duplicated in that of Jesus. No writings of Apollonius survive, but his detailed life story was assembled from the records of his friends and associates by the scholar Flavius Philostratus (172 – 250 e.v.) at the command of the emperor Severus." https://sabazius.oto-usa.org/apollonius-tyanaeus/


    how have you been sis? long time since we communicated. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Jageera said:


    you are on a different universe then babu...as this is a political topic and you are trying so hard to derail it and change the topic.


    arre bhaiya stick to one position yar. You keep on changing your stance its so confusing. First you were krodh,then you call me veer and said no krodh, and now again krodh and you say im in a different world?

    Bhaiya tu ta veer hi aa ... 😊🙏🏽

  7. 1 hour ago, Jageera said:

    haha as expected...twist the story and provoke others against me. never mentioned about Dasam Bani. I'm talking about the ram syam stories you telling me here.But whwtever babu,provoke and twist the truth as much as you want. Kutte di push kede sidhi nehi hondi. From Hindu terrorism story now you try to twist it to something else, so typical.Why don't you just stick to the topic and quit the drama.

    Ha me karuga...teri permission nehi chahidi. Tu na darr,main jaroor keruga jo kuch karna. Main kithe nehi pajhan lega.

    I am talking Nanak Gobind ..Not Ram Syam here...you are in a different world ..

  8. 1 hour ago, Jageera said:

    haha as expected...twist the story and provoke others against me. never mentioned about Dasam Bani. I'm talking about the ram syam stories you telling me here.But whwtever babu,provoke and twist the truth as much as you want. Kutte di push kede sidhi nehi hondi. From Hindu terrorism story now you try to twist it to something else, so typical.Why don't you just stick to the topic and quit the drama.

    Ha me karuga...teri permission nehi chahidi. Tu na darr,main jaroor keruga jo kuch karna. Main kithe nehi pajhan lega.

    kar le bai..tu vi aithe aa te main vi...

  9. 14 minutes ago, Jageera said:

    I have no interest for ram syam stories. Lets not change the topic. My issue is those who call themselves "Sikhs" and yet support murder & rape in the name of nationalism.There is no justification for this mentality.

    Anyways I will keep on posting and exposing whatever I think needs attention. Tu jinna gussa karna tu karla, main nehi hattan wala veer.

    tenu koi nai rokda veer ...tu kar la...Ram Syam stories tu Dasam Bani baare dass rehya..

  10. 19 hours ago, Jageera said:

    Changa ji. Chal tu vi manla main musalmaan hoon. ISI da agent hoon main. Kush hoja manke.

    Main kise naal krodh nehi kita. Gussa aya si par fir samaj ageya kay eho je political topics che propaganda te cover up normal honda.

    Sanu kise ram ya syam da kuch lena dena nehi. Tusi jo kuch mann na twadi marji ji.

    Koi log sach de dushmaan haan eh gall vi sanu samaj aagi ji.

    Sat Sri Akaal ji.

    veera mainu musalmana naal vi koi problem nai haiga...ISI  da agent inna vehla nai haiga...

    sach de dushman kitho aa gaye yaar..chal chhad...

    Main vi Aad Guru Granth Sahib ji , Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji , Sri Sarabloh Guru Granth Sahib ji nu mannhda hai te tu vi mannhda hai...siyasat chhad ke roohaani galla te ta sadda koi birodh nahi veer...Ram Syam jehre vi Avtaar ne oh Parmesar de eh ta Guru Granth Sahib ji ch vi likhya eh ta ta tehnu vi pataa...Akaal Purakh shaad ke assi kisse di pooja nahi karde eh ta tu mannhda na...fer kaahda siyaapa veer. 

  11. On 2/7/2020 at 6:31 PM, Jageera said:

    Hahaha..I knew posting this truth will bring out the saffron brigade on this forum. I plan to carry on with this. Carry on with your propaganda and protecting your tyrant so called 'state'. Jai shree ram babu !

    Chal tu mann le main haiga saffron brigade da ...khush ! mere kol saariya agencies vi haigi...tere agency di franchise vi le lehna main...Sri Ram di Jai Jai kaar vi hai te iss Jagat de Maalak PaarBrahm Parmesar Waheguru di Jinhade Hukam Anusaar Raaja Ramchandar ji te baaki saaare Avtar Pargat hoye Unhaadi vi Jai Jai kaar hai...tenu jinna krodh karna tu kar la veer..

    Mainu vi krodh aa rehya si tere galla sunn ke ..par sochda chhado ...hai ta tu vi Guru Nanak de hukam nu mannan aala ...tere naal lujhke main karna ki...

    Khwar hue sab milenge ..bache Saran jo Hove


    Akaal hi Akaal !

  12. 12 hours ago, Jageera said:

    Haha as usual,when called out for their hate and bullshit,I get accused as being a Muslim,lol.Typical tactic.

    I was expecting either kd or you and boom,here you are.I am not the one quoting you and posting in your thread.You came to me.

    Why so much fire in you to defend evil and bigoted hate when you claim to be a 'Sikh'?

    2 posts to be exact.One with a link and then you copy pasted the whole thing just so noone misses it.Who is the one with an agenda here now?

    My point was what you posted is not relevant.Doesn't matter whether he was BJP or not. I did not even mention any political party in my post.I don't know why you are trying to divert this to be political.My point was towards the Hindutva agenda that creates terrorists like this and also people like you,rape and murder apologists.You can claim whatever religion you wish but your birth genetics and hindutva indoctrination betrays you.

    I am not selling anything so there's nothing for you to buy. By dismissing the truth you can't make it go away.Of course,by nature your kind are allergic to the truth.

    And nothing wrong with eating briyani.Taste so good.You and your fellow saffron cyber troopers should eat some too when you people are taking a break from beating up Dalits,murdering & raping Muslims and oppressing Sikhs and other minorities.

    I haven't claimed anything.. hallucination is what you are suffering with... only a newsline made you ignite so much.. Peace be upon you !

  13. On 2/5/2020 at 4:47 AM, KIRNY25 said:

    Hi guys. I am a non-amritdhari sikh woman. I used to cut my hair a lot before I met my husband who is amritdhari. When I met him we both instantly connected because we had similar values - both vegetarian, never had alcohol, didn't party and were close to family and believed in Waheguru. The only thing is that he was always more into sikhi than me. But he never asked me to change anything about myself besides stop eating eggs- which I did. So things got serious pretty fast, we fell in LOVE and I met his family who was really traditional, conservative and every member was an amrit dhari sikh. They even had the GGSJ in their house. Initially I felt like I am way too different, his fam is way more strict than mine in terms of religion and that I didn't fit in. I told my husband at the time and he said DW once they get to know you they will love you.

    BUT they were so closed off for even getting to know who I was until I accepted their terms and conditions to stop cutting my hair. This was hard for me because I feel pressure from society and am  personally really insecure about how I look and I want to look pretty. I want to feel pretty and that involves me wearing make up/cutting hair/doing eyebrows/shaving.....but to please his family I agreed. My husband also said you can cut it a bit but not a noticeable length and just don't let his parents find out. I agreed out of fear to this promise. And I always felt it was wrong for them to impose their views on me, but I also understood that I was not their "ideal daughter-in-law" who was amrit dhari, knew how to read punjabi and do kirtan. I continued growing my hair long until we got married, but always trimmed it a bit.

    And let me tell you I was 21 when I agreed to start keeping my hair. I got married when I was 24 and now I just turned 25. it has been 6 months since we have been married and we moved away from home because of my husbands job. I don't live with my in-laws.

    Recently I wanted to change my hair around. It has grown so long and it bothers me, its not comfortable for me to leave out or tie up, I just didn't feel pretty. Then my mother in law sent me a family video of relatives celebrating Lohri. That's when it clicked in my brain...when I saw all those relatives with hair cuts/highlights and really expressing themselves however they wanted to be, I decided that I AM GOING TO STOP PPL PLEASING. I told my husband that I am tired of all of this, I want his family to accept me for me. I know hair is a big deal to them but they should not define me based on my hair length. I just felt like everyone in this life is free to live on their own terms. Even his parents used to eat meat before they DECIDED to become amritdhari sikhs. IT WAS THEIR CHOICE. Why is that I do not have the freedom to make my own choice in this relationship????

    My husband and I had a huge argument because I wanted to cut my hair and also highlight it. My family, mom, sisters - they all colour/cut their hair. His extended fam can also do the same. Why am I SO POLICED on this topic. I just don't understand why they can treat me this way. My husband got so mad at me and said that you are going against your word that you gave to my family. And i told him even you knew that I didn't willingly want to make that promise, I felt pressured to otherwise I would never have been able to see him. And he is the one who told me to just leave his family in the dark about me trimming my hair.

    Either way, I have been really angry at him for not supporting me and his family for being so superficial. I am a kind person. Hair is not all that Sikhi is. Connecting to Waheguru is personal and every person should have the right to decide how they want to practice their religion. If I don't feel connected when I am keeping my hair and am simply keeping it out of fear so people accept me.....that is not a good reason.

    Just today I highlighted and got my hair cut. My husband is super angry with me. I feel like if he is being so close-minded about this I feel like his parents are going to disown me. He should understand me and how I was raised. The family and background I come from. It's so hard feeling like people will disown you if you change something about yourself. I just want to live like a free woman.

    Before I got married my family was strict in other ways (going out/hanging with friends/travelling) and they would say when you get married then do whatever you want.

    Now I am married and have to do whatever my husband and his family want.

    I just feel so trapped. Any advice? Did I do the right thing? I feel like I did because it makes me feel more confident in my own appearance and I want the freedom to make my own choices. If I decide to do something I want it to be based off of authenticity, not because someone forced/pressured me.

    I appreciate all your thoughts.


    Sister, i understand your situation. i feel you should give yourself time to analyse your decision. You and your husband entered the relationship based on the thought process of being devoted to Waheguru. You were happy that you found someone who doesnt drink and go partying around. He is committed to Waheguru inward and outward too. 

    At your age i understand that you feel the need to dress up and give yourself the look of what is 'in' according to time. However, you should also be giving it a thought that you have a nice husband who is ready to make small adjustments. If he can adjust a bit to make you happy it means he wants you to be in his life. In these times relationships are fragile, divorces on the rise, i personally feel when he is ready to make space for you and bend the rules a bit, then you may want to think about balancing. In the later years you might just laugh at this situation thinking how rigid you were about dressing up and looking at par with modern times. It would be good if you would do Ardas seeking the Hukum of Waheguru. 


    Sri Akaal Sahaai


  14. 17 hours ago, Jageera said:

    So what are you trying to prove to me here by quoting me? By being a member of some party his extremist act has no connection with BJP's agenda or the larger Hindutva agenda?It doesn't matter what his political affiliations are,its the mindset and supremacist view that's the same as those promoted by BJP and the Hindu establishment.He is a hindutva extremist and this is what all of them believe to some level.

    I remember you were the same fella who was justifying the rape,murder and atrocities committed against innocent Kashmiris just for the sake of your stinky nationalist hindutva agenda and here you are again.

    As I've said many times, we've got venomous snakes among us,pretending to confess our faith and yet they are our worst enemy and will do whatever they can to thwart our inspirations and aspirations as a panth.

    you seem to have overeaten biryani at Kareem's ! lolz

    Dunno what you talking about. Our faith ..your Hindutva...what are you talking man ? You own the faith ? and do i own Hindutva? You need rest bruv...

    Btw one post sharing the news that this guy is not a bjp man made your stomach constipated...that happens when you have a biased mindset...nothing new...a bunch of your mentality cult exist...and go sell it somewhere else ...aint gonna buy sickness.


  15. Shaheen Bagh shooter Kapil Gujjar admitted to the Delhi Police that he joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in early 2019. The Delhi Police also recovered photos of Kapil Gujjar with several senior leaders of the AAP from his mobile phone.

    The revelation has been made by the Crime Branch of Delhi which is interrogating Kapil Gujjar who fired shots at Shaheen Bagh earlier this week.

    However, the AAP has denied any link with shooter Kapil Gujjar.

    Kapil Gujjar also revealed that his father Gaje Singh was also an AAP member and that both he and his father joined the party in 2019.

    Kapil Gujjar's father had earlier contested the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) election in 2012 on a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ticket.

    In the photos, accessed from the phone, Kapil Gujjar can be seen with senior leaders of the AAP like Sanjay Singh and Aatishi along with his supporters.

    Crime Branch of Delhi has reportedly also told the court about this connection between Kapil Gujjar, his father, and the Aam Aadmi Party.

    One of the photos recovered from Kapil Gujjar's mobile phone

    Kapil Gujjar had come to Shaheen Bagh area, where thousands are sitting on a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), on February 1 and fired two rounds in the air. Kapil Gujjar was arrested and taken into custody right after that.

    Meanwhile, Sanjay Singh of the AAP has denied any connection with Kapil Gujjar and said, "There is no point in releasing such photographs. This is part of BJP's [Bharatiya Janata Party] dirty politics. Crime should be investigated and stern action should be taken against the culprit."


    Rajesh Deo, DCP Crime Branch told ANI, "We recovered the pictures from his phone during the course of the investigation. Kapil has confessed that he and his father joined the AAP somewhere between January-February, 2019."

    "Investigation has not been completed, photos have not been investigated and a police officer is taking a party's name at a time when the Model Code of Conduct [MCC] is in place. Tomorrow, we will complain to Election Commission the [EC] against Rajesh Deo," AAP leader Sanjay Singh said.

    "Tomorrow, a legal notice will be sent to this officer [Rajesh Deo, DCP Crime Branch] and also we will complaint to the Election Commission of India about with whose permission did he take the party's name and on what basis did he do it," AAP MP Sanjay Singh said while addressing a press conference.

    "BJP spokesperson Rajesh Deo, who is by mistake the DCP of Crime Branch is giving statements," Sanjay Singh added.

    "Let us first enquire whether they [accused shooter and his father] are part of the party or whether they were part of the party and then joined any other party after it. I do not now their status, let us check it first," Sanjay Singh said.


    Kapil Gujjar's father and brother said that he did not join the AAP party. They said that the news that is being quoted by the police in the media is wrong.

    Kapil Gujjar's uncle Fatesh Singh told PTI, "I have no idea where these photographs are circulating from. My nephew Kapil had no association with any political party nor does any other member from the family. My brother, Gaje Singh, fought Assembly elections in 2008 on a Bahujan Samaj Party ticket and lost. After that no one from our family had any links with any political party."

    Kapil Gujjar's uncle added that Kapil also doesn't have friends associated with the AAP or any other political party.

  16. On 2/2/2020 at 1:07 AM, Jageera said:


    Suspected Hindu nationalist attacks anti-government sit-in in India's capital New Delhi, police say, just days after an armed attacker opened fire on a protest rally, hitting a student in the hand.

    “Humare desh mein aur kisi Ki nahi chalegi. Bas Hinduon Ki chalegi.”

    The ruling party is playing games , this guy is their party member


  17. On 10/14/2019 at 9:00 AM, Guest Gill said:

    I have been listening to " brahm kawach gurbani " by guani  thakur singh ....I dont  read  and  write punjabi to begin with but I llisten to mool mantar ...for hours ...Sukhmani sahib daily.....at times it goes on the whole day  on repeat ....I  maybe illiterate in my own mother tongue  but that makes me  no less a  sikh !!...I believe in all religion coz i feel all religion is ONE..Just different ways  of  worshipping !Now all i wanna know is  if what am doing is   Wrong  .... do let me know ...! I remember  2 years back i went to gurdwara   since everyoen was talking so big abt this jatha from UK ...But on the  2nd  day of the jatha  ....the "so called white robe and blue turban young  giani " repeated  a few times " THOSE THAT  do or listen TO sukhmani daily  BUT doesnt understand   it fully is  as good as NOT DOING at all and  shouldnt be  even here   in teh gurdwara ...And  Those words actually HURT me   badly ...I mean WHO IS HE TO JUDGE  anyone  ...I could have  stand up and  told him off  coz i seriously donthave  respect  for these ppl ...that wear white robes  or  blue or  orange  and  claims to be  SAINTS  ...BUT accept $$$ and GOLD   by the gurdwaras LEaders  In this case  YES he  was given gold rings   By the committe  >...!!WHY ? his accomodaton was arranged and paid  for ....Anyway   those words  still rings in my ears  but  I think HE  couldnt stop me  from Listening  to my sukhmani path  and mool mantar  ...AN DYES I DONT Understand   its meaning BUT  I also know  these prayers are  in my blood ..my soul ..my breath.....!..


    IN my 60s .....but prayers been my guidance    always!!

    Akaal ! Why do you want to be judged by someone ? Jin Prem Kiyo tin hi Prabh paayo. You have love for Gurbani, you feel anand listening to Gurbaani rather than learning the meanings. Do what your soul tells you. He must have said that sentence to let the sangat feel that let Simran and doing paath be not just an exercise. He is not wrong bhha ji . 

    He must have said a 100 other things to help you progress however you took him negatively because what he said hurt you. Maybe, what perhaps you would want to try is get a translated sateek of Sukhmani Sahib.

    Remember we are Sikhs of the Guru, a Sikh is always a student, see the brighter side that what he said has hurt you because you have Prem for Gurbani. Let this Prem progress into Bhagti of a higher level. Thank him for giving you this jolt to wake up and do things which will help you progress and maybe a year or so down the line you will want to thank him for saying what he said. 

    My apologies if i said anything that may have hurt you. The Guru knows the Best !

    Akaal hi Akaal !



  18. 12 hours ago, harsharan000 said:

    Can A Sikh Do Namaz?
    By Mr Sardar, December 5, 2010 in Sikhism.



    for sure one should do namaaz, not once, twice, or be it a 101 times, if it could only take you nearer towards Waheguru.

    According to the teachings of Guru Sahiban and Bhagat Jan, that Akhoot Jot, Anhad Bani, Amrit Bani, Nam, Shabad Guru, the true and eternal reality,  is not anywhere outside, but right within us. 

    So brother, in reality, any practice which does not take us to our beloved Akal Purukh, but keep us confined in the mayavee mental spheres, should be discarded.

    For it is Waheguru Akal Purukh only, what counts for us, every other thing which does not take us towards Him, is just"koor";  so as such, should be discarded at the earliest, and do only that what pleases Him.

    Stay blessed.



    absolutely ! do namaz and get khatna done too...follow what the Messenger of Allah said ...and that start believing that the last messenger is (SAW) ..end of the story !

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